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Pro-life blog buzz 11-21-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • American Life League’s Judie Brown exposes Oregon’s “triple X”-rated Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference, calling it a “field trip to hell.”
  • The Vine highlights the week in pro-life happenings: the Pope clarifies that he is indeed pro-life; pro-life groups are willing to defy court orders saying they must provide abortifacient contraception for employees; the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act again draws attention after midterm elections bring more pro-life politicians into power.
  • From Clinic Quotes shares a rare, candid admission from abortion advocate Frances Kissling:

    Abortion is not like having your tooth pulled or having your appendix out. It involves the termination of an early form of human life. That deserves some gravitas.Sounds like Kissling needs to have a chat with fellow abortion advocate Amanda Marcotte sometime soon.


  • Big Blue Wave comments on those “Westboro Baptists of feminism,” Femen, and the group’s most recent tasteless tactic. This time, the bare-breasted protestors appeared at the Vatican, using crucifixes to simulate sex acts in protest of Pope Francis’s upcoming visit to the European Parliament.
  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal writes the first of a series entitled, “The Contending Opinions on Three-Parent Embryo Safety.” The quest for perfect, disease-free, designer babies is riddled with issues, ethical and otherwise.
  • A Culture of Life shares an excerpt from Mauro Cozzoli’s The Human Embryo, discussing the ethics surrounding what to do with “leftover” frozen embryos.
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life points out that while the United Nations celebrates 25 years since its adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the rights of children from conception remain unprotected:

    Tens of millions of abortions occur around the world each year, and countries that protect unborn children face pressure to legalize the procedure. This is a profound injustice. The Convention on the Rights of the Child affirms that, quoting the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, “the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth.” All children, born and unborn, deserve protection.

  • Live Action recommends the short film, “The Appointment,” directed by filmmaker Brandon Rice:

    Rice says he purposely did not make the film either blatantly pro-life or overtly Christian. He says that by not having these overt overtones, the film becomes more accessible to all people, not just the usual pro-life Christian viewers, so they wouldn’t be instantly turned off by a label they might not desire. He says: “If people without a religious faith see it, it may cause them to think and choose life anyway.”The ending is powerful and shines light on the real “choice” of abortion a subtle but powerful way. This is what Rice and the filmmakers with this project, which he says he didn’t want to be an “in your face” message movie.

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Pro-life blog buzz 10-7-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Culture Campaign reports that Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has ruled that Planned Parenthood and other health professionals will no longer be obligated to report statutory rape except when the perpetrator is believed to be the girl’s parent or legal guardian. For those who thought that electing this man along with Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe as VA’s governor was a “pro-woman” idea, you are seeing the fruits of your labor: no one will be expected to help these children. CC quotes the Washington Free Beacon:

    “It is my opinion that a Virginia Department of Health (VDH) licensing inspector who is a nurse and who, during the course of a hospital inspection, learns from the review of a medical record that a 14-year-old girl received services related to her pregnancy is not required to make a report of child abuse and neglect pursuant to Virginia Code § 63.2-1509 unless there is reason to suspect that a parent or other person responsible for the child’s care committed, or allowed to be committed, the unlawful sexual act upon the child,” Democrat Mark Herring’s September 12 opinion said.

    “It is also my opinion that the VDH licensing inspector is not required to make a report to law enforcement of the crime of carnal knowledge of a child between the ages of 13 and 15.”

    Herring includes “prenatal or abortion services” among the signs of potential rape that he said do not have to be reported to law enforcement.

    This is really unprecedented and disturbing.


  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal gives his take on the white lesbian couple who is suing for the wrongful birth of their mixed-race daughter, who was born as the result of a mix-up at a sperm bank:

    For a mother so ostensibly concerned with her daughter being picked on by racist family, tortured by racist classmates and neighbors, failed culturally by her mother, she has chosen to label the little girl a mistake, a wrongful birth, a human who never should have been. All because of a little extra melanin and some different hair.

    For all their talk of tolerance, and openness, and inclusivity, and compassion, it isn’t unreasonable to expect gays and lesbians to put their money where their collective mouth is. One would expect a lesbian couple, of all people, to abhor the notion of “wrongful birth,” claiming a genetic etiology for their own orientation as they do.

    Pity the child born to such poverty and bigotry.

  • Two weeks into the 40 Days for Life campaign, and already babies (and parents) are being spared from abortion. In Tennessee, which currently does not have an informed consent law, a couple walked out of the Memphis Planned Parenthood and took advantage of a mobile ultrasound unit to view their preborn baby. They chose not to abort. Don’t women deserve all the information before making the decision to abort? Currently Planned Parenthood is fighting hard against an amendment that would overturn the state Supreme Court’s 2000 decision and allow women the opportunity to be fully informed once again.
  • At Bound4Life, Ellie Saul says she discovered a supposedly “pro-girl” campaign fundraiser for Girls Inc., launched by Jane.com, a shopping website. Girls Inc. is reported to be a supporter of abortion, and according to their web page, those Teavana Oprah Chai drinks from Starbucks are also providing funding for this organization.


  • American Life League’s Judie Brown expresses disappointment with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for recommending long-term IUDs for teens:

    … [W]hy is the AAP suddenly suggesting that the birth control pill can be bad for adolescents but an implant or an IUD can be better? The answer provided by the lead author of the policy statement is this:

    IUDs and hormonal implants cost more, usually hundreds of dollars, because inserting them involves a medical procedure typically done in doctors’ offices. But they’re less expensive in the long run than over-the-counter condoms or prescription birth control pills, said Dr. Mary Ott, an adolescent medicine specialist and associate pediatrics professor at Indiana University….

    Teens have to remember to use pills and condoms consistently. By contrast, IUDs typically work for three to 10 years after insertion, while implants typically last three years.

    This arrogant cynicism about young people raises that old argument about kids to a new level. You know the one: How can we trust a kid to take the pill regularly when she cannot even clean her room?…

    Sadly the most serious problem with this latest policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics is that it implies that young people cannot learn self-control and therefore should be treated like the family dog.

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Pro-life blog buzz 8-22-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Americans United for Life remarks on the Iowa court win upholding the ban on webcam abortions in the state. The ban was put in place by the Iowa Board of Medicine:

    During the litigation, Planned Parenthood admitted that, under its preferred method of chemical abortion, a physician never physically meets with a woman. Moreover, staff members — such as certified medical assistants (CMAs) — conduct physical exams or ultrasounds instead of doctors or other licensed healthcare providers.


  • Big Blue Wave caught President Obama’s recent press conference addressing the massacre of innocents. Consider Obama’s statements in light of his support for the nation’s largest abortion chain as well as his defense of partial birth- and live birth abortion, and they are stunning.
  • A Culture of Life has some strong words for a new website in New Zealand created not to expose doctors who perform abortions, but to harass medical professionals who express pro-life views:

    On Sunday, ALRANZ launched a new website called “My Decision” which aims to intimidate and bully pro-life doctors through naming them and publishing women’s stories about their experiences with “hostile or unhelpful health professionals.”

Through the website ALRANZ wants to take options away from women by publishing the names of these individuals and organisations. By doing this, it is being inferred that they are archaic, putting their own beliefs over and above good medicine, good science. But these pro-life health professionals and crisis pregnancy centres are being honest, not only about their beliefs, but the science and medical evidence which shows that human life begins at the moment of fertilization and that some so-called contraceptives are abortifacient.

Description=Richard Dawkins Photograph: Jeremy Young 05-12-2006

  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal responds to the viral news about noted atheist Richard Dawkins (pictured right) who recently claimed on Twitter that it is “immoral” not to abort a child with Down syndrome:

    One can scarce envision a population more given to unconditional love than the Down Syndrome community. Those such as Dawkins, who reject the very idea that there is a God who is love itself, who advocate the slaughter of babies for want of something that approximates normal function, are those most in need of love themselves. There is something in them that was frustrated along the way, perhaps the perception that their love was not welcome in those to whom it should have flowed, and from whom they should have received that love which could have completed what was lacking in them.

  • Live Action News and Operation Rescue share the news that today, notorious creator of partial birth abortion Dr. Martin Haskell, will perform his last surgical abortion at his Sharonville, Ohio, clinic.
  • Bound4Life posts the testimony of a post-abortive mother, meant to encourage pro-lifers to continue praying and witnessing for life.
  • Pro-Life in TN has video of a recent meeting of the Tennessee General Assembly in which it is revealed that the TN Department of Health does not license or regularly inspect abortion clinics – unlike surgical centers. This leads to a “let the buyer beware” situation for women seeking abortions who enter under the false assumption that they have some assurance of safety:
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Pro-life blog buzz 8-15-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal details the perfect storm swirling in Australia (as well as the United States) where empirical evidence on the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link is confronted with an ideology which seeks to suppress the data:
    Melbye, Brinton, and the rest of the NCI coterie deny the validity of their own data (as well as data from all over the globe), data that time and time again substantiate the ABC link. Their sole reason for denying the data in case-control studies (which are retrospective analyses) is the assertion that women who have had induced abortions are more likely to recall them, or report them if they have breast cancer. Dr. Janet Daling who included in one of her studies a test of this putative bias, studied women with cervical cancer and found absolutely no recall bias in her cases or controls. That makes sense because nearly all cervical cancers are caused by human papilloma virus. Janet Daling also publishes with the deniers….

    The issue is the legality of induced abortion and what the frightening specter of breast cancer fifteen or twenty years later might mean. In other words, it’s scientists denying scientific data because of a political agenda.


  • At National Review, Andrew Walker discusses data (left; click to enlarge) emerging from a recent survey which shows that churchgoing Christians who believe same-sex marriage is acceptable also tend to reject other Christian teachings about sex:

    According to [sociologist Mark] Regnerus, churchgoing Christians (who were comparably much fewer in number as a pool of respondents), register much higher support for pornography, cohabitation, casual sex, and higher support than the general population for abortion rights….

    … Regnerus’ study reaffirms that “sexuality isn’t ancillary to Christianity, in the way some other cultural or political issues are. Marriage and sex point, the Bible says, to a picture of the gospel itself, the union of Christ and his church. This is why the Bible spends so much time, as some critics would put it, ‘obsessed’ with sex. That’s why, historically, churches that liberalize on sex tend to liberalize themselves right out of Christianity itself.”…

    It may seem too simple to infer, but the conclusion begs to be written: Liberal sexual beliefs work, in the long run, to make fewer Christians.

  • Big Blue Wave links to the story of a former pro-choicer who took the time to question her position by examining the hard evidence, which led her to a pro-life conversion. One thing she notes is the lack of information on the pro-choice side:
    The biggest thing I noticed, however, was that… [t]he pro-lifers encouraged women to educate themselves….

    On the pro-choice side, it was a totally different story.

    … To my concern and surprise, I could not find one shred of information about fetal development on any websites associated with the pro-choice movement. When I read their literature about the details of abortion procedures, they were full of insulting euphemisms…. I felt like I had been transported back to Victorian England, where women weren’t supposed to be told hard facts, even about their own bodies, because they might get all flustered.


  • Another conversion story comes from an interview posted at the Canadian Centre for Bio Ethical Reform, in which Jonathon Van Maren talks with Donny Pauling (pictured right), “a former pornographic film producer who is currently an anti-porn activist, Christian speaker, and Internet advertiser. His views were shaped by his time in the porn industry, in which he worked for nine years, and led him to view its effect as detrimental to persons involved.”

    With Planned Parenthood in the news for encouraging minors to access pornography, this is timely.

  • Abstinence Clearinghouse links to an article which states that pre-marital sex is not the glue that keeps a relationship stable:

    Pre-marital sex or otherwise does not provide the glue to committed life relationships. It complicates break ups and may trigger many false starts in subsequent relationships.

    Nowadays, the thing that God designed to bring fulfillment and oneness in the confines of marriage has become the source of many relationship wounds, tears and misconceptions.

  • A Culture of Life says a new service, Time Lapse Morphometry Imaging, is allowing scientists to closely examine developing embryos created through IVF in order to determine which ones will have the “best prognosis” for successful implantation in women age 37 and younger. The cost would be an additional $1000 – but what is the real cost of IVF? The loss of dignity of human life:

    While the birth of a baby is always worth rejoicing over, we do have concerns over how these babies have been conceived…. Their siblings, deemed “not good enough” were discarded as nothing more than medical waste. The remaining ‘lucky’ embryos had their lives suspended through cryopreservation for possible use later on.

  • Live Action News says the new movie The Giver is receiving good reviews from pro-lifers:

    In the Washington Post, nationally-syndicated columnist, Michael Gerson notes: “No movie, in my memory, involves a more explicit depiction of infanticide, conducted at the Nurturing Center by Jonas’s father with a horrifying cheerfulness. ‘They hadn’t eliminated murder,’ Jonas realizes, ‘they had brought it home. They had just called it by a different name.’”

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Pro-life blog buzz 6-17-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Abstinence Clearinghouse says Facebook has decided to contribute to the gender identification confusion by providing users with a myriad of choices – far beyond simply “male” or “female” – with which to identify:

    In February 2014, Facebook made the startling announcement that they would provide 58 gender choices for their users to choose from. The typical identities such as male or female, heterosexual, gay or lesbian can be found on the list. But there are numerous other obscure options such as “Pangender” and “Two-Spirit.” When this “buffet-style approach” to gender becomes available to Facebook users, it places biology as secondary and allows users to describe themselves by however they “feel like” at the time.


  • Bound4Life, Live Action, and Down on the Pharm all react to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s recent announcement that they will not fund abortion. Is this a true change of mind and heart or a deception, and will they suffer blowback from the abortion industry? Bound4Life writes:

    This is huge news as the Gates have always been not just “pro-choice” in their philanthropic endeavors, but radical abortion activists. According to Breitbart, “The Gates Foundation has together awarded the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, and other Planned Parenthood affiliates approximately $71 million in grants from prior to 2009 and through 2013.

  • Live Action says even though people like Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane would like to turn sex-selective abortion into a joke, the public isn’t laughing:

    Although Planned Parenthood may take a blase attitude to all of this, most Americans do not. Polls show that an overwhelming majority of the public is opposed to gendercide, with a significant portion also concerned about fetal suffering. You can add your voice to that number by signing Live Action’s petition calling for Planned Parenthood to be stripped of the half a billion in federal funding that it receives. Girls already face plenty of challenges; a federally subsidized death shouldn’t be one of them.

  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition says the best way to prevent elder abuse (which is on the rise) is to say no to legalized assisted suicide in New Jersey.
  • The Leading Edge has 10 pressing questions for New Zealand’s Green Party about their “rushed and badly crafted” proposed abortion policy:

    It seems that the Greens have had to do a spot of damage control since Friday’s announcement that the introduction of a new extreme abortion law in New Zealand is going to be one of their key priorities for the upcoming general election.


  • Clinic Quotes posts a reader’s amazing testimony of aborting a child with Down syndrome (to spare the entire family the burden of caring for the child) only to end up in preterm labor during her subsequent pregnancy, in which she gave birth to a child with special needs. The reader says she has learned something important since the birth of her son:

    But what I have learned in the 5 years since he was born amazes me more. I have learned that I do have the strength to raise this child. That yes, the drs. appts. and therapies which at the beginning seemed all encompassing, fade into the past as he grows older. I have seen my daughter grow beautifully into a compassionate and loving person. The experience of having a brother with special needs has exposed her to something that I always said I would teach my children. That different isn’t bad… that what makes a person beautiful isn’t what you can see with your eyes.

  • Coming Home has some strong words for President Obama regarding the deaths of children in school shootings:

    WHY are these shootings taking place, and WHY now? We have tighter restrictions on gun purchase and ownership than in any time in America. There is a seeming proportionality between restrictions and violence, but even that cannot explain the motives….

    Obama is too myopically focused on the gun to see the coarsening to life that he himself has championed his whole adult life. He fails to see the 57 million babies torn apart in abortion….

    He fails to see an African American community decimated by 15 million missing members from abortion…. But blaming Obama is as myopic as the president’s vision.

    We have brought all of this upon ourselves. We live in a constitutional republic: limited powers to government with elected officials. We have been too narcissistic and hedonistic to care about the destruction wrought by these men and women who come from us, and are a reflection of us. We have lived lives, as a people, that are out of control and have raised children in a coarsened and calloused environment of our own making….

    The only difference between the victims of Columbine, Sandy Hook, the other school shootings, and the 57 million butchered babies is that these children in school were wanted children.

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Pro-life blog buzz 4-18-14

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN.

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  • Culture Campaign says Planned Parenthood is not happy about a new Arizona law allowing unannounced inspections of abortion facilities. (My hairdresser gets unannounced inspections and no one has ever died in her chair.) Why should the abortion industry be exempt? Josh Kredit, legal counsel of the Center for Arizona Policy remarked:

    It was brought to our attention that every health-care institution in the state is subject to unannounced inspections by [ADHS] if they have reasonable cause to believe something is going on inside, except for abortion clinics. We’re almost saying we value the women that go into abortion clinics less than everyone else.


  • Down on the Pharm links to some comments made by former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who seems to feel his accomplishments have earned him a special place in the afterlife. Did he forgot about his promotion of prenatal homicide? What hubris. The Weekly Standard states:

    Pointing to his work on gun safety, obesity and smoking cessation, he said with a grin: “I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.

  • Abolitionist Society of Oklahoma wonders why many of the people who stood with the Bundy family in Nevada against the government don’t also stand with preborn children:

    I know that many of those who went to Nevada to support the Bundy family are Christians and consider themselves to be pro-life. Some may even speak out against the practice of human abortion from time to time, but action is taken on this and not on the legal murdering of human beings created in the image and likeness of the living and true God? Apparently child sacrifice just isn’t “enough”.

  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal compares the case of a woman who allowed her dog to die via dehydration and starvation with the case of Terri Schiavo:

    The outrage in all of this isn’t that Gammon was punished for her crime against Roxy, it’s that the deaths of the Terri Schiavo’s among us aren’t considered criminal at all. It is that our legislators and judges do not “behave as any normal person would have,” protecting humans with the same ferocity as they would if the subject in consideration were a dog.The greatest tragedy of all is that humans have a long way to go before we enjoy equal dignity, equal standing with our pets in a court of law.

  • At Bound4Life, Ellie Saul says that while she is a coupon fanatic, abortion coupons are over the top. Some abortion mills offer Sunday abortion coupons and discounts, as well as coupons for Plan B. What’s next – bring a friend coupons, two for the price of one coupons, or Happy Hour coupons?


  • Big Blue Wave takes abortion proponent Amanda Marcotte to task for attempting to smear the Duggar family in an article that’s actually about someone the Duggars know. The headline, picture and the wording of the article initially lead you to believe that the subject of the article is the Duggar family, which is irresponsible journalism. It is interesting how, while Marcotte believes other people should stay out of women’s reproductive choices, she and her ilk (like the anti-bullying bully Dan Savage, who recently made hideous comments about one of the Duggar daughters) can’t seem to stop spewing hate about the Duggars’ reproductive choices.
  • Kansans for Life shares a letter to the editor of the Wichita Eagle which puts the newspaper and the abortion industry in their place. The letter, written by “an ordinary pro-life citizen”, states that despite the Eagle’s “gushing” over the 1,200 abortions performed by South Wind Women’s Center, “in only six weeks, just one Wichita pro-life center alone sees 1,200 women! And rather than offer death, it offers true ‘service.’”
  • American Life League’s Judie Brown never shies away from controversy, and in this article chastising surrogate parenting, she cuts right to the chase:
    Recently, Christopher White wrote a commentary on the ethical problems associated with “surrogate parenthood for money.” He argued that paying for surrogate parenting is actually a form of human trafficking. His position is an interesting one, particularly because he presents his perspective in the context of many surrogate mothers who have later regretted their decision to carry someone else’s child….Pope Benedict warned against “the lure of the technology of artificial insemination” in which “scientism and the logic of profit seem to dominate the field of infertility and human procreation, to the point of limiting many other areas of research.”

    Such technology denigrates God’s design and very frequently makes false promises to those who suffer because of infertility while never mentioning the perverted uses to which the technology is being put today.

    Isn’t it long past time to proclaim that God’s plan never causes the kind of suffering and anguish man brings on himself when he attempts to ignore God? Some things will never be normal, but they can be—and are—exceedingly wrong.

White’s commentary even mentions a fertility program that caters to homosexuals but doesn’t mention their specialty – perhaps wanting to avoid controversy. Brown notes that has many issues with advanced technology have gotten out of control. The liberal media has jumped on the bandwagon of the “new families” that advanced technology can create, but Brown lauds the view of the Catholic Church and the wisdom of their teaching about the sinfulness of IVF and surrogate parenting. Hard messages are not always well received.

[Bloomberg photo via newswise.com]

Pro-life blog buzz 4-8-14

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN.

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  • Bound4Life reports:

    In January, the owner of the only abortion clinic in Flathead County, Montana was told that she had 90 days to move her business off of the premises. Little did she know the new owners of the building where her clinic was located were Michelle Reimer, Executive Director of pro-life pregnancy center Hope Pregnancy Ministries, and her husband.In a statement, Reimer told Democracy Now that the building was purchased as “a stand for the pro-life position in a legal, peaceful and non-confrontational way, purchasing the building in order to advance the cause of life.”

    Certainly Genesis 50:20 applies! “You planned to harm me. But God planned it for good. He planned to do what is now being done. He wanted to save many lives.”

  • Coming Home quotes an article by Wesley J. Smith about Oxford bioethicist Julian Savulescu’s proposal of making babies via IVF, screen for intelligence,  and only implant those who possess a certain IQ. Coming Home suggests a new meaning for Ph.D:

    If we are to salvage a crumbling western civilization, then the formation of our young in universities and colleges will need to be done by Ph.D.’s who understand and live the three cardinal virtues of academics: Prudence, Humility, Decorum.


  • Big Blue Wave cheers and adds, “Promote that Bishop!” He would be Bishop Thomas Paprocki, who has given his blessing to the pastor of pro-abortion U.S. Senator Dick Durbin’s home parish in Springfield, Illinois, to withhold Holy Communion, in accordance with canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law. This is important to show him the seriousness of his actions and to restore him spiritually.
  • Josh Brahm is asking us to start thinking ahead for next year’s March for Life and consider how we can use our signage and chanting more effectively:

    I would just really love for the people of the pro-life movement to be represented as what they hopefully are, caring and thoughtful. I don’t think that is necessarily what is being seen now.
  • Down on the Pharm posts “Adams’ abortion commentary,” a satirical take on why abortion good, or was it?
    Adam tried to go farther and crazier than the abortion supporters of today to elicit the laughter from his peers.  The problem is that being crazier than the abortion extremists is impossible, and that’s what has some people  wondering if Adam was kidding.Decide for yourself…
YouTube Preview Image
  • Kansans for Life applauds Senator Pat Roberts for his proposed legislation, “Repeal Rationing in Support of Life Act.” See video here.

    Mary Kay Culp, executive director of Kansans for Life, stated, “Obamacare authorizes Washington bureaucrats to create one uniform, national standard of care that is designed to limit what private citizens are allowed to spend to save their own lives. We commend Senator Roberts for his bill and his consistent leadership to end Obamacare’s rationing.”
  • American Life League advises you to be careful what you sign.  Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment may sound like it has your best interest at heart, but ALL advises that it is another of several laws being proposed to further strengthen the ability of the hospital or long term care facility to make your signature mandatory, and even allow physicians to sign for you if they think it is in your best interest.  Even more frightening is that these are being given to those not terminally ill. The words “cost savings” are becoming a familiar sound bite.

Pro-life blog buzz 3-25-14

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • At the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Alex Schadenberg says an Australian high court has decided that a man who helped his friend commit suicide cannot inherit from the will of his deceased friend. Until this ruling, Schadenberg notes:

    Only those convicted of murder or manslaughter had previously been barred from benefiting from an estate if named as executors or beneficiaries in their victim’s will. Hopefully this decision will further protect people who are at the lowest point in their life.


  • Live Action News highlights the remarkable story of Mindy Tran, a mother who threw her body under a rolling car to prevent it – with her twins buckled inside – from going into traffic. She is expected to recover from her injuries. LA opines:

    Mindy’s example should cause our nation to ponder the true meaning of motherhood. Deep down we want mothers to do everything they can to protect, nurture and care for their children. We praise them when they sacrifice because we know it’s the right thing to do. Where would we be as a nation if all mothers sought to protect their children’s lives at any cost?

  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal pens a letter “addressed to every physician, scientist, and genetic counselor who believes in a eugenic agenda that targets the unborn specifically because of diagnosed genetic anomalies”:

    Who taught you in medical school or graduate school that we doctors of science and medicine are the custodians of the human gene pool? Who was it that told you it was your job to keep that pool “clean?”…How have we progressed from that understanding to where we are today?…

    What is it that you believe you have been entrusted with that leads to this neo-eugenics?…

    When was it that we stopped looking for cures and enhanced therapies, and started taking the cheap way out? When did death and non-existence become the answer, rather than healing and wholeness? When did we receive a mandate to kill every baby we could in order to aid the patient in avoidance of suffering?

Intl Day Unborn Child 14 pale green web

  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life reminds us that today, March 25, is the International Day of the Unborn Child. To promote this, share the graphic (right) on social media.
  • Big Blue Wave wonders if, in the future, euthanasia has the potential to begin to disproportionately affect minorities like abortion has.
  • At The Leading Edge, Brendan Malone counters an attempt to glamorize the “work” of notorious New Zealand back-alley abortionist Flo Radcliffe (1904-1975). Far from being admirable, Radcliffe charged well for her services – $2500 per abortion – and was certainly no charity worker. She was known to have injured some abortion clients and even ran a brothel out of her home. Malone notes, “If this is what passes for a pioneering women’s advocate then I’d really hate to see what these people consider to be the exploitation of women.”

[Tran photo via knue.com/ABCNews.com]