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Pro-life blog buzz 11-29-13

by Kelli

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  • Operation Rescue says LeRoy Carhart has sent yet another patient to the hospital following a late-term abortion at Germantown Reproductive Health Services. Recall that the Maryland Board of Physicians refused to discipline Carhart in the abortion death of Jennifer Morbelli in February:

    For the third time this year, one of LeRoy Carhart’s abortion patients were [sic] rushed to Shady Grove Hospital (SGH) in Maryland for emergency treatment after a late-term abortion.

    On Tuesday at 11:45 a.m., an ambulance arrived… and loaded a women for transport to the SGH emergency room. Sources inform Operation Rescue that the women underwent emergency surgery at the hospital.

    Video [below] taken by a local pro-life activist showed a woman covered head-to-toe in a sheet and that neither Carhart nor any of his staff accompanied the injured woman from the clinic to the ambulance.

BREAKING: Carhart instructed patients not to go to ER, falsified safety of late-term abortions

breakingUPDATE 2/16 12:11p: I received the following information from a sidewalk counselor at Carhart’s Germantown clinic:

In July 2012 we had a save who was ~27 weeks. She gave us her blue paperwork from Carhart’s, different from the one Jill posted. I copied it on white paper, attached.

Hundreds gather at Carhart abortion clinic to demand justice for mother’s death

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ihearttj99-1351318971_600 2Read backstory, “BREAKING: Carhart’s victims identified.”

Over 250 people gathered at Germantown Reproductive Health Services abortion clinic in Germantown, Maryland, this morning to demand justice for the death of 29-year-old Jennifer McKenna Morbelli (pictured right), who perished at the hand of late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart on February 7, along with her 33-week-old preborn baby, Madison Leigh.

As protesters gathered outside, Carhart carried on with his abortion business as usual inside.

ABC News and the Washington Post were among news outlets that attended the press conference/prayer vigil.

BREAKING: Carhart’s victims identified

I did not report on the death last week of a patient of late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart because I did not have corroboration.

I now do.

a470b078-5ece-4f99-8bca-4830b5722440Carhart’s alleged victims were 29-year-old Jennifer McKenna Morbelli, pictured right, and her 33-week-old preborn daughter, Madison Leigh. Read their obituary here.

My sincere sympathies go to Jennifer and Madison’s family, who is certainly suffering unimaginable grief.

I confirmed the identities of the victims through two sources. After a name ID was received from an impeccable informant, sidewalk counselors at the abortion clinic positively identified Jennifer’s obituary photo. Jennifer’s obituary also states she “passed away suddenly.”

Following is the information and timeline pieced together through those and other sources.

Abortion proponents profile pro-life leaders and activists

Well it didn’t take long for my new son-in-law to stir up trouble in the U.S. I couldn’t be prouder.

He would be Kiwi Andy Moore, who launched AbortionWiki.org a couple months ago, about the same time Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman launched AbortionDocs.org.

And look at the hornets they have stirred. Pro-life friend Leslie forwarded me this email she received a couple days ago. Click to enlarge…

Location of late-term abortionist Carhart’s Maryland abortion mill identified

Operation Rescue has learned the location of the Maryland abortion mill late-term Nebraska abortionist LeRoy Carhart stated November 9 he was opening in the near future. But it turns out Carhart will not be opening a new mill in MD after all, which was one of his premises for soliciting funds in a September 30 […]


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