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Pro-life blog buzz 6-10-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Josh Brahm announces the start of his new pro-life ministry, the Equal Rights Institute:
    We’re going to largely accomplish our mission through speaking, writing and campus outreaches. We’re excited to be partnering with Students for Life of America to be training as many of their campus clubs as possible. We have several books we’re planning to write. I’ll be speaking on pro-life dialogue tips as well as relational apologetics with my formerly pro-choice friend Deanna.You can donate to this new ministry (and/or personally support Josh) here.


  • Live Action chronicles “the nutty professor” of abortion advocacy, Sarah Silverman (who recently called preborn children “goo”) and her even more disgusting buddy, Tucker Max, who sleeps with as many women as possible and then refers to them as “sluts” and “whores.” While they’re making jokes about abortion and praising Planned Parenthood, the abortion giant is proving itself to be a friend to the abusers and users of women. How hilarious is that?
  • Fletcher Armstrong appeals to post-abortive men and women to join his team to administer the truth with love about abortion:
    If you have experienced abortion, please join our team. Please go with us, so you can explain… how God loves us in spite of our sin. You can explain how God can forgive us and heal us from abortion, just as He can forgive and heal us from any other sin. You can tell them that you know this is true, because you’ve been there.
  • Big Blue Wave weighs in on Justin Trudeau, the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, who recently made news by saying he would not consider any pro-life</> candidates for the Liberal Party. Trudeau claims, “This is not a position about trying to gain votes or trying to play a certain angle…. This is very much a position of principle.” BBW’s succinct response: “Your principles suck.”
  • Bound4Life says it’s time to admit it: The Catholic Church was not only right on the issue of contraception, but their vision was also “prophetic”:
    The Church teaches that love, marriage, sex, and procreation are all things that belong together. That’s it. But it’s pretty important. And though the Church has been teaching this for 2,000 years, it’s probably never been as salient as today.

pro-life Green Party supporters

  • A Culture of Life is disturbed by this photo, right, being used as a “get out the vote” effort by New Zealand’s Green Party. Their platform actually seeks to liberalize abortion and to remove it from the Crimes Act (though you’d never know it from this picture), allowing for late-term abortions for fetal abnormalities:
    How ironic today to view this picture featuring the rounded bellies of mothers who are Green supporters with the words “vote for me”.

Here, the value, the existence and the reality of the child hidden inside each mother’s womb was acknowledged and even celebrated.

But in this year’s election, a vote for Green will not be a vote for the vulnerable pre-born child. Neither will it be a vote for women. It will be a vote for death.

  • Generations for Life says one way to combat abortion is to be willing to show our own vulnerability to those facing unplanned pregnancies:
    One of the most powerful ways that we can make ourselves vulnerable is by acknowledging that our lives are not perfect. We often expend so much effort trying to prove that we have it all together, giving others the impression that we are above their sufferings and struggles. We create a culture in which a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy is pressured to abort her child in order to maintain the façade of a perfect life. If we can instead embrace the imperfections in our own lives without discouragement or distress, we take on a small role in creating a culture where living “perfectly imperfect” lives is okay.

[Silverman/Max photos via zimbio.com]

Pro-life blog buzz 5-9-14

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • At The Daily Caller, Dustin Siggins writes that Republicans should not run from the “war on women” meme but expose the truth – that “the profiteers in our nation’s abortion clinics, and their allies in political office” are the ones really waging the war.
  • Live Action posts about the culture of silence which protects Planned Parenthood and its former abortionists who are caught sexually molesting patients:

    Why is it that this man was able to practice medicine for 20 years? And while the Boston Globe reports that he molested patients at his fertility clinic, bemoaning the “culture of silence” which allowed him to get away with his sick actions, they have no problem keeping silent about his past with Planned Parenthood.What if his patients there were molested as well? Even if it’s unintentional, they’re still protecting Planned Parenthood. The “culture of silence” is around Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, keeping quiet any hint of impropriety or scandal or, worst of all, law-breaking. The media consistently carries water for the abortion lobby, and they’ve done it here again by glossing over this man’s history as an abortionist for Planned Parenthood.


  • Bound4Life reports on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s continued assaults on life in the womb and on women’s safety:

    “The Governor’s proposal… would expand abortion rights beyond current federal and state law,” said Edward Mechmann of the Archdiocese of New York. “It would remove any obstacles to late-term abortions, and would allow non-doctors to do surgical abortions, even late-term abortions up until the moment of birth.”

In addition to allowing abortions to be performed by any “qualified, licensed healthcare practitioner” such as a nurse practitioner or midwife, the RHA sought to expand abortions after 24 weeks for the mother’s “health,” a nebulous term that in practice allows abortion under any circumstances.

It would have also forced all hospitals to refer patients for abortion or lose state funding, according to the New York State Right to Life Committee.

The Reproductive Health Act was killed in the Senate Health Committee.

  • Big Blue Wave concurs with 52 pro-life leaders worldwide who are calling on Catholic Bishops to deny communion to abortion-supportive politicians.
  • At Priests for Life, Fr. Frank Pavone comments on their case before the U.S. Supreme Court, believing that ultimately, regardless of the decision, religious freedom will prevail.
  • At Generations for Life, Christine encourages readers to go out and accomplish “the hardest thing” they’ve ever done, whether it’s training for a bike ride or dealing with unplanned pregnancy. She writes, “… you will find that you can do more than you ever imagined.”



  • Josh Brahm recounts a conversation he had with a pro-choice biology professor during a recent campus outreach. It is a great example of how to have a civilized discussion, finding common ground with someone of the opposing view.
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life shares an editorial their team wrote for the Star Tribune. In it, they discuss the fact that the state of Minnesota pays for one third of all abortions performed there:

    Public funding means more abortions. Limits on public funding mean fewer abortions. And fewer abortions is something almost everyone wants….

Minnesota’s current policy allows abortion providers to market “free” abortions to economically vulnerable women. Planned Parenthood, which performs more abortions than any other provider, increased its state-funded abortion claims by 64 percent over the last six years. In 2012, the organization collected $255,000 from the state for performing 1,139 abortions on low-income women, a 30 percent revenue increase over the previous year.

In 2011, state representatives voted to stop this funding but the bill was vetoed by Governor Dayton.

  • Albert Mohler comments on Emily Letts, the young woman who filmed her own abortion in what he calls “the ultimate selfie.” In her comments following the procedure, Emily says, “I don’t feel like a bad person. I don’t feel sad. I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby. I can make a life. I knew that what I was going to do was right, ’cause it was right for me and no one else.” Mohler writes:

    [Emily’s statement] is a statement of Promethean self-assertion. It is also a concise statement of an absolutely godless worldview. She feels “in awe of the fact that I can make a baby. I can make a life.”


That actually explains her worldview. She grants to herself the power to give life; to “make a life.” What she gives, she can destroy. Emily giveth, and Emily taketh away.

And she is also the creator of her own moral system of value and the judge of her own solitary moral universe — “I knew what I was going to do was right, ’cause it was right for me and no one else.” No one else matters.”

Yes, Emily is the ultimate selfie. I wonder how she will feel about this adventure ten years from now.


  • Scott Klusendorf also addresses Ms. Letts’ so-called abortion video in a Facebook post:

    So a young woman films her abortion and it goes viral–only she didn’t. She filmed her own face.


He goes on to say, “Had she filmed the actual procedure, it would look more like this”:


  • At Clash Daily, however, Kristen Iglesias seems to doubt the veracity of Emily Letts’ abortion and pregnancy claims altogether, for several good reasons.

[Brahm photo by Joseph Seaward via joshbrahm.com; Cuomo photo via lohud.com; Clash Daily HT: Carla]

Pro-life blog buzz 12-10-13

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Coming Home has a bold rebuttal to Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s appearance on Meet the Press, where he claimed that Obamacare wouldn’t really be a problem if it weren’t for the HHS contraception mandate:

    So, give the Church that exemption and she will go mute on all of the other horrors this law is visiting on Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

    You’re not gonna hear from us anymore.”

    No, Cardinal Dolan. Most respectfully, we need you and the other bishops to fight for us…. Want to fill the pews? Defend your flock! The nation has awakened to the trap laid by Obama, the imprisonment, the economic destitution coming under this law, the massive carnival of death on the other end of the life spectrum, and not just abortion. The nation is aroused, and my bishops are losing the forest for the tree.

    There is not a shred of moral decency in this law. It is a eugenicist’s dream. It preys on the very weakest on both ends of the life spectrum and impoverishes everyone in-between.

    In your interview two years ago, you indicated that the president made all sorts of promises to you and the bishops and then broke them all. Where is your outrage and disgust? You cannot deal with such men. You can only defeat them.

    This president and his signature piece of legislation are tearing this nation apart. This is the golden moment for our bishops to stand and fight, with a nation desperate for leadership in that fight. This is our defining moment in the Catholic Church.

    This is bigger than contraception and abortion.

    This is the forest, not just one tree.


  • Generations for Life suggests that pro-lifers send Christmas greetings to Mary Wagner of Toronto, who has been in jail since August for the crime of offering life-affirming help to women inside an abortion mill.

    According to GFL, “this was the sixth time Mary had been arrested since she began her campaign of civil disobedience in March 2010. Since then, she has spent nearly three years in prison.”

    View the promotional video (below) and send Mary a card of encouragement at:

    Mary Wagner
    Vanier Centre for Women
    P.O Box 1040
    655 Martin St.
    Milton, ON L9T 5E6

    When mailing, please carefully follow all rules and restrictions, listed at the blog link above.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Bound4Life applauds the European Parliament’s rejection of a bill that would have labeled abortion a fundamental human right, mandating that pro-life countries offer abortion in their public healthcare systems. Especially targeted were the pro-life countries of Ireland, Poland and Malta:

    The measure the European Parliament is now considering contains no limits regarding gestational age – leaving open the possibility of elective-abortion-until-day-of-birth as a human right. Doubly disturbing are the severe infringement on conscience protections of physicians (specifically gynecologists and anesthesiologists) that are proposed.

    While it is good news that it was defeated it was sent back to committee, don’t be surprised to see another attempt.

  • Josh Brahm highlights the innovative pro-life efforts of Online For Life.
  • Expose Abortion shares a chilling quote from former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino. No wonder the industry fights so hard to silence those who leave:

    The resident on call got the job of doing the salines… and they were horrible because you saw one intact, whole baby being born, and sometimes they were alive. That was very, very frightening. It was a very stomach-turning kind of existence.

  • The FRC Blog has an interview with pro-life Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) about how Obamacare is using federal money to fund abortion in certain healthcare exchanges, in defiance of the Hyde Amendment.


  • Down on the Pharm questions why the Girl Scouts of America would hire Joshua Ackley as their spokesperson and public relations specialist. Ackley has a second job as a band member in “homo-punk” or “homo-core” genre and is a member of the Dead Betties (pictured right), profiled at 100questionsforthegirlscouts.org. How does one manage to promote positive and healthy images for girls by day while exploiting them in some of the band’s images?
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition explains why safeguards and controls don’t work once laws authorizing euthanasia are passed:

    At a press conference, Prof. Dr. Etienne Montero, Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Namur, Belgium, gave an overview of 11 years of euthanasia in Belgium. The proponents of euthanasia in Belgium recognize that most requests for euthanasia are not rooted in physical pain, which can be controlled, but in psychological suffering. Examples include loss of meaning, loneliness, weariness of life, and need to master one’s death. In situations of suffering, a euthanasia request is understandable, but courts cannot give the right to euthanasia without endangering the lives and security of its citizens. All citizens are at risk of excesses and abuse.

Pro-life blog buzz 2-22-13

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Americans United for Life has filed two briefs supporting the conscience rights of Hobby Lobby and Autocam against the HHS contraceptive mandate:

    The briefs… demonstrate that “emergency contraception,” life-ending drugs mislabeled as “contraception,” can prevent an embryo from implanting or kill an already-implanted embryo, and that forcing employers to provide coverage for such drugs violates the fundamental freedom of conscience.


  • Jivin J finds some enlightening information on newly elected NARAL president, Ilyse Hogue (pictured left). After an arrest in 1999, Hogue shared a cell with a “witch” named Star Hawk, says the LA Times:

    Fans praised her talent at using ancient pagan rituals, such as the spiral dance, to impart to the disparate group a feeling of unity, “the sense that we are all part of each other,” according to Ilyse Hogue, one of the protesters.

    Hogue, of San Francisco, recalled that she and Star Hawk were arrested at the World Trade Organization melee in Seattle and landed in the same cell. The witch, Hogue said, buoyed everyone’s spirits in jail by “recognizing that the Earth has its own energy” and tapping into it to build human solidarity.

    Remind me… which side is supposedly “anti-science”?

  • At The Guiding Star Project, links the idea of carrying a child in the womb to the largely feminine desire to externally prepare homes and spheres of influence, calling it “wombing”:

    Do you see the parallel? Our bodies are designed to “make comfortable” a little visitor for nine months. Our bodies “set up house” and provide everything for a little life to thrive. So too do we have a tendency to do the same thing externally – outside of our bodies, in our sphere of influence.

  • Fletcher Armstrong says a grant has been provided to bring Life Training Institute’s amazing speakers to U.S. Christian high schools at no cost. According to Armstrong, this is the “best pro-life apologetics training on the planet.”


  • Coming Home writes that despite the pro-life movement’s internal conflicts, the incremental approach to pro-life legislation was supported by Pope John Paul II in his 1995 Encyclical, Evangelium Vitae.
  • Bound4Life praises Alabama’s Women’s Health and Safety Bill, which moved successfully through the AL House and now goes on to their state Senate. The bill would put regulations on who can perform abortions, on complying with building codes, and on mandated reporting of possible statutory rape, among other things.
  • Clinic Quotes says that according to a 1984 report from the US Department of Health and Human Services, “there [was] a 300% increase in ectopic pregnancy in 10 years after abortion was legalized. In 1970 the incidence was 4.8 per thousand births, by 1980 had risen to 14.5 per thousand births.”
  • Generations for Life links to an article by Dr. Michael New on why pro-lifers need to be comfortable discussing and advocating for chastity. New writes:

    The best predictor of someone’s attitude toward abortion is his or her opinion on the morality of premarital sex. People who think that premarital sex is morally acceptable are very likely to be pro-choice….

    I always remind pro-lifers that a promiscuous society will never support significant restrictions on abortion. While pro-lifers are good at talking about fetal development and personal responsibility, we are less comfortable with subjects such as sexual activity and contraception.

  • Culture Campaign shares video of Nigeria’s Cardinal Francis Arinze from 2007, addressing the problem of liberal “Catholic” politicians who are “personally pro-life” but vote to keep abortion legal:

YouTube Preview Image

[Hogue photo via netrootsnation.org; John Paul II photo via bridgesandtangents.wordpress.com]

Pro-life blog buzz 11-23-12

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Michael New reveals the numerous flaws with a non-peer-reviewed and highly publicized “turnaway” study which purported to show that women who were refused abortion due to gestational age were more likely to experience greater stress and financial hardship than women who obtained abortions.
  • The Anti-Abortion Gang discusses the so-called war on women, suggesting conservatives do not need to be afraid of their beliefs but need to better articulate their positions:

    Women are smarter than this, but they need to be educated on conservatism. They need to know that they need not fear conservatives.

    Conservative women are women too. We fight the same battles they do, we just don’t use our unborn children as pawns in the battle to attain truly equal rights.

  • 40 Days for Life concludes another campaign with great results: one abortion clinic closed, three workers quit and currently there are four lawsuits pending against Planned Parenthood for Medicaid fraud (from former employees with insider information). In a recent webcast, former PP clinic director Abby Johnson [pictured left with 40 Days’ campaign director Shawn Carney] shared this encouraging tidbit:

    I remember the last Planned Parenthood conference that I went to before I quit. We were actually talking about the 40 Days for Life. Planned Parenthood was saying that their no-show rates go up as high as 75% when people are simply standing and praying outside of abortion clinics.

  • Down on the Pharm encourages states to opt out of Obamacare’s state exchanges:

    The federal government did not allocate funds or any other means to set up the exchanges, and rely on cooperation from the states. Without this cooperation, Obamacare will essentially crash and burn.

  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition announces Alex Schadenberg’s new book entitled, Exposing Vulnerable People to Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.
  • Generations for Life discusses Eric Scheidler’s recent International Pro-Life Youth Conference presentation on how pro-lifers can improve their messaging and presentation so pro-choicers will be more likely to take a second look:

    Our first step, then, has to be convince our “pro-choice” audience that they need to give the pro-life position a second look. In all likelihood, we’re not going to change the mind of a hard-core abortion supporter on the spot, but if, by being diplomatic in our presentation of the pro-life message, we can convince them that we are merely wrong — and not crazy — we will plant the seeds for an eventual change of heart.

Pro-life blog buzz 10-9-12

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli

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  • Newly added to our Top Sites, Cradle My Heart, a website and radio program dedicated to post-abortion healing, features a podcast interview with our own Jill Stanek. Jill describes her introduction to the horror of live birth abortions, what she learned as a result of that incident, and how it changed the course of her life. Please share with people who are still unaware of this issue and how Jill came to have personal firsthand knowledge of Barack Obama’s position and votes against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

  • Generations for Life reminds pro-lifers to register and participate in the upcoming Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity:

    It’s just under two weeks away, and already, students from over 800 schools — along with over 80 home schools, more than 120 businesses & ministries, and over 400 individuals/non-students — in 33 countries have registered to participate!

  • At the FRC Blog, Jessica Prol lists “a few brief questions” she would have asked President Obama on the life issue at the first Presidential debate:

    Mr. President, in 2007, you told the moving story of an unborn child who was tragically shot by a stray bullet. In light of your admission that this specific pre-born being was both a child and a victim, would you please explain why you voted — 4 times — to deny Constitutional protection to children who are at a similar developmental stage, but have survived a failed abortion?

  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life re-posts a timely article from last year, written by Notre Dame’s O. Carter Snead on the importance of protecting the weak and vulnerable in society:

    [T]he “life issues” — including especially the conflicts over abortion and embryo-destructive research — involve the deepest and most fundamental public questions for a nation committed to liberty, equality, and justice.

  • At Live Action, Angela Kim of the Teenage Life Club writes on how teenagers can make a difference in the pro-life movement.

  • At Ethika Politika, Jacqueline Harvey takes apart a deceptive “report” from Guttmacher on women’s reasons for using contraception:

    The authors also gloss over the fact that while they state the importance of giving women control over their lives (via contraception), 31% of women cite that their partner’s desire for them to use contraception is a “very important” reason for using contraception. Since only 51% of women sampled indicate having a partner, it seems that a majority (over 63%) of women with partners abdicate the control that they supposedly gain to their male partner. Some could consider this antithetical, and I wonder if the supposedly “free consumers” of contraception are free at all and not coerced by their partners.

Furthermore, if the thesis that the authors offer is that contraception provides women with greater control over their lives, allowing them to finish school and endure their economic hardships, this thesis is discredited by the fact that in nearly 50% of women, it fails to do so.

[Bottom photo via Time]

Pro-life blog buzz 8-28-12

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli

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  • The Anti-Abortion Gang displays the lack of logic among abortion proponents, who can’t seem to figure out that the opposite of choosing life for one’s preborn child is… choosing what, exactly?

  • Americans United for Life reports on the insidious court decision to allow taxpayer funding of (unsuccessful) embryonic stem cell research instead of successful adult stem cell research, despite the fact that the Dickey-Wicker Amendment “expressly prohibits NIH from funding research in which human embryos ‘are destroyed, discarded, or knowingly subjected to risk of injury or death.'” The court got around this by saying, essentially, “the government [can] fund any research using human embryos, as long as the researchers kill or harm the embryos before getting the money.”
  • FRC Blog adds Biola University to the growing list of evangelical colleges filing lawsuits against Obama’s HHS abortifacient contraception mandate.

  • Down on the Pharm reminds us of liberal, pro-abortion Whoopi Goldberg, who used her talk time on The View to defend Hollywood producer and pedophile Roman Polanski for sodomizing a thirteen year old girl, claiming it wasn’t “rape-rape,” but “statutory rape.” Pharmer shows this to be a symptom of a larger issue:

    The left has been supporting numerous government programs which are going to make life as difficult for U.S. females as it is for women in China.

    After the HHS mandate and Obamacare complete the intended purpose of removing the pro-lifers from health care, females will lose autonomy over their bodies. The government, with its planned parenthood, will continue the “educational” programs of grooming them for early sex, and it will decide when and if they have babies, birth control, abortion or sterilization. That the males are also being groomed for this is going to exacerbate the problem.

  • Generations for Life says September 6 is Pro-Life Chalk Day:

    The idea is simple:

    Pick up some sidewalk chalk
    Find an area that has a lot of foot traffic
    Use your chalk to write pro-life messages

    Find ideas here.

[Photo via Telegraph]

(Prolifer)ations 5-29-12

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Kelli

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  • In our newest addition to the blogroll, Kelly Clinger tells of her difficult decision to confess her two past abortions to her young children.
  • At Live Action, Jennie Stone shows once again that despite attempted media and pro-choice political spin, Planned Parenthood’s main “service” to pregnant women is abortion – and something they do every 97 seconds. Staggering.
  • Big Blue Wave links to LifeNews regarding a new medical journal report which “completely debunks the Guttmacher Institute numbers on ‘unsafe’ abortions in several Latin American countries.” It appears the research arm of Planned Parenthood is – surprise, surprise – heavily overstating the number of clandestine abortions in various countries in an effort to pressure their governments into legalizing abortion.

  • Culture Campaign links to an interview with late-term abortionist Willie J. Parker (pictured left), who claims his “Christian faith” led him to the conclusion that “the happiness of the mother outweighs ‘the life of a pre-viable or lethally flawed fetus.'” Parker also states:

    The women most likely to be in those [second trimester abortion] situations are trapped in poverty, often women of color or poor socioeconomic backgrounds, less education, and women and girls at the extremes of reproductive age.

    When did killing become a solution for any of these issues?

  • Generations for Life reports on the increasing number of pro-life youth in Europe who are making their voices heard.
  • At Americans United for Life, Charmaine Yoest believes the most recent Gallup poll fails to accurately reflect the percentage of pro-life Americans. Yoest claims it is higher than 50%:

    During the healthcare debates we saw that 7 in 10 Americans – pro-life and pro-choice – did not want to see their tax monies going to fund abortion, and we’ve seen tremendous support for commonsense limits on abortion – such as limiting abortion after 20 weeks because of the health risks to women and requiring parental involvement in the abortion decisions of young girls.

    We also know that when it comes to voting, those motivated to protect life vote 2 to 1 compared to those who want unfettered, unregulated abortion.

  • At Ethika Politika, Mattias Caro discusses the issues surrounding the death penalty and human dignity, pointing out that unlike any other creature in the known universe, humans are moral agents, responsible for our actions. He writes:

    Most debates on the death penalty lead to a co-op on the lack of moral authority for the agent executor to carry out the act. “Who are we to kill someone out of revenge?” or “What if we execute the wrong person?”….

    All of these… only address the moral role of the executioner. They are not questions that address a basic concern, “Do some actions simply warrant death?”

[Photo via feministsforchoice.com]