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Pro-life blog buzz 3-15-13

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Expose Abortion has a haunting quote from former abortion practitioner Susan Thayer, discussing how abortion providers must be gradually desensitized to the grisly work of abortion:

    I walked into the surgical suite and headed toward the foot of the exam table. I was stopped and told to sit in a chair by the door because, they said, nearly everyone who watches the first time, can’t take it and either get sick or faint. Once you make it through one abortion, you are allowed to gradually move closer to the patient, therefore seeing more of the procedure.


  • Bound4Life points out that while we were all distracted by sequestration, the Department of Health and Human Services was quietly releasing more than 700 new pages of Obamacare regulations. Buried within is the mandate for taxpayer-funded abortions, unless you live in one of the 18 states – Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin – which have enacted legislation to ban abortion coverage from their state exchanges.

    So our government is not only depriving schoolchildren of White House tours, but is planning to fund the elimination of future schoolchildren before birth. Chilling.

  • Accepting Abundance discusses the controversy surrounding German bishops’ authorization for Catholic hospitals to treat rape victims with the morning after pill.
  • Coming Home wonders how the new Pope will address allowing communion for “Catholics” who vote for, advocate, and support the evil of abortion – like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, and others.
  • Clinic Quotes points out that the claim “abortion should be between a woman and her doctor” is really just wishful thinking. According to Dr. Don Sloan in 1992, there is very little interaction between a woman and her abortionist:

    I’ve [aborted] tens and tens of thousands of women, and I know so little about so many of them – most of them…. How could I? In a sense the doctor is only a tradesperson, a technician performing a task, like any other.


  • The Guiding Star Project has a guest post from a single, childless woman who became the only positive voice in her workplace when a couple trying for baby #2 got pregnant with triplets instead:

    Sad that today’s culture is so firm in wanting the perfect 1.2 children so as not to impede upon careers, vacations, and lifestyle choices. Sad that there simply isn’t an openness to life or what God may be asking of a husband a wife. And sad that I was the only one in a room full of ten or more people who had anything positive to say.

  • 40 Days for Life says a Memphis prayer vigil had to change locations because previous prayer vigils caused Planned Parenthood to lose their lease in the former location.
  • The Abolitionist Society chastises the church for claiming their business is evangelism, while ignoring “loving [their] preborn neighbor[s], being led to the slaughter”:

    If you were in the place of your preborn neighbor… would you find what you do for the preborn sufficient? Is simply “voting pro-life,” attending pro-life rallies, listening to sanctity of life sermons, and occasionally donating to crisis pregnancy centers the sum of loving your soon-to-be-killed preborn neighbor as you love yourself? If you were about to be torn to pieces and sucked through a vacuum, would you truly feel loved by those who warm the pews of the churches every Sunday, but don’t do more than this to make your impending death illegal?

[Graphic via Bound4Life; photo via multiples.about.com]

Abortion support rising? If so, thank the GOP for aiding and abetting

Rasmussen released a new poll on November 14 indicating that 54% of likely voters now consider themselves pro-choice, while only 38% say they are pro-life.

In the aftermath of the election I told friends to expect a bump in abortion support.

I’m not saying I believe the pendulum has swung the other way by 15 points since the May Gallup poll.

But of course the dial has moved, given the fact Obama and Democrats made such a huge pitch for abortion, and given the fact they embedded themselves, pardon the pun, as the champions of free contraception.

The bigger problem, and it’s a recurring one, is Republicans didn’t fight back. Democrats gambled that they they wouldn’t, even though there was such a great amount of fodder, particularly against Obama.

Allahpundit at Hot Air blamed Todd Akin for the swing.

Yes, Akin and Richard Mourdock both made ridiculous statements on the rape issue.  As I told one of my children several years back when her shoes got sucked off her feet after she wandered into a mud pit, “For such a smart person, that sure was stupid.”

But the Republican Party is partially to blame there, too, for two reasons, first for being so frightened about, ambivalent toward, or supportive of abortion that they abandoned these candidates faster than a one night stand.

Joe Biden can singlehandedly fill a Stupid Quote of the Day calendar, but his people stick with him no matter what he says.

Second, because the GOP is so averse to overt abortion support, they don’t teach talking points.

In total, this debacle demonstrates, as common sense would dictate, that politics plays a part in persuading public opinion on the life issue. The GOP should be as invested in educating on social issues as fiscal issues.

It’s not enough to support life in the platform, as nice as that is. And it’s not enough to leave the heavy lifting to pro-life groups.

Politically speaking, pro-lifers are fighting a two-front war. The pro-life issue was banished during the campaign season, and then the pro-life issue was blamed in part for several losses. This is ridiculous. I’m sick of it.

The GOP is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy on the life issue, squandering an American pro-life majority as if it didn’t/doesn’t exist.

While not mentioning abortion specifically, S. E. Cupp made this point on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on November 15. Liberal Donny Deutsch didn’t want to hear it. Of course the other side wants to push the meme that Americans have abandoned conservative principles. They want us to leave a void for them to fill…

To put it in politically expedient terms, the GOP establishment may not necessarily like the life issue, but they will never out-abortion the Democrats. Do they really think growing more silent on the life issue is somehow going to help them win something? Check out the above to see how that is working for them. They are dithering away one of the few majorities they have left.

If the GOP continues treating the life issue like it’s leprosy, they’ll be left with nothing. But they’ve got to do more than put up with us. They have to embrace us. They have to feature pro-life women as prominently as the Democrats feature pro-abortion women. They have to proudly and persuasively uphold the sanctity of human life.

Pro-lifers will never stop fighting to stop abortion.

But we only care about the Republican Party insomuch as it can help us.

What the unthinkable means

I wished to myself when I woke up this morning that we had a prophet like Isaiah to help us understand what is happening.

Then, of course, I realized we do have Isaiah. And we have history. We have the cycle of the Israelites to teach us, and the cycles of great human civilizations.

Ancient cultures like Egypt, Rome, and Greece all eventually collapsed because the people gave themselves over to idolatry and sexual debauchery.

Among followers of the God of the Bible there may be a similar cycle, but there is always a remnant that holds fast to Him, whom He protects and restores.

Here is the cycle of the Israelites:

It appears the United States is approaching the “Oppression, Depression, War” phase. We don’t know whether we are on a trajectory of doom and demise, like Rome, or if we as a nation will allow ourselves to be restored by turning back to God. Either way, the immediate future on the circle looks bleak.

And I think we’re on the former path. Our educational and court systems and dominant media have all been absconded by secular liberals. Both the Catholic and Protestant Churches are failing to pass on Christian beliefs to our children, never mind expand the number of believers.

Last night, for the first time, voters in not just one but two statesMaine and Maryland – approved same sex marriage, after 32 defeats around the country. Voters in Colorado and Washington approved the legalization of marijuana. Incredibly, a measure in Florida to prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion failed. “Welcome to Liberal America,” is the Buzzfeed headline today.

I know some measures and elections went our way, but I think it is clear our country is facing more than just a fiscal cliff. We are also facing a moral cliff.

The reelection last night of Barack Obama means either 1) there are more secularists in the U.S. than Christians, or 2) too many Christians have integrated the “separation of Church and State” into their hearts and compartmentalize their votes according to a) selfish desires, or b) misunderstanding the role of government.

It is likely a combination of both 1 and 2. Had the “Chick-fil-A’ bloc indeed voted as a bloc, I wouldn’t be typing this post. Here are the current raw numbers:

Obama: 59,532,820 votes
Romney: 56,931,709 votes

God did not deliver us from Barack Obama. I wrote yesterday that our country doesn’t deserve God’s mercy, but I asked Him for respite anyway. He didn’t give it. There has apparently been too much innocent blood shed in America, and too much craven behavior. I mean, come on, this country has killed 55 million children by abortion this past 40 years.

On the pro-life front we have a Democrat Party that proudly promotes abortion, even if coded as “reproductive health,” and which successfully attacks Republicans on the issue. This is because Republicans, generally speaking, are either terrified to discuss abortion, pro-abortion themselves, or utterly inarticulate.

I’m hearing talk on Fox this morning that the Republican Party needs to deemphasize its stand against abortion, never mind that the percentage of Americans calling themselves “pro-choice” is at a historic low of 41%.

The fact is Republicans just got outboxed, which was easy since by-and-large Republicans just play rope-a-dope on the abortion issue.

Republicans must seriously reach out to the African-American and Latino communities. The GOP’s dismissal of them is shameful, not just because doing so hurts the Party politically, but also because doing so fails to help these dear people uphold a more holistic way of life.

Ah, but enough politics. In closing I refer back to what Erick Erickson of RedState.com wrote the weekend before the election:

My world view is pretty simple. I think this world is destined to go to hell in a hand basket by design. I think things are supposed to go to pot. So if Barack Obama wins, I won’t be upset. If Mitt Romney wins, I won’t be running through the streets cheering. I think, either way, it is all part of the design. The world is going down hill. Barack Obama re-elected just gets us down the slippery slope faster in my view. For others, it is Mitt Romney who does.

God is sovereign and He is in charge and He will return. That is my hope and my ever present expectation.

We often get so wrapped up in the view of things at ground level, we forget to look at the world from 50,000 feet. In the historic, grand scheme of things, this too will end.

Don’t confuse me with a fatalist and don’t confuse me with someone who does not really care about the future of our nation. I think we are the last best hope of mankind on this planet. But my destiny is not tied to this planet. While I am here, however, I have convictions that are greater than either candidate and either party and I fight more for a cause than a candidate….

When I wake up on Wednesday morning, I’m still going to have my wife. I’m still going to have my kids. I’m still going to have my family. And I’m still going to have my God. So will you….

There is no permanence except in Heaven.

These all died in faith, not having received the things promised, but having seen them and greeted them from afar, and having acknowledged that they were strangers and exiles on the earth. For people who speak thus make it clear that they are seeking a homeland. If they had been thinking of that land from which they had gone out, they would have had opportunity to return. But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared for them a city. ~ Hebrews 11:13-16 ESV

One other thing. At times like this I always go back to Genesis 50:20, what Joseph told his brothers who had sold him into slavery:

 You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

This is all part of God’s plan. And I trust it’s a perfect one, for the ultimate purpose of “saving many lives,” a pro-life goal.

[“Divided States” graphic via Drudge]

Stanek weekend question II: Why do abortion proponents get so angry?

The mind of the abortion supporter is complex. As I wrote in my previous post, on the one hand they want to make light of abortion, as if it is no more grave than an ingrown toenail.

And on the other hand abortion proponents cannot stand viewing pro-life messaging or the reality of abortion.

This week I was forwarded photos of pro-abortion vandalism in two different states.

The photo on the right was taken in front of the office of Nebraskans United for Life, in Omaha. NUFL’s signs were defaced on two separate occasions. They’re now hard to read, but certainly not “HATE”ful: “Protect the Unborn, Defend Marriage, Safeguard Religious Liberty,” and “Religious Liberty, The Soul of Democracy.”

Yet this is the world in which we now live, when some people think “Xtians [should] get out.”

Meanwhile, at an event featuring VP Joe Biden, a supporter stuck out in the cold waiting for two hours for him to show up apparently decided to vent her frustration on pro-life activists who were also on hand to remind the crowd what exactly the support in  the Obama/Biden ticket.

Oddly having a ready can of spray paint, the woman walked over and blacked over the pro-life messaging on two signs leaning against cars.

Before (click to enlarge)…


Pro-lifer Kevin Rilott told me via email police apprehended the woman, and pro-lifers will be pressing charges, also demanding reimbursement for the signs.

Read more about the incident here.

But, bottom line, what’s the problem? Why all the aggression?

The real malarkey: Joe Biden’s abortion stance

When Joe Biden was asked about abortion in the vice-presidential debate last Thursday, he replied with what, in part, has become boilerplate. “I accept my church’s position on abortion…” he said. “Life begins at conception; that’s the church’s judgment. I accept it in my personal life; I just refuse to impose that on others, unlike my friend here, the congressman [Paul Ryan].”…

[T]he fallacy of the PONVI (personally-opposed, no-values-imposed) position is revealed when we apply it to other things. “Personally, I’m opposed to rape, but I understand the world is shades of gray; “Personally, I’m opposed to slavery; I just refuse to impose that on others, unlike my friend here….”

Some will now say that rape and slavery are very different from abortion, in that they directly hurt another person. To thus contend, however, is to depart from the PONVI argument and delve into the nature of the act in question. It then follows that if abortion also directly hurts another person, it may warrant prohibition as well.

And this is the problem with PONVI: it is a dodge… [which] doesn’t actually tackle the nature of what’s being discussed. Instead, its only moral component is the implication that it’s noble to not impose values on others. Yet we do this all the time: a law, by definition, is the imposition of a value….

Any law is the imposition of a “value,” but a just law is more specific: it imposes morality….

[B]ut what is morality? Who determines it? There are only two possibilities: man or something outside of man does….

[H]ow can we rightly claim that murder, rape, or slavery is “immoral” if the only reason we’re doing so is that the vast majority of us don’t happen to like it? If the only argument we can hang our hat on is consensus preference, then it falls into the same category as flavors: taste.

Some will now point out that the aforementioned acts hurt others, but who is to say that’s wrong?…

This is why the Founding Fathers took pains to emphasize that our rights are endowed by our Creator. They knew that for a principle to have credibility, it has to reflect more than merely consensus preference. It has to reflect morality, which, incidentally, is never “personal,” but universal and eternal.

~ Selwyn Duke, “Biden’s Abortion Blarney,” American Thinker, October 15

Duran Duran’s John Taylor likes Paul Ryan, with one exception

Hey, girls (on film), he’s not just a pretty face! Duran Duran’s John Taylor seems to agree with many on Twitter, including Tawny Kitaen, who called Joe Biden an “embarrassing jackass.”

The consensus is that Joe Biden’s debate performance was disgraceful, from the creepy smirk to the cranky old man attitude, capped off by his shameful laughing at the issues.

Taylor goes on to say that he likes Paul Ryan, with one exception.

~ Twitchy Entertainment, October 14

Stanek Sunday funnies: “Joe just being Joe” edition

The one and only vice presidential debate of the 2012 election cycle was held this past week, and I’m sure Joe Biden’s inappropriate behavior has already been added to the historical list of “don’t do’s”…

While the Democrat base was “delight[ed]” by Biden’s performance, coming in the shadow of President Barack Obama’s abysmal showing, a CNN poll showed Paul Ryan “sailed” past Biden in the debate. Why? Observed Mary Kate Cary at usnews.com:

Biden’s constant interruptions, smirks, and eye-rolling grimaces backfired on a number of levels. First, he reminded the majority of people who don’t like Biden that they have good reason to feel that way. The split-screen image on television – and the 80 to 100 interruptions – really didn’t play well for Biden, especially with the women I’ve talked to today….

Second, he confirmed for voters the level of incivility in Washington under the current administration…. If the Democrats win, here comes more gridlock.

And while Biden may have helped disillusioned Democrats feel better about their candidate, last night’s debate did not change the trajectory of the race. Over the last week, the momentum in the president race shifted dramatically.  Real Clear Politics moved five swing states that were leaning Obama into the “toss-up” column this week, and Romney closed the polling gap in 11 swing states. Ryan’s performance confirmed for independents that he can handle being vice president, but Biden’s rantings did nothing to get those independents to vote Democratic.

With that, on with the cartoons…

by Bob Gorrell at GoComics.com

 by Glenn McCoy at Townhall.com

 by Gary Varvel at Townhall.com

 by Chip Bok at Townhall.com

 by Michael Ramirez at Townhall.com

Catholics Ryan and Biden debate abortion

Last night Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan engaged in the one and only vice presidential debate of the 2012 election cycle.

I thought Biden lost hands down, coming across as a snide, rude, condescending, blowharded buffoon, while Ryan appeared presidential and gave measured, polite, substantive responses.

As somebody said on one of the radio talk shows this morning, watching the debate was like watching someone try to carry on an intelligent conversation with a drunk at a bar.

Then again, I’ve never for the life of me understood why people don’t always see the Biden we saw amplified last night. And I’ve never been able to figure out why people aren’t frightened to death of the prospect of Biden as president.

All that aside, and on to our issue, I thought moderator Martha Raddatz’s question on abortion was great, quite pointed. It was just too bad she had Ryan answer first, and it was too bad she didn’t make Biden actually answer her question:

Raddatz: This debate is indeed historic. We have two Catholic candidates, first time on a stage such as this, and I would like to ask you both to tell me what role your religion has played in your own personal views on abortion. Please talk about how you came to that decision. Talk about how your religion played a part in that. And please, this is such an emotional issue for so many… people in this country. Please talk personally about this if you could. Congressman Ryan.

Read the transcript of their responses here.

Bearing in mind that Ryan was speaking to undecideds and independents, his answer was for the most part good. He started by humanizing preborn children at a very young age. ABC listed this as one of the top 10 quotes of the night:

[A]bout 10 1/2 years ago, my wife Janna and I went to Mercy Hospital in Janesville where I was born for our seven-week ultrasound for our firstborn child, and we saw that heartbeat. Our little baby was in the shape of a bean, and to this day, we have nicknamed our firstborn child, Liza, “Bean.”

Ryan struck the Obama administration on the religious freedom issue as it pertains to Obamacare. He struck the Democrat Party for being extreme on abortion (“The Democratic Party used to say they want it to be safe, legal and rare. Now they support it without restriction and with taxpayer funding, taxpayer funding in Obamacare, taxpayer funding with foreign aid.”), and he pointed out Biden’s own extremism on abortion, wheren he condoned China’s one-child policy.

My quibble would be that Ryan didn’t go far enough in exposing Obama’s extremism on abortion – opposing the Born Alive Act (which Biden supported), opposing the Partial- Birth Abortion Ban, opposing parental notification, opposing a ban on sex selective abortions, opposing a ban on abortions after babies can feel pain – any and all of which the public would be horrified to learn.

Ryan could have also done a touché on abortion flip-flopping by pointing out Biden’s remarkable “evolution” on abortion. (Funny how the media doesn’t notice that.)

But Ryan did well enough. My only real regret is the Romney/Ryan ticket’s support of abortions for rape and incest.

Biden’s response to the question was fallacious. He began by agreeing that “[l]ife begins at conception. That’s the church’s judgment. I accept it in my personal life.” Then the but: “But I refuse to impose it on equally devout Christians and Muslims and Jews and – I just refuse to impose that on others, unlike my friend here, the congressman.”

Stop. A moderator experienced on the topic of abortion, or desirous to discuss it any deeper than on the surface level, would have made Biden explain how he believes life begins at conception but finds it is acceptable to allow someone to kill that life. As pro-life Democrat strategist Kirsten Powers tweeted:

Biden also lied by denying Obamacare forces religious institutions to pay for abortions.

And Biden made a big deal out of Ryan’s personal opposition to abortion for rape and incest. “I just fundamentally disagree with my friend,” which is pretty impossible if one really believes life begins at conception.

Biden also reminded the audience that Roe is endangered if Obama isn’t reelected and gets to choose the next one or two justices, as is anticipated. Does that sound like someone who honestly believes life begins at conception? Of course not.

Oh, for a reporter who would actually delve in to this topic. The responses are always the same. Everyone knows what answers are coming. Why after almost 40 years of legalized abortion does no reporter ever ask a follow-up question of abortion proponents? Raddatz certainly had one for Ryan:

I want to go back to the abortion question here. If the Romney-Ryan ticket is elected, should those who believe that abortion should remain legal be worried?

What are your thoughts? How do you think Ryan and Biden’s debate on abortion will impact the electorate?

[Photo of Biden via USA Today; photo of Ryan via ABC]