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Pro-life blog buzz 8-29-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At Priests for Life, Alveda King explains why PFL plans to continue its lawsuit against the HHS Mandate, despite the government’s attempt at an “accommodation”:

    Bottom line: The government is on its own in this scheme to expand access to abortion-inducing drugs and contraceptives. We want a full exemption from this mandate, so that we have nothing to do with this scheme. If people want these drugs and the government wants to provide them, then the government will have to find a way to connect with them without our help. Our religion requires no less.


  • Pro-Life Action League also comments on the government’s latest HHS Mandate accommodations attempt:

    This marks the eighth time the Obama administration has modified the HHS Mandate. Once again, they’re refusing to listen to the American people — or even the U.S. Supreme Court — and truly respect the employers’ conscience rights.

The new rules are nothing more than a slight variation of the so-called “accommodation” first announced in February 2012, whereby some “third party” will provide the objectionable services. I called that scheme a shell game at the time, and the description still fits. Others have called it an “accounting gimmick.”

  • Ethika Politika reposts an article by Michael J. New, who responds to a New York Times article which ignores evidence of abortion risks while lamenting the plight of women denied late-term abortions due to gestational age. Interestingly, the NYT author admitted that “a very small percentage of turnaways regret carrying their pregnancy to term.” In other words, even impoverished women who can’t abort because it’s too late seem to find that giving life to another human being isn’t so awful after all. And the risks of late-term abortion – and abortion in general – are certainly worth mentioning. New writes:

    Throughout the article, the author takes considerable pains to give the impression that there is a strong scholarly consensus that abortion poses no serious health risks to women. He states that “reputable research” does not support claims that abortion results in a higher risk of breast cancer, infertility, and miscarriage. However, there is an impressive body of research indicating that abortion increases the risk of premature births. Additionally, there are a number of peer reviewed studies which find that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. Even the 1997 New England Journal of Medicine study — frequently cited and touted by skeptics of the abortion breast cancer link — finds statistically significant evidence that late term abortions increase the risk of breast cancer.


  • Secular Pro-Life notes the identity crisis occurring in the pro-choice (are they still calling it “pro-choice”?) movement, while also discussing something happening in the messaging of the pro-life movement:

    Meanwhile, in faith-based-land, I noticed an interesting piece in the Christian Post arguing that… “pro-life” is being overused! Specifically, the authors worry that the use of “pro-life” messaging by Christian environmentalists is diluting the term. Myself, I’m not too concerned, because I suspect 1) that any conservatives who would abandon the pro-life movement because they see the term used by a cause they don’t support likely aren’t our movement’s greatest assets anyway, and 2) it may have the beneficial side effect of busting the stereotypes that the abortion movement pushes about who pro-lifers are and what we do. But in any event, it’s quite the contrast to what’s happening across the aisle.

So where does that leave us? We’re in a good position, but the conflict is far from over, and we need to remain on high alert. Based on the signals we’re getting from pro-choice media commentators, we need to be particularly vigilant in our charitable endeavors. Pro-lifers are as active in charitable organizations as anybody else, so we have the ability to impede the pro-choice strategy here. Whatever causes you are involved in, be on the lookout for activists looking to co-opt them in the name of abortion — and when it happens, speak out against it, quickly and loudly!

  • Wesley J. Smith says a woman who acted as a gestational surrogate is asking for child support from the Australian couple who rejected one twin born with Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy. Smith asks, “And why should biological parents be treated by law any differently just because a surrogate was employed then if the woman gave birth herself?” Interesting point.
  • At Bound4Life, Josh Shepherd has the amazing story of a mother who suffered a tragic auto accident when she was just 15 weeks pregnant. Several medical teams worked to successfully save both Amie and her son, Aiden, was delivered at 33 weeks. Amie remains in a mostly vegetative state, except when her son enters the room. Please pray for Amie and her whole family:
YouTube Preview Image

Pro-life blog buzz 5-27-14

by Kelli

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  • Clinic Quotes shares a statistic that may shed some light on why so many pro-choicers seem desperate to allow virtually anyone to perform abortions:

    According to Medical Students for Choice, an organization that advocates for medical schools to train more abortion providers[,] over a third of OB/GYN residents have no training in first trimester abortions. The organization also says that nearly all family practitioners lack this training.

  • At Live Action News, Lauren Enriquez addresses an abortionist’s claim that abortion is “safer than penicillin” and that admitting privileges are unnecessary:

    As Live Action’s Sarah Terzo chronicled, “In 2003, an ACS/AMA (American College of Surgeons, American Medical Association) had a meeting… The participants unanimously came to the conclusion that: “Physicians performing office-based surgery must have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, a transfer agreement with another physician who has admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, or maintain an emergency transfer agreement with a nearby hospital.”


  • Culture Campaign says the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and the Center for Health and Gender Equity have written a letter to President Obama, urging him to break a law and allow abortions for citizens of foreign countries to obtain abortions in overseas U.S. clinics.
  • Surprise, surprise. Euthanasia Prevention Coalition shares the news that a Swiss assisted suicide group now wants to “help” healthy elderly people to end their lives:

    Last weekend, at their annual general meeting, Exit, an assisted suicide group in Switzerland, decided to extend assisted suicide to healthy elderly people who are living with some form of physical or psychological pain.

Psychological pain refers to a person who lives with depression, mental illness or “feelings of hopelessness.”

  • Fletcher Armstrong shares an example of the dehumanizing, anti-life language used by abortion advocates – this time on the campus of George Mason University.
  • Josh Brahm shares the exciting news that yet another of his friends, Roni Cairns, has converted to the pro-life position. She shares her conversion story as the large part of Josh’s post.


  • At The Guiding Star Project, Jess Schneider reflects on her own infertility and miscarriage:

    If my eighth grade sex ed class had not solidified my pro-life stance, my infertility would have definitely done the job….

The last ten years of my life have been wrought with the pain of infertility and a body that works differently, but also with the joys and challenges of parenthood. With every pregnancy I am reminded how very real and alive the child inside of me is, and how truly dark the circumstances are for those that believe their only choice is abortion. It is not possible to go through the kind of agony infertility provides and not believe the child’s life begins at conception.

  • Bound4Life discusses the “pro-choice” violence perpetrated recently against a 17-year-old pro-life student in Alabama named Ke’Ontai, who was handing out post-abortion counseling material:

    He had been out in his neighborhood park on Sunday passing out Students for Life’s Abortion is not Social Justice postcards, when one man started arguing with him about when life begins. He shouted at Ke’Ontai that his wife had just had an abortion because “that’s what they needed to do.”And when Ke’Ontai tried to give him some post-abortion counseling material, the guy yelled that he didn’t want it, pushed Ke’Ontai down, and started punching him in the face.

    After telling him to file a police report, we asked Ke’Ontai if he needed anything from our team.

    His reply stunned me. Ke’Ontai said that while he had forgiven the man who assaulted him, he just wants pro-lifers across the nation to pray for the man and wife.

[Photos via thinkprogress.org, scientificamerican.com]

Pro-life blog buzz 5-13-14

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Pro-Life Action League continues to comb over the details that Planned Parenthood would rather keep hidden about the death of 24-year-old Tonya Reaves at their Chicago facility in 2012. Many disturbing discrepancies have been found:

    In her sworn deposition, Planned Parenthood abortionist Mandy Gittler explicitly stated that 911 was called on the day Tonya Reaves had an abortion and later died. Yet there is no record of any 911 call from Planned Parenthood on that day.

    In light of these facts, the question must be asked: Did abortionist Mandy Gittler perjure herself?


  • At Reproductive Research Audit, Dr. Mary L. Davenport discusses the continued silencing of medical research linking abortion to premature births, breast cancer, and other problems. Why is American media suppressing this information?

    A powerful new study from China published last week by Yubei Huang and colleagues … [a] meta-analysis pooling 36 studies from 14 provinces in China, showed that abortion increased the risk of breast cancer by 44% with at least one abortion, and 76% with at least two abortions and 89% with at least three abortions….

    It is a disgrace that a more honest discourse about difficult medical topics can be found in the People’s Republic of China than in the USA. The censorship of medical journals, prevention of conference presentations, denial of grant money and faculty promotions, and self-censorship of honest scholars in academic medicine who want to tell the truth but feel they cannot, impoverishes us, and should not be tolerated.

  • Reflections of a Paralytic shares a great example of why surrogacy is a bad idea. A British woman signed a contract with an American couple, stating she would abort in the first trimester if she became pregnant with more than one child. The couple learned she was carrying twins at 8 weeks gestation but waited until 13 weeks gestation to demand the abortion. The surrogate refused, citing her own personal health risks, resulting in a court battle.


  • Secular Pro-Life encourages pro-lifers to tune in to The Heritage Foundation’s panel discussion on the anniversary of Kermit Gosnell’s conviction.
  • ProWomanProLife points out the twisted Mother’s Day wish of a Canadian university professor:

    HuffPost Canada…. did a series called What Moms Really Want, for mother’s day. I was obviously disturbed by this mom’s request for free abortion and IVF:

    What I really want for Mother’s Day is for all Canadians to be supported in their choice to become parents when they’re ready — which means abortions are free, legal and easily accessible, and that artificial reproductive technologies be offered safely and widely to ALL Canadians through provincial health coverage.

  • Right to Life of Michigan responds to Detroit News columist Laura Berman, who “doesn’t like Michigan’s Abortion Insurance Opt-Out law which opts the state out of abortion insurance coverage except by optional rider”:

    Berman is upset that insurance companies are, at this point, apparently not offering abortion insurance riders on individual plans…. [T]his is not because insurance companies can’t, it’s because they’ve decided not to at the moment, most likely because the demand for them is so low. Only 3% of Michigan’s abortions were paid for by insurance in 2012. If Berman is upset insurance companies in Michigan aren’t offering a product she believes should be available, then she should take it up with them.

  • At Life Training Institute, Clinton Wilcox has an issue with those who are pro-life in theory only:

    Being pro-life requires action. If you truly believe that the unborn are innocent human children, since they are being legally and brutally slaughtered in our country, we must do something to end the slaughter of these children. And as far as I’m concerned, all are welcome in the pro-life movement, whether or not we agree on religious or metaphysical views.

Supermodel wants children whether or not she’s married

National TV Awards Press RoomI do want to have children, whether I have a man or not…. I will have it on my own.

~ Supermodel Naomi Campbell, insisting that fatherhood is optional for her future children, E! Online, March 12. More backstory from E!:

In September 2008, during a London Fashion Week fund-raiser for the White Ribbon Alliance, the 43-year-old revealed she was previously infertile.

“They thought it was a cyst,” Campbell said of undergoing surgery six months earlier in Brazil, per Britain’s Press Association. “When they opened it up they realized it was more.” The Face mentor said, “I was not able to have children up until March. Now it’s in God’s hands. I would love to have a family.”

[Photo Credit: Style Blazer]

Pro-life blog buzz 5-28-13

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life discusses an analysis on abortion’s effect on women, released at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, utilizing data from several countries:

    Documented complications include hemorrhage, infection, cervical damage, uterine perforation, pelvic disease and retained fetal or placental tissue. Large record-based studies from Finland, Denmark and the United States found that maternal mortality rates were significantly higher after abortion compared to childbirth.

    Long-term risks of abortion, including subsequent preterm birth, infertility, cancer, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and placenta previa, can substantially impede future reproductive success. In addition, abortion is associated with increased risk of negative psycho-social consequences. For example, a 2011 meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found an 81 percent increased risk of mental health problems. Anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug use and suicidal behaviors have been found to increase following abortion, along with damage to key relationships.

Jose Rodriguez

  • The FRC Blog condemns the Obama administration’s refusal to charge Major Nidal Hasan (who shot 30 people at Fort Hood, Texas – killing 14 – while shouting “Allahu Akbar”) with a violation of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act for the murder of victim Francheska Velez’s (pictured left) preborn child:

    She cried out “My baby! My baby!” but Hasan killed her and her unborn child anyway. The Obama administration has elected not to charge Hasan with violation of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, even though the law was passed explicitly to cover such instances.

  • Kansans for Life reports that legislators listened to scientific and medical evidence before passing the state’s Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in 2011, including the information that “as revealed in scientific studies developed over the past three decades… unborn children are ‘wired’ to feel pain MORE intensely than any child or adult ever can” and that “the highest density of pain receptors per square inch of skin in human development occurs in utero from 20-30 weeks gestation.”


  • American Life League’s Judie Brown harshly criticizes Cardinal Timothy Dolan for calling pro-abortion Governor Andrew Cuomo (despite the governor’s support for abortion and homosexuality) a “Catholic in good standing,” and for agreeing not to exclude him from receiving Holy Communion despite canon law. Brown asks readers to pray and fast for all Bishops.
  • Americans United for Life condemns the recent ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals “[which] struck down Arizona’s prohibition of abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, despite the fact that the risks to maternal health dramatically increase with such later-term abortion procedures”:

    Substantial medical data — utilized even by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute — demonstrates that a woman seeking an abortion… at 20 weeks is 35 times more likely to die from abortion than she was in the first trimester. At 21 weeks or more, she is 91 times more likely to die from abortion than she was in the first trimester.

  • At Live Action News, Lauren Enriquez has a piece discussing the tension in some Christian circles regarding pro-life activism.
  • Fletcher Armstrong wants to bring a pro-life training academy to your town, teaching pro-lifers to “answer tough questions about abortion and [learn] the science and logic behind the pro-life position.”
  • At The Leading Edge, Brendan Malone shares the promo video for a pro-life internship opportunity for New Zealanders. The deadline to apply is June 16:

YouTube Preview Image

[Photos via nydailynews.com, examiner.com]

Pro-life blog buzz 4-26-13

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • At Reproductive Research Audit, Dr. Jacqueline Harvey shows that a study which attempted to prove the safety of webcam “telemed” abortions actually shows a potentially greater risk to women:

    Even if the authors could support the claim that tele-medicine (or “tele-med”) contributed to the modest reduction in late-term abortions, they still fail to note medical abortions have greater rates of complications than surgical abortions.

  • ProLife NZ reveals that not only is a war on women taking place through gendercide, but aborted preborn girls’ ovaries are being used (with the aborting mother’s permission) for research and infertility treatments:

    Sex-selective abortion highlights the paradox of campaigning for abortion as a woman’s rights issue yet condemning innocent baby girls to death at the hands of an abortionist simply for being girls, which is profoundly anti-woman.

boston college

  • The New Feminism applauds Boston College (pictured left; a Jesuit college) for addressing the sex-saturated culture on campus which had been promoted under the guise of “sexual health” until certain objections were made to campus authorities:

    The college has reminded the [BC Students for Sexual Health] that the promotion of sport sex on campus is inconsistent with the college’s policies toward the sanctity of life, and has scheduled a meeting with them on April 29 to discuss their condom and sport sex advocacy.

The group is not happy about the crackdown on their promotion of “responsible” sex parties.

  • Right to Life of Michigan notes an MLive columnist’s reaction to pro-choice objections over Michigan’s “legislation to regulate and inspect abortion clinics (known as the Prolife Bus),” in light of the Kermit Gosnell trial:

    Enacting legislation to ensure a clean, sanitary facility has nothing whatsoever to do with a woman’s choice to have an abortion.


It has everything to do, though, with… what happens – especially with respect to the mother’s health – at the time the abortion is being performed (a child is being killed, that’s a given). Moreover, it is but the slightest step necessary to ensure that physicians who are overzealous, careless, or unconscionable do not slaughter children outside the womb as readily as they would inside the womb.

  • What about all those “unwanted” babies? ProWomanProLife features an uplifting video that reveals “the side of pro-lifers the media doesn’t show”:

YouTube Preview Image

[Photo via bc.edu]

Stanek weekend question II: Your thoughts on marrying young?

MCDFAOF EC038(Be sure to take the poll at the end of the post.)

An article in The Atlantic is getting a lot of buzz.

Unexpected from a liberal rag came this piece by Karen Swallow Prior on March 22, “The case for getting married young”:

There are costs to delaying marriage, a phenomenon that has reached a new threshold, with the average age of marriage for men reaching the historic high of 29 and women 27….

While men and women are waiting longer to marry, they aren’t waiting quite so long to have children. The average age at which a woman first gives birth (25.7) is now earlier than the average age of first marriage (26.5), a phenomenon… which brings with it all of the well-documented concerns that surround the rearing of children outside of wedlock.

Unmarried twenty-somethings are more likely to be depressed, drink excessively, and report lower levels of satisfaction than their married counterparts…

Marriage has become… “hedonistic,” based on the exponential amount of pleasure – material, emotional, sexual, familial, you name it – that can be derived from the coupling of two individuals….

Culturally, young adults have increasingly come to see marriage as a “capstone” rather than a “cornerstone” – that is, something they do after they have all their other ducks in a row, rather than a foundation for launching into adulthood and parenthood.

Interestingly… much of the pressure to delay marriage comes from parents who encourage their children to finish their education before marrying….

Looking back over a marriage of nearly three decades… [n]ow as a college-educated, doctorate-holding woman, I can attest that marrying young (at age 19) was most beneficial: to me, to my husband, and to the longevity of our marriage. Our achievements have come, I am convinced, not despite our young marriage, but because of it…. We invested the vigor of our youth not in things to bring into the marriage, but in each other and our marriage….

Such a model of marriage reflects the conclusion Regnerus drew from his research,

Marriage actually works best as a formative institution, not an institution you enter once you think you’re fully formed. We learn marriage, just as we learn language, and to the teachable, some lessons just come easier earlier in life….

Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary also wrote a good piece on this:

But there’s a consequence to waiting to get married.

“The biggest downside to delayed marriage in America is that many young adults are now putting the baby carriage before marriage,” said report co-author and National Marriage Project director Bradford Wilcox, a U.Va. sociology professor. “What they often don’t realize is that children born outside of marriage are significantly more likely to be exposed to a revolving cast of caretakers and the social, emotional and financial fallout associated with family instability and single parenthood.”


I have maintained for some time that delaying marriage not only increases the likelihood of bringing damaged hearts to it, it also upends our biological clocks.

It’s difficult if not tortuous to promote abstinence at the same time one promotes delaying marriage. Doing so betrays the God-given and biologically proven sexual urges of youth.

Delaying marriage is a huge contributor to abortion. According to the CDC, unmarried mothers account for 84.3% of all abortions. Also according to the CDC, 29.6% of all abortion are committed between the ages of 20-24, followed by 21.6% in the 25-29 age group.

The spike in infertility problems can in part be contributed to delayed childbearing and abortion/STDs. In a piece, “Infertility: An emerging priority,” the CDC wrote:

Challenges to human fertility may arise from many conditions caused by genetic abnormalities, infectious or environmental agents, and certain behaviors. Natural aging processes also place a limit to human fertility…. Recent trends toward postponing age at first pregnancy have highlighted the natural limits of fertility and accelerated the development and use of medical technology to overcome such limits. The proportion of first births to women aged 30 years and older has increased more than fourfold since 1975, from 5% to 24% in 2006.

Lowered infertility would also bring fewer children killed by IVF. Between 44 and 60% of all children conceived for IVF die during the process. That number doesn’t include the 600,000+ “access” preborn children now living in frozen suspended animation who haven’t yet been implanted.

Well, enough of my soapbox.

What do you think?


Kourtney Kardashian offers to be Khloe’s surrogate

kourtney-and-khloeI want her to be happy and I feel like she wants a kid so bad. I take back some of the things I said to you thinking you were crazy about carrying her child. I still think it’s a huge decision, but I understand why you’d want to do that for your family.

~ Scott Disick, boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian, expressing his concern over Kourtney’s consideration of offering to be a surrogate for her sister, Khloe Kardashian, who is currently undergoing therapy for infertility, as quoted by Huffington Post Celebrity, March 31

Video at the link.