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Wendy Davis trolls for Planned Parenthood speaking gigs in incredible shrinking woman video


The Houston Chronicle has posted an article on Wendy Davis’s new aspiration of “testing out professional speaking” after her gubernatorial effort in Texas bombed:

Davis, a former Democratic state senator from Fort Worth, recently began an “exploratory” relationship with the American Program Bureau….

“We’re trying to determine whether or not we can do the job for her, so we have not made any contractual relationship yet,” said Bob Davis, senior vice president at the agency.

The bureau primarily is pitching Wendy Davis to college and community groups as an authority on women’s health and education issues.

2015-02-12_1151But Davis clearly has a lucrative run on the Planned Parenthood affiliate speaking circuit in her sights. Her bio oddly morphs into a Planned Parenthood infomercial:

In 2013, Davis captured the nation’s attention with her 13-hour filibuster, which demanded that she stand the entire time….

While that bill unfortunately passed into law – a law that is still being challenged – Davis hasn’t stopped working for women’s rights for safe, legal reproductive care. She understands exactly what it means to depend on accessible, safe and affordable care services. “It’s paramount that women have access to the incredible preventive care that Planned Parenthood provides. When I was a young woman, Planned Parenthood was the only source of healthcare I had – for several years. Contrary to what some believe, Planned Parenthood provides a multitude of services, including breast and cervical cancer screenings, HIV testing, routine gynecological exams, diabetes screenings and family planning services. To restrict care for low-income women would mean setting society back decades – to say nothing of putting further strains on the lives of women who need access to these essential healthcare services.” Davis fought her best against Texas Senate Bill 5, the law that attempted to shutter all but eight women’s health clinics, but her efforts were dampened by then-governor Rick Perry.

2015-02-12_1142Likewise, APB Speakers’ comical YouTube promo video features Davis as the incredible shrinking half-woman appearing in the oddest of places, who – again – pitches solely to Planned Parenthood.

Tacky doesn’t begin to describe the production quality. Really, Wendy? lol…

YouTube Preview Image

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Pro-life blog buzz 2-10-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At New Feminism, Jennifer Lahl decries California’s new bill that would allow birth certificates to become politicized “by allowing each parent to self-identify as mother, father, or simply ‘parent.'” Lahl argues that this could potentially do a great disservice to “adoptees and those born of anonymous donors”:

    The birth certificate legally documents who a child’s parents are. That is, who the birth mother and birth father are. It is a record of who is genetically related to a child. It is not intended to be a means by which adults decide what they want to be called. Rather, it answers the question, who can this child’s beginning be traced to? Who gave birth? Who died?


  • Secular Pro-Life says Planned Parenthood supporters are blatantly lying (shocker, I know!) about the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act, which SPL states “will not reduce government funding for women’s health care. Not by a single penny! The Act will merely affect how Title X funding is distributed to the health care entities seeking family planning grants.”

    What this means is the facilities that perform abortions “will be passed over in favor of those that do not. Among those that do not are more than 8,000 Federally Qualified Health Centers — not-for-profit neighborhood health clinics that provide affordable medical care on a sliding scale.” More than 8,000 (see graphic, left). And yet, Planned Parenthood wants the public to believe that they’re the only place women can get medical care like breast exams, mammogram referrals, and pap smears.

    Sometimes facts don’t fit on bumper stickers as well as hysterics do.

  • John Smeaton weighs in on Canada’s recent Supreme Court decision ruling that doctors may help their patients commit suicide:

    This heart-breaking decision will not only affect our Canadian readers, but will inevitably set an unofficial precedent for courts in the U.S. and elsewhere. Our readers in those countries need to be aware of this decision, in order to be better prepared to oppose this encroaching element of the Culture of Death.


  • Saynsumthn’s Blog cross-posts a Life Dynamics report on a Texas pedophile (Roy Wayne Jackson, Jr., pictured right) who was finally sentenced to two life sentences for raping a 12-year-old and years later, raping the teen’s daughter (beginning at age 8). He also took his second victim for an abortion at age 13, which was not reported by the abortion facility as statutory rape, allowing the abuse to continue. Because the abortion industry winks at sex trafficking and statutory rape, pedophiles are given a pass to continue victimizing girls.
  • At thirtyone8, Andy Moore lists what he deems the best anti-abortion anthems.
  • Wesley J. Smith is understandably alarmed that Robert Latimer, a man convicted of murdering his disabled daughter, has become something of a hero in Canada – and, naturally, the face of the movement supporting euthanasia:

    The murder of anyone threatens everyone. Moreover, the vocal support he received revealed an ugly and alarming vein of anti-disability disdain within the Canadian soul.

[Photos via Secular Pro-life and Saynsumthn’s Blog]

My big take-away from attending a pro-choice rally

image (7)I was afforded a unique opportunity on January 24 to unobtrusively observe a pro-choice rally.

I had been invited to speak in Austin by Texas Right to Life at a two-day conference for pro-life college students, which intersected on Saturday afternoon with the annual Texas Rally for Life.

Almost bizarrely, the pro-life rally was held on the south lawn of the capitol building at the same time a pro-abortion rally was held on the north lawn.

So, since I’ve attended quite a few pro-life rallies in my time, I thought I’d check out the other side’s.

Clothes and hair immediately separated the pro-abortion event from the pro-life event. But I actually admire people who freely express their external selves, as long as they don’t get nasty.

And hey, I have purple hair at the moment, so who am I to critique? (I actually think my hair helped me blend in.)

I also noted only two children in attendance – but lots and lots of pet dogs – pretty much the opposite of what you’d see at a pro-life event.

Then there was crowd size. Texas Rally for Life counted between 3-6,000 supporters. If the pro-choice rally had 300, I’d be surprised. And this at Ground Zero for them, where Wendy Davis took her hallowed stand in defense of late-term abortions.

But back to nasty, there were the signs – many with vulgar captions; many sporting tired, decades-old cliches; most making no sense if logically debated. (Explain how smegma, ovaries, and crotches have anything to do with abortion?) Click to enlarge…


But the real difference between events was the pro-life rally was all about stopping abortion, and the pro-choice rally was about a whole lot of things other than abortion.

I know why they have to do this. They have to maintain political correctness, and they have to glom abortion on to as many other liberal causes as possible to prop it up.

Anti-abortionists don’t do that. Abortion is our obsession, particularly on the anniversary of Roe v Wade.

image (10)But, quoting emcee Andrea Grimes (right), senior political reporter at the pro-abortion website RH Reality Check, being pro-choice means a bunch more than being pro-abortion:

We have a really incredible program coming up. We have speakers from all over Texas who do work across the reproductive justice spectrum. We have midwives, we have doulas, we have people who work at the HIV/AIDS community, we have domestic violence advocates, we have abortion funders, we have healthcare workers, we have state representatives, we really have a really incredible line-up….

So, of course, we’re here to celebrate Roe, we’re here to celebrate choice. But choice is only one very small part of why we are here. We are a pro-choice people, of course, but choice is about much, much more, because without Roe there is no choice, but so, too, without access to safe, legal reproductive healthcare clinics, there is no choice.

Without affordable childcare there is no choice. Without accessible [?] care there is no choice. Without paid family leave, there is no choice. Without affordable health insurance there is no choice. Without [?] there is no choice. When black families and brown families hear that their children will not come home at night, there is no choice. When police brutality is real, there is no choice. When trans and queer people cannot find appropriate and compassionate medical care, there is no choice. When higher education and vocational education is out of each, there is no choice. Roe is just the beginning of all these choices.

image (11)That last paragraph actually makes sense to me, as it relates to abortion, which is supposed to be code for “choice,” isn’t it?

Nevertheless, the point is there were many other issues covered. Communism and anti-Semitism were well represented at a book table.

As an aside, one speaker who was a bit rough around the edges had this message for pro-lifers she spotted leaving their rally (1:12:46 on the video):

All those people that’s against us, God bless they little hearts. But you know what? Their mama should have had an abortion.

This was met with wild applause and laughter from the crowd but was obviously a wincer for Grimes, who tried to cover:

Um, oh, God. I’m going to rephrase it. Everyone, no matter who they are or what they believe, deserves a choice.


Then there was this little slam (00:56:45-01:00:28 on the video) I condensed into a tweet, which exposed even more of the pro-abortion schism:

Ew. Remember this was said at a rally celebrating abortion.

At any rate, wow, what group can cover all those issues?

The answer is, it can’t.

Most of us know the example of the big rocks and little rocks. To be sure, pro-lifers involve themselves in proactive causes to preclude abortion, such as adoption, foster care, pregnancy care centers, and maternity homes.

But these directly relate.

Hey, I’m all for pro-choicers spreading themselves so thin they’re not effective. I’m all for them burning themselves out. I’m all for them taking their eye off the ball.

And that’s ultimately the message I got from their so-called “pro-choice” rally, which was about anything but.

Surprising pro-life wins in CROmnibus

House Speaker John Boehner Holds Weekly News Conference

You’ll recall that in August the California Department of Managed Health Care issued a mandate requiring all insurance issuers to immediately add surgical and RU-486 abortion coverage to their plans, even those for nonprofit religious institutions and churches.

This was a violation of the decade-old Weldon Amendment, one of several pro-life riders included in appropriations bills every year. The Weldon Amendment blocks government agencies receiving federal funds from discriminating against any health care entity for not covering abortions.

The only recourse for victims seeking protection under the Weldon Amendment is to file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Health and Human Services.

In late August and early September that is exactly what two Catholic universities and seven churches in California did.

But to date HHS has taken no action, and the violation is ongoing.

Because the Obama administration has failed to enforce the Weldon amendment, pro-life leaders have pressed to enact the Abortion NonDiscrimination Act, which would make the Weldon amendment permanent and offer judicial recourse for victims impacted by the violation.

Pro-lifers in Congress tried to insert ANDA into the Continuing Resolution Omnibus appropriations bill, i.e., CROmnibus, which will fund the government through September 2015 (except DHS, which is only funded until March, so the GOP can revisit Obama’s immigration executive order after the new legislative session begins, at which point Republicans will control both houses).

But with many Republicans opposing CROmnibus for other reasons, it needs Democrat votes to pass and must also pass the Democrat-run Senate.

Since both parties are loathe to risk shutting down the government over the budget, pro-lifers behind the scenes were instead able to squeeze verbiage into the Explanatory Statement noting the complaints and directing the HHS Secretary to take action.

This is a step toward obtaining relief for the victims of the California mandate and warning other states considering similar action (like Washington) Congress takes the Weldon Amendment seriously. It reads:

Healthcare Provider Complaints. Legislation appropriating funding for the Department of Health and Human Services has carried a general provision relating to health care providers since fiscal year 2005 (Division H, Section 507(d) of Public Law 113-76). Complaints regarding reported violations of these provisions have been filed with the Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Health and Human Services. The Secretary is directed to respond to these complaints expeditiously in accordance with final rule 45 CFR Part 88 published in Federal Register Vol. 76 No. 36.

What this does is put the HHS Secretary (and other states that might want to follow California’s lead) on notice that Weldon is a law that Congress – including the Appropriators – take very seriously.

HHS now has a little time to actually enforce Weldon, but the next appropriations cycle starts in a few months, and this language shows that Congress is not going to let California’s action’s slide.

A source on the Hill noted in an email, “A LOT of work went into pulling this off, and I was actually impressed that they got the report language in.” Again, Democrats as well as Republicans had to agree to this language before it was inserted.

downloadPro-lifers in Congress will still work to pass ANDA next year easier without Harry Reid blocking everything.

Pro-lifers were also able to add an Explanatory Statement noting the shroud of secrecy surrounding Obamacare-approved insurance plans that cover abortions and directing the HHS Secretary to provide transparency.

The explanatory statement agreed to by both Republicans and Democrats calls for transparency BEFORE enrollment… huge.

It’s not just that pro-lifers care only about transparency, the explanatory statement gives them opportunities to address the issue of abortion coverage under Obamacare. This is no fix for sure, but it’s a move in the right direction.

Additional information on CROmnibus for pro-life budget wonks:

  • Funding for the UNFPA remains the same as FY14: $35 million
  • Funding for International Family Planning/Population Control Activities remains the same as FY14: not less than $575 million
  • Title X Family Planning Program remains the same as FY14: $286 million

[Top photo via Getty; bottom photo via Salon]

Stanek Sunday funnies, “Stupid American voters” edition

At last count there had been six videotapes unearthed of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber blabbing that the massive healthcare bomb passed only due to “lack of transparency” on the part of the Obama administration and Democrats, in conjunction with “the stupidity of the American voter.”

Needless to say, political cartoonists had a field day with these revelations. In honor of those six videos, I’ve chosen six of their best lampoons. Be sure to vote for your favorite in the poll at the bottom of this post!

by Lisa Benson at Townhall.com
 by Gary Varvel at Townhall.com
 by Steve Kelley at Townhall.com
 by John Deering at GoComics.com
 by Nick Anderson at GoComics.com
 by Glenn McCoy at Townhall.com


Deceptive Obamacare architect also behind “Freakonomics” abortion stats

Jon-GruberGruber published a paper during the Clinton administration observing that legalizing abortion saved the government $14 billion in assistance to economically disadvantaged mothers, including African-Americans, and lowered crime.

Gruber argued in his paper that without the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, “marginal children” would have been born to many poor mothers. He said statistics show these children would have been 70% more likely to live in a single-parent family, 40% more likely to live in poverty, 50% more likely to receive welfare and 35% more likely to die as an infant.

Economist Steven Levitt and journalist Stephen Dubner in their bestselling 2005 book Freakonomics, relied on Gruber’s work to argue that legalizing abortion was responsible for an approximately 50% reduction of crime in major urban centers in the early 1990s.

~ Commentator Chelsea Schilling at wnd.com, writing about Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber (pictured), who was revealed this week to have called Americans “stupid” for believing the Obama administration and Democrats’ admitted “lack of transparency” when pushing their massive healthcare plan

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Pro-life photos of the week: Pro-choice expressions at a pro-life rally

This week Lila Rose and Live Action sponsored a rally in front of the Planned Parenthood located two blocks from the White House.

At one point an unidentified pro-abortion man heckled Rose by standing at the podium alongside her yelling, “Stop interfering with women’s healthcare decisions!” Click all photos to enlarge…

Live-Action-Press-Conference-Grae-Stafford-DailyCaller-1-e1413312076941 (1)

A female deathscort gave Rose the stink eye…


The Daily Caller snapped the above pictures. I attended the rally as well, and I got a different look from the female deathscort…


Churches file federal complaint to stop CA from forcing abortion insurance coverage

Central-Baptist-HattiesburgDuring U.S. Supreme Court arguments on the Hobby Lobby case, liberals mocked Justice Kennedy for asking the Obama administration’s lawyer whether its contraception mandate could also force for-profit companies to cover abortions in their insurance policies.

Only five months later liberals have taken this to the unimaginable extreme: On August 22, the California Department of Managed Health Care announced that all employers offering health insurance – not just for-profit but also nonprofit, religious institutions, and churches – had to provide coverage for all elective abortions.

How it happened

Last fall the ACLU, working with pro-abortion employees at two Catholic universities in California, filed a complaint with DMHC demanding the schools offer abortion insurance. The employees won. DMHC suddenly decided abortion fell under under a 40-year-old California law requiring employers to cover “basic health care services.”

DMHC notified California insurance companies, which began notifying companies. Here is one such insurance letter sent to a church. Click to enlarge…

California demands churches cover abortion in insurance plans

In September, Life Legal Defense Foundation and Alliance Defending Freedom filed a federal complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on behalf of pro-life employees from those universities who oppose abortion coverage in their insurance plans.

Churches respond

Yesterday, the two pro-life organizations filed a new federal complaint with HHS on behalf of seven California churches that do not want to cover abortions in their employee insurance plans.

As letters from insurance companies roll out, more churches are sure to join this complaint, if necessary.

The action taken by DMHC directly violates the federal Weldon Amendment, which states no federal funds will be dispensed to any government agency that discriminates against any health care entity for not covering abortions.

California, of course, receives billions of dollars annually from the federal government, which should immediately shut off the funding spigot to the state for this gross violation.

HHS is responsible to enforce the Weldon Amendment.

There is no time table under which HHS is obligated to respond.

If HHS doesn’t stop DMHC in a timely manner, Casey Mattox of ADF told me in a phone interview today the churches will consider filing legal action.

Too crazy to be true – not

“What’s really frightening is that when you think of worst case scenarios, this goes beyond that,” said Mattox. “Progressives will always progress. Now they want churches to pay for abortions. Where will they go next? Nothing will satisfy them.”

Mattox said it’s time to wake up. “It’s not as if abortion zealots are going to look around one day and decide they have pushed their agenda far enough, Mattox said. “They ‘re going to keep pushing, and people who respect conscience and life have to fight back just as hard.”

Mattox noted that letters from insurance companies are trickling out, and some carriers may never notify a church about the new abortion normal, so many are still unaware.

“This is all so crazy it’s difficult to convince churches they’re now covering abortions,” noted Mattox. “But California churches must be proactive and call their insurance companies to confirm.”

If you represent a California church and would like to join the federal complaint, contact Mattox at www.alliancedefendingfreedom.org/legal-help  or 1-800-Tell-ADF, or LLDF’s Catherine Short at info@LLDF.org or 1-707-224-6675.

Help needed from pro-life/conscience legislators

Kevin McCarthy pls help stop California from forcing churches to provide abortion insurance!In addition, California state legislators and members of Congress need to step up to the plate to stop this gross violation of the First Amendment.

Republican Kevin McCarthy represents California’s 23rd District and was just elected Majority Leader of the House.

Legislators like McCarthy are urged to tell DMHC to stop the insanity, or tell the Executive Branch to enforce the Weldon Amendment.