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Stanek weekend Q: Is feminism losing to multiculturalism?

article-1319804-0B952A16000005DC-450_306x423The hypocrisy of feminists when it comes to the true war on women in Muslim cultures is on flagrant display.

On a daily basis we hear of atrocities committed against women, or shocking prejudices displayed against women, to utter silence on the Left.

Meanwhile, feminists find ghost sexism in every nook and cranny of the West.

I had chalked their hypocrisy up to abhorrence of Judeo-Christian values to the point of absurdly supporting Islamic values.

But an April 30 article by M. G. Oprea at The Federalist entitled, “Feminism is losing its cage fight with multiculturalism,” points to something much more obvious:

No American bands cancelled concert dates after an Imam in southern Francepreached that women are fundamentally selfish. Nor have there been calls to divest ourselves from Saudi Arabia over the recent sentencing of a woman to 70 lashes over “insulting” her husband on WhatsApp.

There is a disturbing resistance on the Left to criticizing Islamic societies for their treatment of women. In fact, it’s barely up for discussion. This stubborn denial of women’s rights in Islamic societies reveals a cognitive dissonance on the left, where two of their most closely held beliefs come into conflict: feminism and multiculturalism.

The multicultural project, which came out of our universities in the 1950s and ’60s, seeks a world where there is no right or wrong, only different. Believing that all religions and cultures are absolutely equal means reserving judgment. No society is better or worse than the next. Out of fear of seeming critical of other cultures, or worse, seeming to echo the rhetoric of colonialism, the Left falls over itself to avoid even a trace of criticism….

The dedication to the multicultural project clashes most regrettably with feminism. The Left, which everywhere sees gender inequality and a war on women in the West, has a blind spot when it comes to Islam. Whether it’s about pay inequality, nursing in public, or the latest FX series, “Fargo,” there is always somewhere an outcry of sexism in America. Gender inequality, while certainly still existent in America, has become an obsession.

Take the Hobby Lobby decision last year, which exempts some businesses from having to provide certain kinds of contraceptives. It provoked accusations that the ruling was going to send us back to the biblical times of stoning and genital mutilation. But what about Islamic societies, where stoning and genital mutilation still occasionally happens today?…

Two strongly held progressive ideals, multiculturalism and feminism, are in conflict when the topic of women’s rights in Islamic societies comes up. The Left cannot reconcile its need to accept all cultures as equal with its “fierce” defense of gender equality. They have to choose one over the other. Sadly, they have chosen the appearance of pious multiculturalism over the rights, health, and freedom of many Muslim women.

Multiculturalism, it seems, trumps women’s rights.


The hypocrisy is also playing out politically.

The Left’s goddess shrine, Hillary Clinton, has recently come under fire for revelations that the Clinton Foundation took money from Muslim countries that grossly mistreat women.

In answer to my own question, I think it’s obvious feminism has ceded to multiculturalism.

So, do you see this hypocrisy as a growing problem for the the feminist brand?

How would liberalism be impacted were feminists to decide to take on Islam’s treatment of women?

Do you think feminist/Clinton hypocrisy on the true “war on women” will hurt her chances of becoming president?

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Stanek weekend Q: Do you agree “abortion-centered feminism is dying”?


Quoting from US News & World Report, April 17:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the opening days of her presidential candidacy and in the veiled statements that preceded it, suggested her platform would focus at least in part on the economic issues that affect women – equal pay, paid family leave, minimum wage – which anti-abortion activists take to be a sign that they’ve already begun to gain the upper hand.

“Abortion-centered feminism is dying, if not dead,” said Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser on Thursday, arguing that the 2014 election cycle proved that Democrats could not win by attacking Republicans for being anti-abortion.

Do you agree “abortion-centered feminism is dying, if not dead”?

Planned Parenthood celebrates feminism with a photobombing pink stuffed uterus


Planned Parenthood has partnered with “riot grrrl” feminist indie rock band Sleater-Kinney on tour to sell t-shirts, make it rain condoms, get people to sign a pro-abortion pledge, and promote the hashtag #Riot4Repro.

Whatev. Planned Parenthood teamed up with Sleater-Kinney on a tour 15 years ago, and a lot of good it did either of them. S-K went on to disband after that, while Planned Parenthood’s brand took a nosedive. S-K’s February 9 tour kick-off show in Spokane, Washington, was their first date in nine years.

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest thought it would be cool to celebrate feminism at the concert by having women pose for photos while holding a pink stuffed uterus. Because feminism is all about uteruses, right?




Actually, wouldn’t unstuffed pink uteruses be more politically correct?

Despite charade, abortion proponents still running from A-word

100406ScarletARecently, abortion proponents decided if you can’t beat, join ’em, and began urging their people to counter post-abortive stories of regret with post-abortive stories of relief.

They launched the 1 in 3 Campaign and began writing articles explaining the importance of coming out.

Even Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards finally admitted to having an abortion skeleton in her closet, claiming it was easy peasy, even if something about it kept her from sharing the good news beyond her inner circle for years and years.

Abortion proponents now say it is wrong to connect abortions with sob stories, which further stigmatize the deed as something sought only in dire circumstances or for catastrophic reasons.

So they exalt the “freedom to f*** up,” lauding those like post-abortive Merritt Tierce, who bragged about not one but two! abortions in the New York Times, one garnered after an affair in which she was unsure of paternity, and the other sought after her attempt to trap a man via pregnancy failed. Tramps trump tragedy.

But do they practice what they preach? Only when convenient.

Despite the charade, the industry knows everyone but them thinks abortion is skanky, to say the least.

So, while Planned Parenthood committed nearly one million of the three million U.S. abortions of the past three years, it continues to use math gimmicks to insist abortion accounts for a minuscule portion of its business.

And in a Cosmo puff piece a few days ago, “How to get hired at Planned Parenthood,” Senior HR Officer Gaitre Lorick failed to ever bring up the a-word. It came up only once, in the article’s intro. Abortion is obviously not an employment magnet.

Lorick wrote candidates are expected to have “a basic understanding” of the organization, and to check out Planned Parenthood’s website for details. But there is no a-word at the supplied link. Lorick also touted Planned Parenthood’s internship program, but that link omits the a-word as well.

At the Washington Post, 16 “influential” feminists submitted what they hope to accomplish in 2015, and again, the a-word never came up. The closest was one invocation of the vague term “reproductive rights.”

Everyone knows you can’t be a feminist if you’re not pro-abortion. It’s the litmus test.

But the feminists listed just about everything but abortion as important agenda items for the new year – living wages, gender equality, police brutality, domestic violence, LGBT justice, digital dualism, online harassment, hate speech, rape, quality childcare, queer and trans people of color in media, campus violence, immigration, incarceration, and even women in online game development.

Is abortion that secure? Hardly.

Amanda Marcotte blames the “anti-choice movement’s relentless propaganda about ‘abortion regret'” and the “ever-misogynistic gossip press” for a stigma against abortion that just won’t die.

Marcotte needs to talk to her own, for instance, Michael Odenthal of Highbrow Magazine.

Odenthal just wrote a laudibly pro-abortion piece (“Conservative America’s dangerous war on abortion”) wherein he promoted the a-word 21 times, except, strangely, within the three paragraphs where he sympathetically told the story of a now incarcerated Pennsylvania mother who illegally ordered pills online to “terminate” her pregnant 16-yr-old daughter’s “pregnancy,” which landed the hemorrhaging girl in the hospital.

“The daughter had a miscarriage,” wrote Odenthal, “as the pills were intended to induce.”

Um, no. The daughter had an abortion. Why not say it straight? Because in this case the a-word doesn’t play well?

Mixed messaging from abortion advocates, often subconscious, betrays the reality they may not even realize they know… this because abortion stigma is inborn, pardon the pun.

Abortion is unnatural. Abortion is violent. It is inherently abhorrent to kill one’s own offspring.

The fact is, abortion stigma will never die… simply because of that which does.

Pro-life blog buzz 1-2-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Big Blue Wave expresses skepticism about the remote birth control device that is supposed to work for 16 years.
  • Culture Campaign comments on “nonprofit” Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report. Abortion numbers and taxpayer funding increased while contraceptive numbers decreased. Unsurprisingly, adoption referrals are scarce:

    In its annual government-required report, Planned Parenthood indicated that it performed 327,653 abortions (that’s nearly 500 more children killed than the previous year), and served 147,210 fewer birth control customers while receiving an increase in taxpayer funding to $528.4 million (41% of Planned Parenthood’s total revenue). The report indicated that Planned Parenthood, which the government classifies as a “non-profit” organization, had an annual profit of $127.1 million.For the year, Planned Parenthood’s services to pregnant women were 94% abortions; abortions outnumbered adoption referrals by a factor of 174 to 1.


  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is pleased to announce that another “Dr. Death” has lost his license:

    Lawrence Egbert, a leader of the Final Exit Network, has lost his medical license in Maryland.

After a two year review, the Maryland Board of Physicians revoked his medical license after deciding that Egbert’s actions were unethical and illegal. Egbert has said that he plans to appeal.

  • Expose Abortion shares a sobering quote about saline abortion (which shows the humanity of the preborn child) from former abortionist Paul Jarrett:

    This type of abortion was then done by hypertonic saline injection. In laymen’s terms this meant injecting a very caustic salt solution into the amniotic sac which the baby swallows, causing his death. Labor begins 12 – 36 hours later.

  • At Live Action News, Susan Michelle recounts the plethora of emails from pro-abortion professionals who think of 2014 as a bad year for abortion rights, and are fearful of what pro-lifers may do in 2015.
  • Kansans for Life is proud of the pro-life victories in their state in 2014. We offer our congratulations:

    Pro-lifers can proudly claim credit for the fact that pro-life candidates won all of Kansas’ statewide offices, along with 94 of the 125 seats in the Kansas House of Representatives in the 2014 elections. Notably, pro-life stalwarts Governor Sam Brownback and U.S. Senator Pat Roberts won re-election over their radically pro-abortion challengers.As officially reported by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment, the number of Kansas abortions dropped to 7,485 in 2013, from 7,598 in 2012(2014 numbers aren’t available until March 2015). Many reasons can be attributed to the continued drop, including the improved availability of informed consent information online and increased utilization of pregnancy care centers statewide.


  • The Guiding Star Project has some thoughts about the word “feminism” and the how new feminists honor motherhood with no apologies:

    The task of caring for young children, most often performed primarily by women, is a challenging task. It involves great time, attention, presence of mind, foresight, tenderness, patience, ingenuity, practicality, and creativity. The difficulty of the task is compounded when one is regularly expected to undertake such a task without help, without break, in more isolation than any previous generation, at the sacrifice of pursuing other passions and dreams, and while enduring cultural scorn and dread — being seen as a “breeding machine and a drudge” rather than as a person with the same capacities, intellect, and talent that she has always had.

Let us recognize all the gifts that women share with our culture, their gifts of life-giving, of care-giving, and whatever skills and intellectual gifts they contribute. Let us give women the full respect of their personhood. May we give caregivers the breaks and support that they need, and the opportunity to exercise the full range of their gifts.

[Images via Washington Post and mommyish.com]

Pro-life blog buzz 12-5-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Big Blue Wave discusses a Finnish study on reducing suicide risk following abortion. While most in the pro-choice camp deny there is any link at all to an increased risk of suicide, this study recommends a mental health checkup two to three weeks following an abortion. However, the study also noted that while this intervention may have been beneficial, the rate of reduction was not statistically significant.
  • The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform wonders if parents who object to the display of abortion victim images also direct their anger at the graphic sexual displays adorning storefront windows, the graphic sex ed curricula taught in schools, the prevalence of horror movies or the presence of porn shops:

    I’ve come to ask the question, “Are you truly trying to protect your children’s innocence? Or are you just trying to protect yourselves from the truth?”


  • Bound4Life announces the “first-ever collaboration of leading evangelical pro-life groups, the world’s largest pro-life event — the annual March for Life in Washington, DC — will feature a non-denominational prayer and worship gathering called OneVoiceDC as a central element of the two-day event on January 21-22, 2015.” Please register online for this event.
  • At Ethika Politika, Laurie DeRose examines the claim that greater female empowerment results in fewer children.
  • The FRC Blog points out says that by anyone’s count, pro-lifers are winning:

    According to the Guttmacher Institute (ironically, once the research arm of the country’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood), “In 2013 alone, 22 states enacted 70 antiabortion measures, including pre-viability abortion bans, unwarranted doctor and clinic regulations, limits on the provision of medication abortion and bans on insurance coverage of abortion. However, 2013 was not even the year with the greatest number of new state-level abortion restrictions, as 2011 saw 92 enacted; 43 abortion restrictions were enacted by states in 2012.” Guttmacher also notes that by mid-2014, “13 states (had) adopted 21 new restrictions that could limit access to abortion.”

The implications of these new laws and regulations are profound: As noted by Catholic Family Association president Austin Ruse, “How effective have some of these state legislative efforts been? A few years ago, Texas had 40 abortion clinics. Now, it has less than ten and counting.” Put another way, thousands of unborn children in the Lone Star state will be welcomed into life and their mothers defended against the abortion industry’s exploitation.

  • The Guiding Star Project shares a great story about the impact pro-life medical professionals can make in the lives of their patients. Seeing pregnancy as a blessing and not a burden makes a huge difference when encouraging mothers.
  • Clinic Quotes posts a brief video of abortionist Randall Whitney speaking with pro-lifers. Whitney accuses one pro-life protestor – who brought her child with her – of being a bad mother, even going to far as to say to the child, “Ask your mom to take you home. She’s a bad mother.” He also claims a preborn child isn’t a baby until it is “separate from its host,” (or to use the more common and accurate term – “mother”) and admits preborn children have heartbeats at 3 weeks, but says, “So what?… It’s human tissue.”Warning – mild profanity:
YouTube Preview Image

Pro-life blog buzz 11-21-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • American Life League’s Judie Brown exposes Oregon’s “triple X”-rated Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference, calling it a “field trip to hell.”
  • The Vine highlights the week in pro-life happenings: the Pope clarifies that he is indeed pro-life; pro-life groups are willing to defy court orders saying they must provide abortifacient contraception for employees; the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act again draws attention after midterm elections bring more pro-life politicians into power.
  • From Clinic Quotes shares a rare, candid admission from abortion advocate Frances Kissling:

    Abortion is not like having your tooth pulled or having your appendix out. It involves the termination of an early form of human life. That deserves some gravitas.Sounds like Kissling needs to have a chat with fellow abortion advocate Amanda Marcotte sometime soon.


  • Big Blue Wave comments on those “Westboro Baptists of feminism,” Femen, and the group’s most recent tasteless tactic. This time, the bare-breasted protestors appeared at the Vatican, using crucifixes to simulate sex acts in protest of Pope Francis’s upcoming visit to the European Parliament.
  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal writes the first of a series entitled, “The Contending Opinions on Three-Parent Embryo Safety.” The quest for perfect, disease-free, designer babies is riddled with issues, ethical and otherwise.
  • A Culture of Life shares an excerpt from Mauro Cozzoli’s The Human Embryo, discussing the ethics surrounding what to do with “leftover” frozen embryos.
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life points out that while the United Nations celebrates 25 years since its adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the rights of children from conception remain unprotected:

    Tens of millions of abortions occur around the world each year, and countries that protect unborn children face pressure to legalize the procedure. This is a profound injustice. The Convention on the Rights of the Child affirms that, quoting the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, “the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth.” All children, born and unborn, deserve protection.

  • Live Action recommends the short film, “The Appointment,” directed by filmmaker Brandon Rice:

    Rice says he purposely did not make the film either blatantly pro-life or overtly Christian. He says that by not having these overt overtones, the film becomes more accessible to all people, not just the usual pro-life Christian viewers, so they wouldn’t be instantly turned off by a label they might not desire. He says: “If people without a religious faith see it, it may cause them to think and choose life anyway.”The ending is powerful and shines light on the real “choice” of abortion a subtle but powerful way. This is what Rice and the filmmakers with this project, which he says he didn’t want to be an “in your face” message movie.

YouTube Preview Image

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Feminist: Please, bro-choicers, talk about how great abortion is!

brochoiceby Kelli

The thing of it is, gentlemen: You do have a story to tell. You didn’t make the final decision, but we know that in the overwhelming majority of cases, you were intimately involved in the conversations that led up to it.

You were most likely the one who drove her to the clinic, and drove her home again. And the choice not to become a father, right at that particular moment, has had a major impact on every day of your life and every major decision you’ve made ever since.

Think about it. How would your life be different today if she hadn’t chosen abortion? Would you be co-parenting with a woman you knew wasn’t right for you? Or fathering more kids than your time and resources responsibly allow?

Are there educational opportunities you would have had to skip, reducing your earnings for the rest of your life? Or career breaks that wouldn’t have happened if you’d been encumbered with a kid (or another kid)?

Your life is the way it is right now because your female partner was able to make that choice when she needed to. If that hadn’t been possible, you’d be having a very different day today….

We need you in this conversation again, for a lot of reasons.

~ Sara Robinson, AlterNet, November 18

[Photo via icah.org]