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Pro-life blog buzz 2-3-15

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • At Suzy B, SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser compares two female leaders – Rep. Renee Ellmers and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina – and how they responded to the life issue recently. One showed courage and one had what some are calling “the worst week in Washington.”
  • Saynsumthn’s Blog addresses the hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood’s so-called prenatal care. Apparently, the extent of this care is some healthy eating advice and possibly a midwife referral. Note that if you want your child, PP will call it a “baby,” but if you don’t, the baby will be referred to as “uterine contents.”


  • Wesley J. Smith discusses two elderly Scottish cousins who received assisted suicide in a Swiss clinic because they feared having to live apart. Smith points out that, thanks to Brittany Maynard, suicide is now the “in” thing.
  • Reflections of a Paralytic posts a powerful piece by a woman forced to watch her mother die of starvation and dehydration after losing a battle with other family members. She maintains that her mother did feel pain despite being given morphine:

    There is a difference between a dying person who can no longer contain nutrition or hydration and a severely brain damaged/disabled person who cannot feed himself. There is a difference between allowing nature to take its course and actively starving a person to death.

  • In a follow-up to an an earlier post about handcuff mailers, Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League describes a phone conversation he had with one angry abortionist. After their conversation, he sent her a second handwritten note along with a package of diapers:

    Dear Anise,Enclosed is the package of diapers I promised to send you when we spoke on the phone earlier this week.

    I’m grateful that you took the trouble to call and talk to me for ten minutes about the issue of abortion and your part in it. What stands out to me most from our conversation is your calling this is a “cruel, ugly world.” You used that phrase at least twice, once in reference to the children you say you’re sparing from it.

    I agree that there is much cruelty in the world, and much ugliness. But from my perspective, abortion only makes the world crueler and uglier. Abortion itself is ugly; few can bear to look at the images of what abortion does to its unborn victims. And it’s cruel to the child, whose life is ended only weeks after it has begun.image003

    But abortion is also cruel to women. It’s a cruel society that says to a woman, “To be free you must participate in the killing of your own child.”

    I know that many women face a desperate situation when they turn to abortion. But I haven’t given up hope that we can make this world kinder and beautiful world by offering women something better than abortion, which too often leaves them trapped in the ugliness and cruelty you lament.

    I hope you can put these 32 newborn diapers to use. But I also hope you will reflect on all those children — especially the next 32 scheduled to be aborted at Summit — who won’t live to have their diapers changed by someone who cares for them.

    Yours for Life,
    Eric Scheidler

    P. S. If you ever want to talk again, you’ve got my number.

  • Pro-Life NZ applauds the Super Bowl commercial for McDonald’s entitled, “Pay With Lovin’” that features, although very briefly, a young girl with Down syndrome:
YouTube Preview Image

[Photos via The Telegraph; Pro-Life Action League]

70 physicians join pro-lifers to block new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic


On May 3, a group of 70 physicians took out a full page ad on page 2 of the Osceola News Gazette to encourage Kissimmee, Florida, citizens to join them in attempting to keep Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando from opening an abortion mill in their community, which is just 20 minutes from Walt Disney World.

Many of the physicians oppose PPGO because they are pro-life. Others are incensed on a professional level, because Planned Parenthood wants to open up shop in the middle of a large complex of medical office buildings, pictured below, directly across the street from a hospital. They fear Planned Parenthood’s presence will negatively impact their business, property value, and harmony, all of which are absolutely true.

Oak Commons where Planned Parenthood wants to place an abortion clinic

Planned Parenthood kept its plan secret until March, when pro-lifer Jay Rogers  discovered its scheme while researching another proposed abortion clinic.

As it turns out, PPGO purchased its 8,800 sq. ft. building in December 2013 from Orthopaedic Associates of Osceola for $1.4 million, this only after Adventist Health Systems (aka Florida Hospital System), which held the deed to the property, signed a waiver to a restriction  that specified “the performance of elective termination of pregnancies is prohibited.” Seventh Day Adventists are woefully pro-abortion.

Not only that, they’re apparently spiteful. The hospital across the street from the proposed PPGO abortion millOsceola Regional Medical Centeris not part of the Adventist hospital system, so AHS’s signing of the waiver was noncolleagial, to put it mildly. AHS opened a can of worms, placed it on its competitor’s doorstep, and ran. ORMC is sure to get Planned Parenthood’s abortion botches as well as pro-life protests and prayer vigils on the sidewalk between it and the clinic.

The doctors at Orthopaedic Associates, who still have an office in the Oak Commons complex, also double-crossed their colleagues. I’m told by Dr. John Littell, who is spearheading the effort to oust Planned Parenthood before it can embed, that the entire medical community is now snubbing the group and refusing to refer patients. One can express umbrage with these doctors, some of whom are Catholichere. 

Jenna Tosh, CEO of Planned Parenthood Greater Orlando AbortionPPGO CEO Jenna Tosh (pictured right), whose brother-in-law is pro-abortion comedian Daniel Tosh, made no secret of the fact PPGO is “excited” to target the area’s predominantly Hispanic population.

Planned Parenthood’s new abortion clinic is slated to open the end of May.

But there are still several hurdles.

One is zoning. The area is zoned B-5 for medical – not surgical – offices. If Planned Parenthood is allowed to proceed, it will be the first surgical facility allowed under the B-5 zoning restriction.

Pro-lifer Katy Shultman, who attended the May 5 Kissimmee City Commission Meeting, told me Mayor Jim Swan and City Attorney Don Smallwood both claimed the city is helpless to enforce the zoning restriction, having been preempted by the state to regulate abortion clinics. They also both fretted Planned Parenthood would sue and cost the city millions in legal fees.

So does this mean Planned Parenthood is above the law? Can Planned Parenthood simply flout zoning restrictions with no ramifications? As was pointed out at a recent city  commission meeting, quoting forerunner.com:

Littell argued that it is nearly impossible to get a pain clinic licensed in the city. Strip clubs are not allowed within city limits. Recently, a funeral home was not allowed to open next to a McDonalds. Littell urged the city to consider how an abortion center could be allowed to open, when more stringent laws are applied to far less less dangerous and offensive businesses.

Attorney Maureen Arago, who is working with the doctors and pro-life groups to block Planned Parenthood, told me they will sue the city if it refuses to enforce its own zoning restrictions. She said she is receiving input from two national pro-life legal powerhouses,  Alliance Defending Freedom and Life Legal Defense Foundation, to explore additional options.

Meanwhile, the Kissimmee community has indeed expressed overwhelming opposition to Planned Parenthoood’s presence in their city:

Orlando Sentinel poll showing 72% oppose new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic

Stay tuned.

[In addition to the pro-lifers named in the post, thanks to Brad Fischetti, Annette CayerMichele Herzog, and moderator Carder for their input.]

Pro-life blog buzz 8-16-13

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • At Secular Pro-Life, Frank Ludwig investigates the frequency of infanticide occurring in abortion facilities:

    Abortion rights campaigners continue to claim that Gosnell was an isolated case, but there are multiple indications, such as the mentioned statements of Melanie Green, Jill Stanek, [TX abortion Douglas] Karpen’s employees, Planned Parenthood and Dr. Emily’s assistant, among many others, that the gosnelling of newborn children is a common method of dealing with failed abortion attempts, in some cases even against the wishes of the mother.


  • At Stand True, Bryan Kemper shares ten things students can do to speak for the preborn at their schools:

    It is time for us to shine the light on this darkness and be a witness in our schools. This generation must be willing to stand and expose the lies of Planned Parenthood and free young people from the bondage of their deadly cycles.

  • Michael J. New points out two recent instances of mainstream media getting it “mostly right” on abortion. He also breaks down some recent abortion polling data among professing Catholics.
  • ProWomanProLife links to an appalling story about an adoptive mother (with a Master’s degree in Special Education), who has had two of her special needs children removed from her care because she had placed them on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet under the supervision of her doctor. See video here.


  • ProLife NZ points out the use of the term “royal baby” used by the media to describe George, the son of Prince William and Kate, before birth – and what that might mean, both for pro-lifers and pro-choicers.
  • Right to Life of Michigan highlights a First Things article in response to a Washington Post editorial decrying the mandating of standards for abortion facilities and doctors. George Weigel at First Things writes:

    In many states, abortuaries are not required to meet health and safety standards required of the local McDonald’s or Wendy’s. After testimony in the Gosnell case depicted a foul, cluttered, ghoulish “clinic” in which basic sanitary standards were massively violated, how can anyone reasonably suggest that the case for protecting women by enforcing proper sanitation and safety standards for surgical procedures is “weak”?

How can anyone reasonably suggest that there is a “weak case” for requiring that those who perform those procedures have the minimal professional credentials of other surgeons and doctors? How can anyone plausibly and conscientiously claim to promote “women’s health” by resisting such regulations?

  • ProLifeBlogs features an Operation Rescue report of another ambulance transport (this time with the patient needing “advanced life support”) from a “filthy” Virginia abortion mill that has a “history of unsafe conditions.” The state recently passed a law requiring inspections:

    The problems at Falls Church Healthcare are more evidence that a safety crisis exists at abortion clinics across America where shoddy, hazardous practices akin to those found in Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia “House of Horrors” are the norm, not the exception.

YouTube Preview Image

[Will and Kate photo via memphisrap.com]

Pro-life news brief 6-11-13

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Arizona lawmakers are working on legislation to allow abortion clinics to be inspected without announcement and without a warrant. Planned Parenthood is opposed. One state legislator pointed out the silliness of requiring a warrant to have an unannounced inspection of an abortion clinic:

    Rep. John Kavanagh, RFountain Hills, pointed out there is no warrant requirement for other state-licensed medical facilities, and that health inspectors need no warrant to check out the conditions in the food-preparation areas of the local McDonald’s restaurant, an operation Kavanagh said is far less dangerous to public safety.

    “An inspector can mosey in any time, unannounced, to protect the public,” he said.


  • Bollywood star Jiah Khan (pictured left) recently committed suicide. In her suicide note, she mentions numerous issues with her boyfriend including a recent abortion. Khan wrote to her boyfriend:

    I aborted our baby when it hurt me deeply. You destroyed my Christmas and my birthday dinner when I came back. When I tried my hardest to make your birthday special. You chose to be away from me on Valentines Day. You promised me once we made it to one year we would get engaged. All you want in life is partying, your women and your selfish motives.

  • A police officer in Pawtucket, Rhode Island has resigned after a domestic violence incident in which he attacked his ex-girlfriend after she refused to have an abortion.
  • Planned Parenthood might close an abortion clinic in Appleton, Wisconsin if the state legislature passes a law to require abortionists to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles:

    On Monday, the bill requiring clinic physicians to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles was approved by the Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee on a party-line 3-2 vote, with Republicans in the majority. The bill also requires an ultrasound before every abortion.

    Planned Parenthood’s Nicole Safar said applying for admitting privileges could take months and wouldn’t happen before the bill takes effect.

    “If this bill passes in the time frame they are proposing, we are closing the doors,” Safar said, referring to the Appleton clinic.

[Photo via LifeNews]

Breaking: Bishop suspends Fr. Frank Pavone from Priests for Life

1:49p: Just spoke with another inside source, very reliable. This sounds pretty simply like jealousy to me. Quoting the source:

People have been complaining about Priests for Life for decades – about the success of its fundraising, and the success of Fr. Pavone’s preaching, and his ability to organize and get things done.

It was for this very reason that Fr. Pavone hired a huge accounting firm in the early 2000s to look at PFL’s books. The firm interviewed staff and analyzed PFL’s finances and gave it an “all clear.”

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Congresswoman criticized who compared “Christian militant” abortion clinic bombers to Islamic jihadists

So Sheila, these Islamofascist terrorists want America destroyed: liberals, conservatives, Christians, Jews, the young, the old, the good-looking, the ugly, the capricorns, the geminis, the golfers, the ballers, the snowboarders, the skiers, the Burger Kings and the McDonald’s, the Albertson’s and the WalMarts, the heterosexuals, the homosexuals, the bisexuals and the trisexuals, Morehouse or the White House, and yes, even the abortion clinics.

If it’s on American soil, and if it ain’t their model of Islam, they want to see it all burn!

~ Zo criticizing Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (DTX) (pictured above), who compared militant Christianthat blow up abortion clinics to Islamic militant jihadists, PJTV’S ZoNation, June 23

Austin becomes second city to pass ordinance targeting pregnancy care centers

Thank goodness I read Psalm 37 this morning, which I just had to reread. Otherwise I might be throwing things after reading this news story, from Statesman.com, today:

Pregnancy centers that don’t offer or refer clients to abortion services or birth control services will now have to say that on signs posted at their facilities, the Austin City Council decided in a unanimous vote this morning.

spelman 2.jpg

Council Member Bill Spelman [pictured left] proposed the idea because he said it can be unclear to visitors to the centers what services they offer. The centers are not medical clinics and typically offer adoption counseling, pregnancy tests and financial assistance to women with unplanned pregnancies, but not other services, Spelman said.
Baltimore is the only other city in the nation that has passed a similar law…. It won’t affect Planned Parenthood clinics or local or state health clinics that provide or refer clients to abortion and birth control services….

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BK’s new “pornoburger”

What is it with these burger joints selling more sex than food? Burger King has jumped on the trashy bandwagon with its latest campaign for the “BK Super Seven Incher.” Just take a gander at the innuendo-laden ad:
Ed Morrissey of Hot Air noted…

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