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Pro-life blog buzz 6-5-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At A Drop in the Ocean, Laura slams California’s attack on pregnancy resource centers by comparing the bill – which would force pregnancy resource centers to tell women where to get abortions – to forcing a Jewish deli to tell customers where to buy pork:

    Hello, and welcome to Shamash’s! Before you sit down to eat, we want you to know that New York has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive pork dishes (including all FDA-approved methods of smoked ham), pulled pork, and pork sausage, for eligible people. To determine whether you qualify, contact the county social food services office at 1-800-YAY-PORK.


  • ProWomanProLife notes the work of organizations which are encouraging women to “ditch the Pill.” Natural family planning, once thought to be practiced mainly by Catholics, is gaining in popularity as we learn more about the detrimental effects of hormonal birth control.
  • Secular Pro-Life (which has also just launched a new outreach called PreventPreterm.org – check it out), addresses the reasoning behind a New York court which decided that Choose Life license plates are too offensive to some people, so they should be disallowed:

    Last week, a federal appellate court ruled that New York could ban Choose Life license plates because they are “patently offensive” — a legal term usually reserved for hard-core pornography. The ruling was met with instant derision from grassroots pro-lifers and legal scholars alike.

    At the time, SPL simply condemned the decision with a tweet, which was widely retweeted and even made it onto Twitchy….

    UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh wrote up the decision in the Washington Post. (You should read the whole thing.) He begins with the obvious point that it’s a First Amendment violation. But then he explains the Second Circuit’s reasoning, if you want to call it that, and it is truly incredible. The logic of the opinion requires the assumption that pro-choice New Yorkers are so violent, pro-lifers have to be censored for their own safety.


  • A Voice for Hope shares this great graphic and quote from former Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop (pictured right):
  • As Father’s Day draws near, Priests for Life highlights a ministry to post-abortive men:

    Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion was launched in January at the March for Life in Washington, D.C.….

    Janet Morana and Georgette Forney, co-founders of Silent No More, noted that men can play many roles in an abortion decision. Some men coerce women into abortion; others had no knowledge until it was too late. Some are complicit in the decision and some are just silent.

    “We know through our work with Silent No More that no matter what role a man played, he is often thrown off guard by his reaction to the abortion,” Mrs. Morana said. “Many feel they have failed as men by allowing, or insisting on, the destruction of their own child.”

    “Men are often pushed to the margins of the abortion debate, but after the baby and the mother, fathers are the most directly impacted,” Mrs. Forney said. “We want them to know they are deserving of healing and we want to help them restore peace to their souls.

  • [Photos via pinterest.com and A Voice for Hope]

Pro-life blog buzz 1-9-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Life Training Institute shares an article from The Failed Atheist on the oft-heard saying regarding a pregnancy: “Just as long as it’s healthy.” Of course everyone wants a healthy baby, but what does the Christian faith say about loving those who have less than perfect health?

    This is not a normal way to view ones children but part of a dehumanizing culture that has made an idol out of health and wellbeing. We have trouble understanding that someone who may be in poor health or have a disability can be happy, our assumption is that those things equal a sub-par human existence which is not necessarily true. You do not need to be a healthy human being to be a good, influential or heroic one….


  • Bound4Life gives an overview of Wednesday’s arguments “in the latest challenge to Texas’ so-called pro-life law of the century (passed as H.B. 2),” in which “a three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals heard the case Whole Woman’s Health v. Lakey.” What is good is that the health risks of abortion to women is a point of discussion.
  • The Vine shares some pro-life updates including the proposed legislative initiatives coming out of the new Congress of 2015.
  • 40 Days for Life lists the many January pro-life events/marches happening so that you can attend and take a stand for life.
  • The Guiding Star Project discusses post-partum depression from a man’s perspective.

Guttmacher hostile abortion states

  • Live Action News lauds the good work of the 18 states Guttmacher currently rates as hostile to abortion. Is your state among them (pictured right; click to enlarge)? If not, what can you do to get your state this badge of honor in 2015?
  • Americans United for Life is still hard at work defending the conscience rights of Americans not to be forced under Obamacare to pay for life-ending drugs and devices:

    While Congressional hearings look into admitted deceptions that made possible the passage of Obamacare, too little attention is being paid to the reality that the Obama Administration is doing everything it can to force unwilling, conscientious Americans to pay for drugs and devices that can end the lives of developing human beings,” said Dr. Yoest. “As a result, AUL has filed now 24 briefs to support pro-life Americans who are victims and potential victims of governmental abuse of power against the First Amendment conscience rights of Americans.”

[Photos via pinterest.com, Guttmacher via Live Action News]

Pro-life blog buzz 12-19-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Bound4Life is praying for a pro-life start to 2015, and asks others to do the same as two important cases will come before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals:

    Both Arkansas and North Dakota’s State Legislatures have passed laws defining life as when a baby’s heartbeat can be detected. Now the appeals court will consider if the laws, passed by majority vote, are considered constitutional.


  • The Leading Edge weighs in on the case of a New Zealand abortion provider who inserted an IUD without the consent of his patient. The woman was unaware of the IUD until three years later, when she was examined due to her difficulty becoming pregnant. Will there be an outcry from pro-choice advocates, as this woman was given no choice?
  • A Culture of Life also weighs in on the case, saying abortion is never truly safe – especially not if an abortionist can get away with performing surgery on a patient without permission:

    If doctors are inserting IUDs without patient consent, what other dodgy practices are happening within New Zealand abortion facilities? What complications occur that we never hear about?

  • The FRC Blog encourages the mayor of Washington, D.C., to veto the bill that would force all employers to cover abortions:

    Yesterday, the DC Council passed a bill called the “Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act of 2014,” which could force employers in the District of Columbia (including the Family Research Council) to cover abortions….

    Aside from this injustice, there are a number of legal problems with the bill. As pointed out by Alliance Defending Freedom, the bill would violate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the Weldon Amendment, and the First Amendment protections of Free Speech, Free Exercise, and Freedom of Association.

  • rkade

    • ProLifeBlogs links to an Operation Rescue post on two emergency transports on the same day from Dr. Martin Haskell’s late-term abortion facility in Kettering, Ohio. On duty that day was Dr. Roslyn Kade (pictured right) who has no admitting privileges at any hospital. The facility also has no transfer agreement:

      “The Ohio Department of Health should refuse to renew the facility license of Haskell’s Kettering abortion clinic for the same reasons it shut down his Sharonville operation,” said [Troy] Newman. “Women continue to suffer life-threatening abortion complications without the guarantee that they will receive adequate or timely treatment. Ohio authorities shouldn’t wait until someone dies before taking action to protect women.”

    YouTube Preview Image

    [Photos via themirenaiudlawsuit.com and Operation Rescue]

    “Sexual rights” trump all other rights, including free speech

    no-uterus-no-opinion_2-26-11by Kelli

    Abortion’s now-sacred status is symptomatic of something far more sinister: the sweeping success of the Sexual Revolution. So-called “sexual rights” are now considered to be the most important “rights” our society has, and take precedence over all other rights, regardless of how fundamental they are….

    Freedom of speech? This is now a quaint concept that does not apply, for example, to any sort of pro-life activism, especially and ironically on university campuses. Nothing has the ability to irritate me quite as much as the mewling first-year feminist fascists of the Womyn’s Studies Department scurrying to submit their campus editorial on the “limits of free speech” the second pro-lifers show up on campus to engage university students in a discussion on a serious topic.

    Pornography, nude demonstrations, and virtually any form of sex-related activism is welcome — unless you happen to be opposing something, in which case it is not. When I was in university, for example, our “Cemetery of the Innocents” display was trampled and destroyed by a student politician who then took to the campus paper to call us the Hitler Youth. On campus after campus across North America, so-called feminists respond to pro-life activism the same way: Shut down the debate.

    ~ Jonathon Van Maren, Life Site News, December 2

    [Photo via secularprolife.org]

    Pro-life blog buzz 11-28-14

    pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

    • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life notes the worldwide concern over premature birth, as it remains “the leading cause of all under-five deaths.” But there is failure to recognize the fingerprints of abortion in this problem:

      A wealth of worldwide research has established that induced abortion substantially increases the risk of preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies. For example, a 2009 systematic review published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology found that a history of one induced abortion increased the risk of preterm birth by 36% and increased the risk of low birth weight by 35%.

      The increased risks greatly escalated with additional abortions — to 93% and 72%, respectively. Another 2009 systematic review, in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, concluded that abortion raised the risk of birth before 32 weeks’ gestation by 64%. A 2013 study in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada showed “a significant increase in the risk of preterm delivery in women with a history of previous induced abortion.”It is unfortunate that abortion is so entrenched in worldwide thinking that its connection to preterm birth is not widely publicized.


    • American Life League’s Judie Brown expresses her thankfulness for the courage of some counter-cultural, pro-life Christians (pictured left).
    • Americans United for Life says while the Obama Administration doubles down with their anti-life edicts, they will continue to fight:

      Defending the First Amendment conscience rights of Americans, [AUL] filed two amicus curiae (friend-of-the-court) briefs today in the Fifth and Eighth Circuits challenging the Obama Administration’s anti-life edicts in Obamacare.

    “Despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s clear directives favoring freedom of conscience in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the Obama Administration has doubled down on its coercive, anti-life policies, refusing to respect the beliefs of those who do not wish to provide coverage of life-ending drugs and devices,” said Americans United for Life President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest.

    • Bound4Life reminds us that The Drop Box – the story of Pastor Lee Jong-Rak in Seoul, South Korea, and his baby rescue box – will be in theaters nationwide on March 3-5, 2015.
    • A Culture of Life says the new employee benefit of egg freezing – currently being touted by industry leaders such as Facebook and Apple – is not a benefit to anyone.
    • Big Blue Wave reports that in Canada beginning January 1, New Brunswick will eliminate current restrictions around abortion to improve access. Pro-lifers realize that erasing restrictions and providing abortion at taxpayer expense is really “open season on the unborn in New Brunswick.” They pledge to step their focus on pregnancy centers offering assistance to counter this normalization of abortion.


    • The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform has a different take on the new regulations going into effect in New Brunswick:

      This was an almost purely symbolic victory for abortion activists, who did not get what they were actually seeking. There is no reason for pro-lifers to believe that these decisions will change things in any substantial practical way. This is, however, reason for pro-lifers to work extraordinarily hard to engage themselves in the political process and start ensuring that Brian Gallant/Harvey Dent (seriously, Google it) is a one-term premier [pictured right].

    • One reason why Fletcher Armstrong and the Genocide Awareness Project bring their pro-life message to college campuses is because young women of college age are those who most frequently choose abortion when faced with unplanned pregnancies. Armstrong shares one encounter with a former Planned Parenthood intern:

      Jane kept reminding her, “Abortion kills a human being.” She hated that.“It is not a human. What if it is not wanted?” (As if being “wanted” makes one human.)

      “You can’t ask the mom to work at McDonald’s so she can have a kid and go to college; that is too demeaning.” (As if hard work is “demeaning.”)….

      Her most astounding statement was this: “Women have evolved and our bodies are not designed to carry and deliver these babies anymore. They are too big for our small pelvic bones.”

      Lemme get this straight. PP’s buddies on the Left say it took millions of years for the human body to “evolve.” Now, in only two generations, the female reproductive system has further “evolved” into something dysfunctional? Why? Because of evolutionary pressures? From what? Radical feminism? Has PP become that ridiculous?

      Believing lies has consequences.

      She began to cry uncontrollably and kept saying abortion does not kill babies. Jane now knew she was post-abortive. She was seeing, for the first time, the monstrous lies she had told herself and others. She was horrified.

      It was horrifying to us, also. We were too late to save her oldest child(ren), but we pray the truth will save her younger ones.

    Pro-life stand-off at The Alamo

    622x350 (1)

    On the heels of showing the reality of abortion last week on a huge, video-streaming JumboTron at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia – where the term “created equal” was penned by our Founding Fathers – pro-life group Created Equal was blocked in San Antonio yesterday from erecting the same display at the Alamo.

    This was a clear violation of Created Equal’s constitutional right to free speech – content based discrimination.

    At the last minute City officials claimed Created Equal’s JumboTron violated city code regarding digital signs, but the city had previously approved jumbotrons for a Floyd Mayweather boxing event (kudos to ksat for pointing that out to the city) and a Glenn Beck Tea Party rally (starts at 1:26).

    Furthermore, Created Equal had followed the letter of the law and city ordinances in preparing to show images of abortion victims at the Alamo. I will detail the chain of events below, but here is video laying out the drama yesterday:

    YouTube Preview Image

    Now, here are the facts, as provided to me by Created Equal’s Executive Director Mark Harrington in an email:

    • We began the process of securing a permit for the Alamo Plaza on August 29, 2014.
    • We listed the JumboTron as part of the display.
    • We sent pictures and descriptions of the JumboTron to the Special Events Coordinator. They knew the nature of the event up front.
    • We received an approved facility permit on September 22, 2014.
    • Security for the event was arranged for us through the Special Events Coordinator.
    • We received an email at 6:59pm CST (the night before the event) from the Director of Development Services informing us that the Jumbotron was in violation of city code provisions related to the use of digital signs. They waited to the 11th hour to inform us of the issue.
    • No phone number was provided to contact the director or citation was provided for the particular sign code.
    • Commercial sign codes cannot be applied to temporary first amendment displays. The city looked and found a way to keep us off of Alamo Plaza despite the fact that we had an approved permit.
    • After arriving at the Alamo at 7:30am on Oct. 20, the planters were moved to block our entrance into the plaza.
    • Around 9:30am Roderick Sanchez, Director of Development Services, shows up on site and admits that “they blew it” in handling the permit but tells us we cannot display the JumboTron. We asked for the sign code citation and were told it would be forthcoming.
    • Hours pass and no one provides the sign code information.
    • Around 11:00am police inform us that code compliance office workers will be moving the planters that will allow us to display the JumboTron. Police tell us they will protect our rights to free speech.
    • Soon afterwards a suit for the city tells us they are going to cite us for violating the sign ordinance and possibly cite us for several other criminal infractions that they refused to disclose.
    • Suit reneges on the agreement and tells us we cannot pull the Jumbotron onto the plaza.
    • City vehicles block the entrance to the plaza and planters are put in the way.
    • Stand-off ends as city refuses to honor their agreement to allow the JumboTron to be displayed.


    This is by no means over. Harrington told me via phone this morning his group is in working with Life Legal Defense Foundation to determine a response. And as Harrington told a throng of news reporters who were on hand to witness the day’s events:

    This was about abortion, not sign compliance. Once the City of San Antonio bureaucrats found out we had an approved permit to display the JumboTron they scoured the city code to find a way to stop us.

    If we had wanted to perform an abortion at Alamo Plaza they would have protected our right to do so. But since we were going to show an abortion, they did all they could to stop us.

    We will regroup. We will evaluate our legal options. But this battle is far from over. We are not going away. If city leaders think they got rid of us they have another thing coming.

    The Alamo, Created Equal, abortion images

    The silver lining is the vast amount of local news coverage the cancelled event triggered:

    mysanantonio.com 1
    mysanantonio.com 2
    kens5.com 1
    kens5.com 2

    Pro-lifers will indeed remember the Alamo.

    [Top two photos via mysanantonio.com]

    Pro-life photo of the week: Student newspapers destroyed due to pro-life ad

    Click to enlarge…


    Via Campus Reform, October 3:

    Dozens of Drake University  student newspapers were vandalized last week after a pro-life advertisement upset an unknown perpetrator.

    Austin Cannon, managing editor of The Times-Delphic, found 431 copies of his paper, apparently drenched in water, sitting in front of the newspaper’s office Thursday morning, an act of vandalism estimated at $200 worth of damage. Atop the pile was a single newspaper with a black circle drawn around an advertisement for AGAPE Pregnancy Resource Center, which offers free pregnancy tests, STD testing, and ultrasounds….

    Cannon told Campus Reform that more than 1,000 copies of the paper were distributed around campus prior to the vandalism, meaning almost half of the papers were destroyed.

    University president David Maxwell addressed faculty, staff, and students Friday in an email, calling the vandalism “antithetical” to Drake’s “core values.”

    “This act goes beyond mere vandalism – it is an attempt to curtail First Amendment rights regarding free speech, and is thus antithetical to our core values as the Drake University community,” Maxwell wrote in the email. “[W]e should all be outraged by an act that not only entails the destruction of others’ property, but is intended to communicate a message in a manner that violates our sense of who we are and what we stand for as a university.”

    Prior to the vandalism, Beth Younger, a professor of English and Gender and Women’s Studies at DU, wrote a letter to the editor, expressing concern with advertisements for AGAPE Pregnancy Resource Center. Such centers, she said are “largely fronts for anti-choice, anti-abortion organizations and they are known for providing misleading information to young women who may be facing an unplanned pregnancy.”

    Younger urged the newspaper staff to publish a disclaimer alongside the ad “so young women won’t be fooled into thinking they can get free health care, when what they get is propaganda and harmful lies.”…

    “It’s just a little disheartening to me because it doesn’t mean we support that organization, and we’ve run ads from Planned Parenthood in the past,” The Times-Delphic’s Editor-in-Chief, Courtney Fishman, said in an interview with KCCI. “So it’s interesting to me that people are upset about it, and they’re very welcome to be upset about it, but it’s upsetting that they’re vandalizing our property.”…

    “It’s sad that it happened,” Brenda Knollenberg, executive director for AGAPE told Campus Reform. “I appreciate the openness of ‘if you don’t agree with something, to be able to voice that.’ I think that is what the United States was founded on…and I am grateful for that. I do think that sometimes more research has to go into people’s opinions just to make sure they have their facts correct.”

    Pro-life photos of the week: Chalk and awe at home of abortionist

    Click chalk photos to enlarge…

    Pro-life anti-abortion chalk and awe at home of abortionist

    Be sure to take the poll at the bottom of this post.

    The Los Angeles Times reported on August 7 there would be no charges filed against pro-life group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust after members wrote street and sidewalk messages with chalk around the home of abortionist Richard Agnew (pictured below right) of Newport Beach, California.

    Abortion provider Richard AgnewActually, the threat of charges had nothing to do with accusations of vandalism. According to laist.com:

    It was about reports of a fight that broke out between the protesters and residents. Agnew’s supporter and neighbor Paula Durnian, 59, and Survivors founder Jeff White, 56, citizen’s arrested each other, both accusing the other of being hostile. That case was dropped today, according to D.A. spokeswoman Farrah Emami, due to lack of evidence.

    Ha, visions of Gomer Pyle come to mind. But I digress.

    The Survivors reportedly chalked such messages as, “Agnew Kills Babies,” “Abortion is murder,” and “Your neighbor is a monster.”

    Pro-life anti-abortion group sidewalk chalks messages near home of abortion provider Richard Agnew

    While neighbors wanted vandalism charges pressed against the Survivors, that hasn’t happened. White says go ahead, make their day, the Survivors are merely exercising their First Amendment right to free speech:

    “Do they really want to get into a $50,000 to $100,000 lawsuit?” White said. “Because we would sue over the sidewalk chalk.”

    [Top photo via Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust’s Facebook page; photo of Agnew via yelp.com; bottom photo via LA Times]