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Pro-life news brief 4-15-15

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • NARAL will be hosting an event where comedians make fun of pro-life pregnancy resource centers:

    There’s no shortage of these laughably absurd anecdotes, and NARAL is now hoping to shed light on the manipulative tactics and misinformation of crisis pregnancy centers through an unconventional advocacy event this week in Oakland: a comedy show….

    On April 16 at the New Parkway (474 24th St., Oakland), four comedians will speak out about crisis pregnancy centers as part of a comedy event NARAL is organizing called Stand Up for Choice. The show will feature Kurt Braunohler, a Los Angeles-based comedian and the event’s headliner; Nato Green, a San Francisco-based comic and San Francisco Examiner columnist; Aparna Nancherla, a New York-based comic and former writer for W. Kamau Bell’s show Totally Biased; and Eliza Skinner, an LA-based comic and Funny or Die writer. Their stand-up routines will touch on CPCs and other topics….

    A majority of the centers — some licensed as community clinics by the state, others unlicensed — referred to fetuses as “babies” and told the women they were “already a mother,” NARAL reported.

    Perhaps NARAL’s next move will be to make fun of baby showers and anyone who uses the term “baby bump.”


  • Bloomberg has an article where Congresswoman Renee Elmers signals she is in favor of a revised version of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act:

    Ellmers said the new version, as shown to her, would no longer require victims of rape to report the crime to law enforcement if they wish to have a late-term abortion under the law. She said the physician would have to know this was a pregnancy as a result of a rape.

  • A new study in Health Economics finds that making emergency contraception available over the counter hasn’t had the best results:

    Utilizing state-level variation in access to EBC, we find that providing individuals with over-the-counter access to EBC leads to increase STD rates and has no effect on abortion rates. Moreover, individual-level analysis using the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth indicates that risky sexual behavior such as engaging in unprotected sex and number of sexual encounters increases as a result of over-the-counter access to EBC, which is consistent with the state-level STD findings.

[Ellmers photo via newsobserver.com]

Pro-life blog buzz 8-8-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Wesley J. Smith says the bioethics community is finally beginning to criticize artificial reproduction techniques like IVF – but not for the reasons you might think:

    But now, in the ever more radical Journal of Medical Ethics, Cristina Richie, of Boston College’s Department of Theology, argues that these technologies should be regulated to limit the number of children – called “carbon legacies,” as a means of fighting climate change.

    Smith opines:

    I don’t know if Richie coined the term, but it is ridiculous. Children are children, not bundles of carbon producers…. No, grim is the exploitation of surrogates in biological colonialism and the eugenic impetus that has sunk its fangs deep into the heart of the industry. In the face of such human objectification, sorry, I can’t get upset about global warming.


  • Reflections of a Paralytic highlights a growing craze from GoFundMe – funding IVF treatments with prizes attached for each level. The New York Post noted two of the campaigns, with one (prizes pictured left) standing out as a perfect example of exploiting children even before they are conceived.
  • ProWomanProLife quotes research linking certain types of birth control pills to an increased risk of breast cancer. What pesky timing, when the abortion industry is pivoting from abortion talk to contraception talk:

    Women taking newer formulations of birth control pills could face a 50 percent or higher increased risk of breast cancer than those not using oral contraceptives, according to a study by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center scientists.

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin is happy to announce the rescinding of a free speech restriction in the capital city:

    Citing a lawsuit by Madison pro-life advocates, and reacting to the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in McCullen v. Coakley striking down a Massachusetts law requiring pro-life witnesses and sidewalk counselors in the public way to remain 35 feet from the entrance to an abortion clinic, the Madison Common Council last night unanimously repealed their own anti-speech zones created by an ordinance passed in March.

  • At National Review, Michael J. New discusses the pro-choice movement’s effort to rebrand themselves as something other than “pro-choice.” New believes the reason for this is that they are “struggling to find messaging that will engage young voters, while pro-lifers continue to make quiet inroads among young adults.”


  • Saynsumthn’s Blog comments on the announced winners of the Excellence in Media “Maggie Award” from Planned Parenthood, named after their eugenicist founder, Margaret Sanger. One winner, pro-choice feminist writer and NARAL board member Jessica Valenti, called for a “safe sex f***-in” inside Hobby Lobby’s “glitter aisle[s]” (photo and tweet pictured right) following the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the company’s right to refuse providing abortifacient drugs in employee insurance packages.

    Another winner? Cosmopolitan, that paragon of feminist empowerment, with their plethora of articles on how to sexually please men. (Standards for the award must be pretty low.)

  • At our newest blogroll addition, the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, Jonathon Van Maren debunks an article written by the aforementioned “safe sex Hobby Lobby f***-in” supporter Jessica Valenti (who has time to tweet but apparently no time for research), in which she claims the pro-life movement is dying:

    Basically, Valenti claims every pro-life tactic—from sidewalk counselling (which features evil bullies that, if you listen to her, closely resemble Disney villains), to Crisis Pregnancy Centres (where quack science such as embryology is used), to legislation restricting abortion clinics (because we don’t care for butcher shops like Gosnell’s House of Horrors, or any other dead-baby-producing establishment) — is a sign of demented desperation.

    Actually, based on our track record thus far, it is simply a sign of smart strategy combined with a helpful thing called “the truth,” which in regards to abortion, can be found in any embryology textbook which Valenti has not read. If she wants to write about the pro-life movement, she might want to actually take a closer look at our movement so she knows what’s going on. She’d still be outraged, sure. But she’d be less bewildered.

    One final point: The only way the anti-abortion movement will “end” is if abortion “ends” and our culture stops glorifying as a right this barbaric version of in-utero infanticide. Which isn’t all bad for Ms. Valenti, I suppose. She will have occasion to write many more such columns.

[Valenti photo via times.co.uk, Tweet via ]

Pro-life blog buzz 7-8-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life says Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton appears to value dogs and cats more than the women of his state who procure abortions:

    A measure to license and inspect commercial dog and cat breeders — passed by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Mark Dayton earlier this year — went into effect on July 1. The new regulations throw into sharp relief Dayton’s refusal to accept any state licensing or inspection of abortion facilities, which perform thousands of surgical procedures on Minnesota women each year.

yes on one

  • Fletcher Armstrong seeks to educate voters about the misleading and inaccurate statements being spread by abortion supporters regarding an amendment to the Tennessee state constitution which will be on the ballot in November. Amendment 1, if successful, would allow state legislators to again regulate abortion:

    Amendment 1 returns the Tennessee Constitution to neutral after a 2000 ruling by the Tennessee Supreme Court which claimed a broader right to abortion in the Tennessee Constitution than Roe v. Wade or the U.S. Constitution. It restores the rights of Tennesseans to decide what abortion law should be in our state rather than leaving policy decisions to the Judiciary.

  • Culture Campaign says despite all the hype, the Planned Parenthood-promoted, happy abortion comedy Obvious Child has been a box-office flop. I guess America just can’t take a joke about child murder. Better luck next time, Hollywood.
  • Big Blue Wave points out that calling oneself “pro-choice” might not mean what you think it means:

    “Pro-choice” means you support the legal right of a woman to have an abortion under any circumstance, for any reason, at any time, without apology, full stop… if you oppose such abortions, you are anti-choice.

    Not necessarily pro-life, but you’re not pro-choice. You’re anti-choice….

    Just remember that any time an abortion advocate uses the word “anti-choice”. If you support any legal restriction on abortion, whatsoever, you are anti-choice. If you think that there should be restrictions on sex-selection abortion, you’re anti-choice.

RE ghosted logo

  • Bound4Life asks why “pro-choicers” get so angry when choices other than abortion are promoted, such as is the case in Pennsylvania. The Alternatives to Abortion program there is having a very positive effect:

    RH Reality Check, an online apologist for the abortion industry, is bemoaning the fact that the program — which is administered by Real Alternatives, Inc. — has received a vote of confidence by state leaders in the form of additional proposed funding….

    The landmark program has now served more than 200,000 clients and their families….

    The program was the brain child of former Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey [a pro-life Democrat] and it enjoys the support of current Governor Tom Corbett, along with a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers….

    And the program has had phenomenal success throughout the Commonwealth. Consider these figures from the 2010-11 fiscal year:

    64% of women entering the program who were considering abortion chose childbirth
    88% of women who were pressured by others to abort chose childbirth
    67% of women who were pressured by others AND considering abortion chose childbirth

    Why do abortion advocates support using tax dollars to promote abortion, but object to using tax dollars to promote life? And it’s not just the funding of life to which they object, as we have seen in their attacks on pregnancy resource centers. It seems to be the very existence of organizations offering alternatives to abortion.


  • American Life League’s Judie Brown shares parts one and two of her analysis on the Hobby Lobby decision and the true meaning of religious freedom:

    The question of religious freedom, then, is the basis for the Supreme Court decision in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case. Yet on this weekend when we celebrate America’s Independence Day, the real meaning of freedom remains fragile at best.

    Independence Day celebrates the United States’ freedom from tyranny…. But freedom from tyranny should not include the right to kill innocent persons because of their age, health, or condition of dependency. Such a circumstance is a contradiction, pure and simple. In fact, freedom of religion itself cannot truly be taken seriously when such a situation exists.

    Today, Americans live in a nation that defines heinous acts like abortion by chemical, medical, or surgical means as an honest interpretation of justice for all.

    Thus my caution is simply this: While some celebrate the Hobby Lobby decision, we must realize that far more than the religious freedom of Christian companies is at stake if true freedom is to be celebrated.

[Last photo via LifeNews.com]

Pro-abortion play mocks pro-life activism


The show follows Jessica Beth Giffords, a 15-year-old girl who is equal parts Justin Bieber superfan and aspiring pro-life celebrity, as she attends the Students for Life of America Conference.

Throughout the hour-long solo performance, Jessica interacts with six other characters based on real-life pro-life activists, from crisis pregnancy center directors to ministers to self-described “pro-life feminists.” We follow her as she absorbs the misinformation in an abstinence-only “sexual purity” workshop and struggles to contain her crush on a popular and flirtatious Christian boy who sports a purity ring.

This sexual struggle and the notion that girls and women can embody sexual desire outside of the context of heterosexual marriage is precisely what Students for Life finds so vulgar.

~ Playwright and actress Madeline Burrows, describing the plot of her pro-choice play, MOM BABY GOD, and the controversy surrounding it, via RH Reality Check, February 19

Ambitious expansion of urban crisis pregnancy outreach underway

slattery-courtFor 28 years Chris Slattery (pictured right), founder of Expectant Mother Care Frontline Pregnancy Centers, has focused on helping pregnant mothers in crisis in the New York City area, where 40% of all babies are killed by abortion, and worse, 60% of all black babies.

EMC now operates in 12 locations in four NYC boroughs.

But this summer Slattery plans to exponentially expand EMC’s urban outreach to 10 other major U.S. cities with high abortion rates and underrepresented crisis pregnancy outreach – Austin, Baltimore, Buffalo, Charlotte, Cleveland, Detroit, Miami, Philadelphia, San Antonio, and Washington, D.C.

EMC offices are already open in Charlotte, Detroit, and DC. EMC’s Miami branch will launch next week.

IMG_1804Slattery plans to accomplish this ambitious expansion through innovative use of flexible workplace rental space and high caliber college and grad school interns.

Slattery is affordably locating in typically high rent districts by renting day offices, which come complete with furniture and receptionists. Pictured left is EMC’s Detroit suite.

“A typical city has half a dozen of these sorts of offices in a central part of the city or suburbs,” Slattery explained to me a phone interview. “We will make use of these efficient and attractive offices two to five days per week depending on the market.”

These urban prcs will be marketed primarily on the Internet and through referral from suburban and rural prcs.

IMG_5573Slattery will staff his prcs with college and graduate school interns, most from outside the U.S. Forty have been recruited thus far, 90% from Spain. Pictured right is intern Betty Cona, already staffing the Charlotte office.

“All of these young people have had experience serving the poor around the world,” Chris explained. “On average these kids have completed two to three summers of service to the poor. They are all aged 20 to 28 and are fluent in multiple languages, particularly Spanish.”

Slattery’s secondary goal is to bolster Hispanic outreach, which is lacking in our movement.

The interns will receive three to four weeks of training in New York before teams of four are sent to various cities. There they will receive free housing and be connected with American counterparts, local female college and grad students who it is hoped will expand this effort into year-round operation of the prcs. In most markets there will also be seasoned, older pro-life women also working with them side-by-side.

A 45-hour work week will be equally divided between sidewalk counseling in front of urban abortion clinics and peer-to-peer counseling and education in the office. On any given day two interns will stand in front of an abortion clinic while two staff the office.

abortion_doc_296“We will be at Santangelo’s clinic all summer, for instance,” Chris said, referring to the late-term D.C. abortionist recently exposed by Live Action as conducive to infanticide.

Interns will receive $110 stipend per week.

Slattery says they still need housing and local talent. He is also open to expanding to other cities if he can find solid partners. “I’m not looking at small towns,” Chris reiterated. “Large cities are our underserved market.”

Slattery can establish a new urban market for $2,000-$3,000 a month, which covers office space, intern stipends, and advertising.

Stage II will be to partner with pro-life ob/gyns and clinics. In NYC, eight of these partner with EMC.

If you live in one of these locations, and can provide housing or financial aid, email Chris at slatteryny@gmail.com.

Breaking: Justin Bieber’s mom to promote life-affirming film, “Crescendo”

image004UPDATE 10p: I couldn’t put this any better than did Vanessa on Facebook:

Hey BIEBER Fans!!!! Great recommendation from a woman who knows what it is to be a young pregnant single parent. It goes to show that you cant do away with a life that will change your world and can potentially change many worlds. Thank you Pattie Mallette.

Indeed! Thank you, Pattie. Here’s Pattie’s special message to pregnancy care center directors, a fundraising promo for a screening of Crescendo

YouTube Preview Image

5:49p: I wrote earlier breakingthis week that the inspirational short film, Crescendo, would have a VVIP (very, very important person) take a lead in promoting the film.

Movie To Movement has just announced that person is Pattie Mallette, singer Justin Bieber’s mother.

Mallette has agreed to take on the role of executive producer of Crescendo.

4750w800In that capacity Mallette will promote Crescendo in Movie To Movement’s initiative to raise $10 million for pregnancy care centers  this year by hosting 1,000 screenings across the globe. (The initial goal I reported of $1 mil via 100 screenings is for opening night, February 28.)

Mallette has videotaped a message to be shown at prc screenings.

Very shortly MTM will release a teaser video, which I will put up post haste.

From the press statement:

“My hope through this involvement is to encourage young women all over the world, just like me, to let them know that there is a place to go, people who will take care of you and a safe home to live in if you are pregnant and think you have nowhere else to turn,” says Mallette.

Mallette, also known as Justin Bieber’s mom, has been vocal about the trauma, abuse and addiction that marked her early childhood and adult years. In her debut memoir Nowhere But Up (Revell), she tells the amazing story of the help she received from a pregnancy center, when she found herself scared and unprepared as a young teenager, while pregnant with Justin.  The pregnancy center who cared for her gave her life skills, hope, help and love, which she says literally “saved their lives.”  Mallette will share her personal story at screenings worldwide, to help support the work of similar centers around the world.

Beginning February 28, Movie to Movement will launch the initiative to raise $10 million for pregnancy centers nationwide by hosting 1,000 screenings across the globe. Nearly 100 pregnancy centers have currently made the pledge to support the film opening weekend.  Key markets screening the film include Dallas, Texas, Los Angeles, Calif., St. Louis, Mo., Chicago, Ill., and Columbus, Ohio.   The film is also slated to be screened in Ireland and across Europe for thousands of attendees.

To learn more about scheduling a screening of Crescendo, go to cpcmovie.com.

Award winning film producers hope to help PRCs raise $1 mil in 1 night


Have you heard of the new short film, Crescendo?

HollyShorts_LaurelsWinner of 16 International film awards, including the Best Short Film at the Hollywood Film Festival, Crescendo was produced by Eduardo Verástegui, Jason Jones, Leo Severino, and Alejandro Monteverde – the team that brought us Bella.

Set in the 18th-century Holy Roman Empire, Crescendo tells the true, life-affirming story of a famous historical figure.

I got to screen this 12-minute film last week and it was great – four stars. Here’s the trailer…

YouTube Preview Image

Crescendo2Crescendo features faces you may know, like former Miss USA and Bella star Ali Landry, and faces Americans may not know but Internationals will, including Swiss pop star and German Idol judge Patrick Nuo (center of picture, left).

MovieToMovement, which owns the film license, is hoping to help 100 pregnancy care centers raise a total of $1 million in one night: February 28.

For $2,500 MTM will rent a theater of a PRC’s choice for the screening and provide the movie to the theater as well as a video introduction by Eduardo and Jason.

surprise-guest-144x130The biggest news is a VVIP (very, very important person), to be announced later this week, has videotaped the appeal for donations for PRCs. (I say “VVIP,” knowing who it is – am not kidding!)

So all PRCs have to do is fill the theater. Everything else is done for them. The introduction, film, and donations appeal will take about an hour. PRC leaders can use additional time for client testimonies, to give info about their PRC, etc.

Find details for this special event here.

Already 86 PRCs have signed up to host a screening. Doing this not only helps PRCs raise money but also helps Crescendo reach a wider audience with an important message.

K of C, pregnancy center team up to bring families Thanksgiving

For the fifth year in a row, the Knights of Columbus, a fraternal organization of Catholic men, delivered laundry baskets filled to the brim with pie, green beans, dinner rolls, frozen turkeys and pans, to the 75 families in the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center’s LifeSteps Program.

The program provides education, support, and practical assistance for parents and future parents, from the time of pregnancy, until their child turns 2. The turkey baskets are just one way the program aims to help families prosper….

“We got 90 percent of what we needed for him through them,” said Valerie Vance, who held her 8-month-old son, Ayden, on her hip. “When I found out I was pregnant, it was not a good situation…. We didn’t have anything,” she said. Without the help of the program, Vance said she would “probably still be in tears….”

While the center primarily reaches out to teen and first-time mothers, the LifeSteps program has expanded to help mothers of all ages. Fathers-to-be are also encouraged come, even if they’re not involved with the mother.

Valerie Pond came to the program when she was 4 months pregnant. She’d heard that it provided maternity clothes.

“In addition to finding out I was pregnant, I had lost my job,” said Pond as she picked up a basket with her son, 16-month old Malachi.

Pond said the turkey baskets are just another amazing thing the program has provided.

~ Lisa Walton, The Gazette, November 17