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Why former PP director no longer agrees with the rape exceptions

abby_johnson_sidewalk_road-copyby Carder

I said to myself… okay, then let’s go after the exceptions in the Hyde Amendment. I went to the Hill and made some appointments with several pro-life legislators. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM told me that they would NEVER try to repeal the exceptions in the Hyde Amendment. One of them actually told me that if he went after that, it would be an “election killer” for him. I had one female legislator tell me that closing any rape exceptions would be “unkind” to women who had been raped. Seriously?? Unkind? Unkind for who? It is certainly not unkind for these unborn babies. And it can’t be unkind for a woman who has conceived in rape to have equal rights and information as women who have not conceived in rape.

So that was it for me. I knew that we had to have clean bills go in and clean bills come out… because our politicians will NEVER allow rape exceptions to be closed. To be perfectly honest, they don’t want them closed.

~ Former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson, explaining the difficulties she experienced in attempting to convince legislators to remove rape exceptions included in so much pro-life legislation, Epic Pew, June 10

Wisconsin bill would allow fathers to sue late-term abortionists

postabortion menby Kelli

Wisconsin Assembly Bill 237 would ban abortions after 20 weeks “postfertilization,” which doctors would measure as 22 weeks of pregnancy since pregnancies are usually measured from the woman’s last menstrual period. If the bill becomes law, doctors who perform an abortion after this time could be charged with a felony and fined up to $10,000, or face up to three and a half years in prison.

In addition to those penalties, the bill would allow the father to sue the doctor for damages, “including damages for personal injury and emotional and psychological distress,” if the doctor performs or attempts to perform an abortion after the 20-week limit. The man does not need to be married to the woman or even in a relationship with her to sue her doctor, as long as the pregnancy is not a result of sexual assault or incest. The bill also says the woman can sue.

~ Laura Bassett, describing a proposed WI bill that would allow expectant fathers to sue an abortionist for the emotional distress of a partner’s late-term abortion, Huffington Post, June 3

[Photo via razorplanet.com]

Democrat Party’s new cause: adult consensual incest

screen-shot-2015-02-02-at-9-46-21-pmYou will note a missing word in the description of the rape/incest exceptions in the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, i.e., 20-week abortion ban, passed in the U.S. House May 13:


the pregnancy is the result of rape against an adult woman….

the pregnancy is a result of rape against a minor or incest against a minor….

Do you see it? The missing word is “incest against an adult woman.”

This is because adult consensual incest is, well, consensual. If it is not consensual, then it is rape and covered in the bill. Under the rape exception it is irrelevant whether or not the assailant is related to the victim.

This same logic could have been used to exclude “incest” from the minor rape exception, but as was explained to me by a person close to the bill, “The word ‘incest’ is not ‘needed’ in the minor rape exception, but it does no harm – it does not increase the number of people in the class who qualify for abortions.  It is simpler to have it there than to have to explain why it is not there.  With respect to adults, the contrary is true.”

74162351Actually there was never any version of this bill under which a consenting adult would qualify for a post-20 week abortion on grounds that her chosen sex partner was related to her.

Nor was any such change ever contemplated during the review process. Granting special status to adults who choose to engage in sex with their relatives was never an option.

But at least one Democrat decided during debate on the 20-week ban Wednesday to champion the cause of adult consensual incest, Congressman Steve Cohen (pictured above left) from Tennessee.

Note in this comedic clip how Cohen steps into it, but then falters a bit…


If a person is pregnant – a woman is pregnant because of incest, under this law, if the lady is under 18 years of age, there’s one rule.

But if she’s 18 years of age or older, there’s another rule. And what it says is if you’re 18 or over and you’re pregnant as a result of incest, then you cannot get an abortion. You cannot! But if you’re under 18, you can if you report it to the law enforcement authorities.

In a discussion last night at Rules Committee, the Vice Chair of the Rules Committee errantly compared rape and incest.

Incest does not necessarily involve rape. It involves intercourse between parties that are not legally supposed to have intercourse, and issues which could result in problems for the child. Incest should always be an exception….

So here we had Cohen advocating for special abortion rights for adults he admitted were involved in consensual but illegal incest.

And “problems for the child“? Major terminology gaffe.

And placing this adult consensual sex on the same plane as rape?

Is this really the next sexual taboo Democrats want to champion?

Wishy-washy pro-life Republicans “on the losing side of history”

Wishy-washy1by Kelli

Over the past years we social conservatives have heard time and again about abortion being a loser at the polls. Just a few weeks ago a caucus of Quisling women Republicans sold out babies who will be killed by late term abortion. They did this by posturing as some kind of latter-day Machiavellis whose intimate knowledge of the uterus would save the GOP from folly. In reality, they found it was easy to talk pro-life when there was no danger of actually being called upon to vote on the issue. Their thinking and the thinking of most establishment Republicans is sadly out of step with the rest of the nation….

More restrictions on abortion is a huge winner in the GOP. Any GOP politician who is breathes the pro-abort Republican mantra of “I personally oppose abortion but if you want to kill your kid, have at it” should recognize that they are on the losing side of history….

The abortion industry had been knocked back on its heels and the nation is on a trajectory to opposing abortion. The insane and bloody practice may hang on in the dark corners of society but it is being rejected everywhere.

Any politician who tells you that they don’t want to run on abortion because it is divisive is lying to you. They don’t want to run on abortion because they are pro-aborts.

~ Contributor streiff, RedState.com, February 9

[Photo via randomnessofluck.com]

The Personhood split, Part I: Structure

988-BreakupOn June 14, 2014, came the news:

Georgia Right to Life President Daniel Becker today announced the formation of a new national pro-life organization, the National Personhood Alliance, a confederation of faith-based, pro-life organizations and leaders who believe pursuing Personhood is essential to protecting all innocent human beings in the 21st century.

Reading that I became confused, because last I knew Becker was working for Personhood USA, a group that sounded an awful lot like this new group.

Both organizations are founded on the “immediatist” principle of supporting only endeavors and political candidates with no abortion exceptions, such as for rape and incest.

But what could really be the difference between an organization named Personhood USA and one named National Personhood Alliance?

One major difference, I came to learn, was organizational structure.

PA wants to formulate an organization of affiliates to compete against the National Right to Life Committee. (It helps to know NRLC disaffiliated Georgia Right to Life, of which Becker is still president, in March 2014 for a difference of opinion on strategy that culminated in GRTL’s public attempt to thwart a piece of NRLC’s legislation.)

PUSA wants to maintain a tight decision-making framework composed of a small leadership team and donor board, also with affiliates, but with no plan to rival and replace NRLC. Plus, PUSA has worked hard to amass a HUGE (seven million and counting) national database of believers.

I’ll pause to say I have friends and colleagues in both PUSA and PA, and I support both immediatist and incremental approaches to stop abortion – pretty much anything short of violence that attempts to move the ball forward. I only get riled when either camp attempts to thwart the others’ efforts.

That said, and as an aside, in my opinion there is really no such thing as immediatist, or nonincremental, efforts.

While immediatists charge that a 20-week abortion ban omits babies younger than 20 weeks, or that any pro-life law with a rape/incest exception leaves out babies conceived by sexual perpetrators, they cheer initiatives to establish personhood in one state – but which omit 49 other states, or a protest at one abortion clinic – which is not to protest at the other 749 or so others, or saving one baby headed for death – which is not to save the 2,999 or so others murdered by abortion that day. Etc.

In reality, short of a human life amendment to the Constitution, all pro-lifers are working on incremental steps to stop abortion. [UPDATE: A couple people have pointed out to me that even a human life amendment is incremental, since it omits babies in all other pro-abortion countries.]

Some immediatists will then argue there are “principled” vs. “unprincipled” incremental efforts. In other words, there are those babies it is morally acceptable to try to save and those it is not. This really upsets me on a personal level, because I held an aborted baby that immediatists who eschew a 20-week ban would let die. That’s principled?

But back to the split.

PUSA gave PA its blessing upon launch, but the relationship quickly soured. PUSA publicly announced in a September 1 email it would “not be participating in the new National Personhood Alliance.”

In that email PUSA lodged these complaints against PA:

NPA has incorporated in Georgia as a 501c4 under the name “Personhood Inc.” and will be doing business as “Personhood”, Violating Personhood USA’s trademark of Personhood. In addition, the emails and documents we have seen indicate that they intended to use our logos, branding, and intellectual property.

One of the main concerns here is duplication of focus and confusion among all grassroots supporters.


In fact, there have now been three trademark applications submitted: 1) August 28, 2014, for “Personhood” by Georgia Right to Life Committee; 2) October 6, 2014, for “Personhood” plus the design, right, by Personhood USA; and 3) October 6, 2014, for “Personhood USA” by Personhood USA.

I’m told PUSA and PA are trying to settle their differences through private, not legal, mediation, but if they’ve both now applied for the same trademark, it doesn’t look promising.

NEXT: The Personhood split, Part II: Strategy

Pro-life blog buzz 11-18-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At Women’s Rights without Frontiers, Reggie Littlejohn is encouraged by the UK ban on sex selection abortion:

    The message of sex-selection abortion is that girls do not deserve to live…. It is impossible to support women’s rights without supporting the right of females to be born.

  • Saynsumthn’s Blog says Planned Parenthood is again sending out appeals for money during the holidays. In the past, they even hawked gift certificates for their services.


  • Pro-Life Wisconsin reminds us that as we enter the Christmas season, the Salvation Army’s official website lists their acceptance of abortion under certain circumstances: rape, incest, life of the mother, and fetal abnormality.
  • At Secular Pro-Life, Sarah Terzo examines the words used by people to normalize and even romanticize the act of abortion, pointing out that, like George Orwell’s novel, 1984, words have opposite meanings. Terzo writes:

    Dismemberment is not an act of love or kindness. We don’t brutally murder our loved ones. Criminals do not commit their violent crimes out of love and concern for either their victims or society as a whole. These statements seem so obvious that it’s absurd to make them, and yet we have to bring it up because of extreme comments from pro-choicers….

    Too many Americans are ignorant as to what abortion actually does to a baby. Oh, on some intellectual level, they may be aware that abortion ends a life or potential life—but they have no idea how developed the babies are, how brutal and bloody abortion really is. They have not thought about the life of the child, the unseen victim who is growing within his mother’s womb, secure and safe, with a beating heart and developing brain, only to be suddenly, brutally killed.


  • ProWomanProLife discusses botched sterilizations in India, which happens much more frequently than is reported:

    This Reuters article reports on ten [now reportedly up to 13] women who died this week in India through botched sterilizations. Fourteen other women are in serious condition.

    But deaths due to sterilization is not news in India.

    Between 2009 and 2012, the government paid compensation for 568 deaths resulting from sterilization, the health ministry said in an answer to a question in parliament two years ago.

  • Wesley J. Smith notes that government-funded Swiss nursing homes are refusing to allow workers to voice objections to assisted suicide in their facilities. Smith warns that this is the way of the future if we continue to “swallow the hemlock”:

    “The new regulations specify that nursing home personnel will not be allowed to interfere if a patient chooses to die. In fact, they are required to set aside a room where the staff of the assisted suicide organisation Exit will help the person to die.

    Wow, imagine touring the nursing home and being shown the room reserved for assisted suicides. (Wonder if they call it the “comfort room.”)

  • Pro-Life Action League posts a video of another ambulance call to the massive abortion facility located in Aurora, Illinois. It is unusual for the staffer calling the ambulance to acknowledge what the medical problem is but they do note here that the patient is hemorrhaging following her abortion. The 911 operator seems familiar with the address and with the facility’s wish that a certain entrance be used:
YouTube Preview Image

[Photos via Pro-Life Wisconsin and tv360nigeria.com]

Pro-life blog buzz 11-4-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Before Brittany Maynard followed through on her plan to commit suicide, Wesley J. Smith discussed the pro-assisted suicide group, Compassion & Choices, which used Brittany to solicit donations before and after her death. More than that, did the group actually encourage her suicide? Smith quotes Rita Marker from American Thinker:

    This explosion of coverage was due to a public campaign facilitated by Compassion & Choices (the former Hemlock Society) to legalize Oregon-style doctor-prescribed suicide in every state.The organization has established the Brittany Maynard Fund to raise money for political campaigns to legalize doctor-prescribed suicide in targeted states across the country.

    And, to strengthen the resolve of the young woman for whom the campaign is named, Compassion & Choices has posted “Brittany’s Card” on its website. “Let’s get 1 million people to sign Brittany’s card,” states the message, adding, “Sign the card and let Brittany know you support her bravery in this very tough time.”

    Smith doubts that C&C would have supported Brittany if she had instead sought hospice. “Rita is right,” he writes. “The card-signing campaign pushes Maynard to carry through with suicide. What else could be meant by ‘support her bravery’?”

  • Saynsumthn’s Blog highlights the link between Planned Parenthood and the assisted suicide group Compassion & Choices. Three of the group’s advisory board members were also board members for Planned Parenthood. And, of course, both organizations make money from death.


  • At The Vine, Breeanne Howe reports that actress Lena Dunham (pictured left) – who bared her breasts in a promotion for Planned Parenthood and who is currently under fire for writing about her own allegedly predatory sexual behavior toward her younger sister – now hopes to release a children’s movie which contains “incest and beatings.” Will Planned Parenthood support her in this venture?
  • Reflections of a Paralytic wishes more people understood that IVF is “just as much a human tragedy as abortion.” He outlines one woman’s journey through IVF which led her to eventually recognize the dehumanizing nature of the procedure:

    Earlier this year, I went on a retreat for post-abortive parents, since I felt that what I’d done to my babies through IVF was similar. I felt mixed vibes from others there, possibly because most people don’t understand the complexity of IVF. But if life starts at conception, then you can have sorrow and regret for denying your children life through IVF, the same as you do with abortion.

  • Secular Pro-Life writes about finding cures for genetic conditions without turning prenatal testing into a search-and-destroy mission:

    Jim Kelly… was a star quarterback for the University of Miami in the early 1980s and for the Buffalo Bills until 1996…. Jim’s son, Hunter, had a rare genetic disorder called Krabbe’s disease…. [H]e passed away at the age of 8. During his short life, he was profoundly disabled.The Kellys founded Hunter’s Hope to fund research into the possible treatments and cures that were unknown when Hunter was diagnosed. Too often, work on lethal genetic disorders is focused not on curing the disease, but on developing prenatal tests so that those afflicted with the disease can be aborted (ostensibly to spare them suffering). But the Kellys — who I should, in all fairness, acknowledge are devout Christians — did not take that approach.

    And in fact, a cure has emerged for Krabbe’s disease: umbilical cord blood from a healthy baby is transplanted into the affected child. But an umbilical cord blood transplant only works if done early, before the person with Krabbe’s disease is symptomatic. Therefore, Hunter’s Hope does advocate for testing: but in newborns, not in the preborn.


  • Right to Life of Michigan outlines how union dues – especially those from the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers – are funneled into Planned Parenthood’s PAC:

    Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes is their new super PAC which was just formed in August of 2014. According to their October quarterly report, they basically have only 1 major donor. That donor is America Votes Action Fund which is located in Washington, D.C., and [which] gave them $425,000 this cycle after the August primary of the $430,100 direct contributions they’ve received. The majority of Planned Parenthood’s Super PAC money has been used to pay the canvassers $12 an hour to go door to door for pro-abortion candidates. Other funds have been used for what appear to be mailing pieces and robocalls….

So union money goes to America Votes Action Fund and then gets dispersed to various state level groups, some of which have nothing to do with unions (such as Planned Parenthood) except for their Democratic Party leanings.

Every member of the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers should be made aware their unions are contributing money to another organization which then funnels that money to pro-abortion groups with the sole goal of electing pro-abortion legislators.

[Dunham photo via aceshowbiz.com; NEA AFT via mediamatters.org]

Stanek weekend Q: Will attempts to destigmatize abortion work in pro-life favor?

downloadPro-choice activists are on a new bandwagon: To normalize abortion, no sob stories are allowed.

For instance, excusing abortions for rape and incest is bad. To do so is to say some abortions are justifiable, some are not. According to post-abortive Merritt Tierce in a New York Times op ed:

By repeating only the gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, terrifying abortion stories, we protect a lie: that abortion isn’t normal. We have learned to think of abortion with shame and fear. We have accepted the damaging idea that a person who wants an abortion must grovel before the consciences of others…. We have to stop categorizing abortions as justified or unjustified.

Tierce used her own two abortions as examples of what we must all accept.

Tierce got her first abortion after having an affair and being unsure who the father was. She added a sob story, even though she had just said they weren’t allowed. “My kids were 2 and 3, and the debilitating morning sickness, which I experienced early in each of my pregnancies, made it difficult to work or care for two toddlers.”

Tierce 2Tierce’s rationale for her second abortion was even more spurious. Her story really makes no sense. Tierce (pictured left) inexplicably “sabotaged” her birth control, she says, to get control back from an emotionally abusive partner.  “The whole situation was a complete abscess,” she admits, therefore she got pregnant to force him to “publicly acknowledge our relationship existed”?

But her plan failed, so she got an abortion. And used her two surviving children as rationalization once again, ” I knew that having that baby would have been a terrible thing for my children.”

In other words, Tierce got pregnant on purpose to trap a man, but when he didn’t fall into the trap, she killed her tiny hostage.

This is what abortion zealots are newly advocating: No excuses for abortions. Abortions just are.

It seems to me this tactic will work in pro-life favor. For years the other side has held up the small percentage of abortions for “hard cases” – rape, incest, handicapped babies – as reasons Americans must stomach ALL abortions. Will they really throw that successful tactic by the wayside, all to theoretically normalize abortion?

Your thoughts?