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Abortionist quack sells clinic to sexually abusive abortionist

steven-brighamby Kelli

Brigham sold his interests to his medical director, Vikram Kaji, whose medical license was suspended in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the mid-1990s for sexually abusing patients and wrongly prescribing controlled substances.

In 2013, the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners found that Kaji, 79, “had failed to adequately fulfill his responsibilities as medical director,” a job that includes overseeing controlled substances. Kaji admitted he had suffered a stroke that had affected his memory and vision, and was ordered to undergo “neuropsychological evaluation,” according to public records….

Pennsylvania banished Brigham [pictured right] after years of intermittent sanctions for flouting health and safety laws, particularly by employing unqualified or unlicensed workers in his clinics.

Among those workers: Kaji, a Bombay-trained obstetrician-gynecologist.

Kaji went to work for Brigham in the mid-1990s while his license was restricted in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Kaji admitted having sex with a patient in his Yardley office, improperly prescribing controlled substances for her, and giving two other patients improper rectal or breast exams.

~ Marie McCullough, The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 28

Pro-life blog buzz 7-1-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

  • Americans United for Life praises yesterday’s Supreme Court decision, with CEO Charmaine Yoest remarking that it was “a victory for common-sense as pro-life Americans do not lose their First Amendment freedoms when they open a family business or when they value unborn life”. But the battle is far from over, as “[a]bortion is woven into the healthcare law at multiple levels, making repeal of the law a pro-life necessity.”


  • Fletcher Armstrong has two excellent posts discussing pro-choicers’ attempts to use misdirection and propaganda to stifle free pro-life speech.
  • Big Blue Wave links to an article in The Atlantic about the rise of black market abortion pills, with a prediction that this will be the new front for abortion activists.
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is happy to report that New Jersey has withdrawn its assisted suicide bill due to lack of support.
  • American Life League’s Judie Brown gives examples of how different organizations in our culture – like Planned Parenthood – are successfully instilling their “values” of sexual immorality into our children.
  • Abstinence Clearinghouse highlights Janice Crouse’s excellent article on the myths of recreational sex. Crouse writes:
    The harsh realities of casual, drunken sex should make the choice of abstinence very simple. If there were more honest discussion of the pain caused by promiscuity, the market value of virginity would dramatically increase. Young people need to choose carefully. Sex can never be free; choices always have consequences. We cannot expect young people to act responsibly when neither adults nor the culture is providing the best possible information to encourage self-discipline and self-control, which are the surest keys to young people’s long-term well-being.
  • Live Action shares a video that clearly explains how Hobby Lobby’s refusal to embrace abortion-inducing drugs is not just about religion, but is based in science:
    The case may seem confusing, because Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act) is confusing. But believe it or not, the science behind Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit is not confusing. In fact this simplistic video explains in under 3 minutes why the company’s owners have a problem with being forced to cover free emergency contraception in their employees’ benefits packages.

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Pro-life blog buzz 6-17-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Abstinence Clearinghouse says Facebook has decided to contribute to the gender identification confusion by providing users with a myriad of choices – far beyond simply “male” or “female” – with which to identify:

    In February 2014, Facebook made the startling announcement that they would provide 58 gender choices for their users to choose from. The typical identities such as male or female, heterosexual, gay or lesbian can be found on the list. But there are numerous other obscure options such as “Pangender” and “Two-Spirit.” When this “buffet-style approach” to gender becomes available to Facebook users, it places biology as secondary and allows users to describe themselves by however they “feel like” at the time.


  • Bound4Life, Live Action, and Down on the Pharm all react to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s recent announcement that they will not fund abortion. Is this a true change of mind and heart or a deception, and will they suffer blowback from the abortion industry? Bound4Life writes:

    This is huge news as the Gates have always been not just “pro-choice” in their philanthropic endeavors, but radical abortion activists. According to Breitbart, “The Gates Foundation has together awarded the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Planned Parenthood of Western Washington, and other Planned Parenthood affiliates approximately $71 million in grants from prior to 2009 and through 2013.

  • Live Action says even though people like Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane would like to turn sex-selective abortion into a joke, the public isn’t laughing:

    Although Planned Parenthood may take a blase attitude to all of this, most Americans do not. Polls show that an overwhelming majority of the public is opposed to gendercide, with a significant portion also concerned about fetal suffering. You can add your voice to that number by signing Live Action’s petition calling for Planned Parenthood to be stripped of the half a billion in federal funding that it receives. Girls already face plenty of challenges; a federally subsidized death shouldn’t be one of them.

  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition says the best way to prevent elder abuse (which is on the rise) is to say no to legalized assisted suicide in New Jersey.
  • The Leading Edge has 10 pressing questions for New Zealand’s Green Party about their “rushed and badly crafted” proposed abortion policy:

    It seems that the Greens have had to do a spot of damage control since Friday’s announcement that the introduction of a new extreme abortion law in New Zealand is going to be one of their key priorities for the upcoming general election.


  • Clinic Quotes posts a reader’s amazing testimony of aborting a child with Down syndrome (to spare the entire family the burden of caring for the child) only to end up in preterm labor during her subsequent pregnancy, in which she gave birth to a child with special needs. The reader says she has learned something important since the birth of her son:

    But what I have learned in the 5 years since he was born amazes me more. I have learned that I do have the strength to raise this child. That yes, the drs. appts. and therapies which at the beginning seemed all encompassing, fade into the past as he grows older. I have seen my daughter grow beautifully into a compassionate and loving person. The experience of having a brother with special needs has exposed her to something that I always said I would teach my children. That different isn’t bad… that what makes a person beautiful isn’t what you can see with your eyes.

  • Coming Home has some strong words for President Obama regarding the deaths of children in school shootings:

    WHY are these shootings taking place, and WHY now? We have tighter restrictions on gun purchase and ownership than in any time in America. There is a seeming proportionality between restrictions and violence, but even that cannot explain the motives….

    Obama is too myopically focused on the gun to see the coarsening to life that he himself has championed his whole adult life. He fails to see the 57 million babies torn apart in abortion….

    He fails to see an African American community decimated by 15 million missing members from abortion…. But blaming Obama is as myopic as the president’s vision.

    We have brought all of this upon ourselves. We live in a constitutional republic: limited powers to government with elected officials. We have been too narcissistic and hedonistic to care about the destruction wrought by these men and women who come from us, and are a reflection of us. We have lived lives, as a people, that are out of control and have raised children in a coarsened and calloused environment of our own making….

    The only difference between the victims of Columbine, Sandy Hook, the other school shootings, and the 57 million butchered babies is that these children in school were wanted children.

[Photos via brogzinho.wordpress.com and mdbeau.blogspot.com]

NJ judge cites Roe as reason to ban fathers from children’s births

grunge_no_dads_allowed_sign_photo_cut_out-ra27a555662e4456797c6086cc44bc281_x7saz_8byvr_324by Kelli

Superior Court Judge Sohail Mohammed said all patients — and pregnant women especially — enjoy strong privacy protections that let them decide who can be at their hospital bedside.

Fathers, on the other hand, have no established legal right to be present at the birth of their children, the judge wrote.

“Any interest a father has before the child’s birth is subordinate to the mother’s interests,” Mohammed wrote. “Even when there is no doubt that a father has shown deep and proper concern and interest in the growth and development of the fetus, the mother is the one who must carry it to term.”…

The mother’s privacy rights won the day, the judge wrote, because of a pair of landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions on abortion — Roe v. Wade from 1973 and Planned Parenthood v. Casey from 1992. The high court established in those rulings that an expectant mother has a stronger right over her body and over her unborn child than the father. A court majority in Casey ruled that women are not even required to tell their spouses about abortions, Mohammed noted….

~ Salvador Rizzo, The Star-Ledger, March 12

[HT: Laura Loo; graphic via zazzle.com]

Pro-life news brief 2-6-14

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • This is a great paragraph in the Washington Post’s GovBeat blog regarding which states have the highest and lowest abortion rates:

    The highest abortion rates recorded were in New York, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Delaware and New Jersey, with 27 to 34 abortions per thousand women ages 15 to 44. Wyoming, Mississippi, South Dakota, Kentucky and Missouri had the lowest, at one to five per thousand.

  • A local Arkansas TV station has a story on a pro-life billboard and a woman who chose life for her unborn child.
  • In Pennsylvania, a woman has been charged with “a felony count of medical consultation and judgment” after getting abortion drugs online and giving them to her teen daughter:

    On Feb. 6, 2012, her daughter was transported to the Geisinger Medical Center emergency room with severe abdominal pain. Medical records obtained by police stated she was “treated for an incomplete abortion and a urinary tract infection.”


  • At The Nation, Michelle Goldberg writes about the New Yorker piece on abortionist Steven Brigham (pictured left):

    The important question, though, is what makes them vulnerable to exploitation. Without a doubt, Brigham’s ability to operate represents a legal and regulatory failure, one aided by official indifference to poor women’s health care. But, like [Philadelphia abortionist Kermit] Gosnell, his business depended on the stigma around abortion and the difficulty many women have in accessing safe procedures.

She should have stopped after the second sentence. Brigham has centered his operations in New Jersey and Maryland, both of which use state tax dollars to fund abortions and where access to abortion is not difficult.

[Photo via philly.com]

Pro-life blog buzz 12-17-13

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Live Action News dissects Planned Parenthood’s 2012 annual report, which shows that the organization performed 327,166 abortions – allowing them to maintain their “largest abortion chain” status:

    For taxpayers who don’t want to fund abortions, this should be especially troubling, considering that Planned Parenthood is raking in a whopping $540.6 million in taxpayer funding, or $1.5 million per day. This accounts for 45% of their revenue. Compare that to their other sources of revenue — private contributions, 26%; non-government revenue, 25%; and “other”, 4% — and it is overwhelmingly clear why the abortion industry fights to keep organizations like Planned Parenthood on the government dole. Without taxpayers to leech off of, Planned Parenthood alone would lose half a billion dollars.

Assisted Suicide - No

  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition updates us on five states (Connecticut, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Massachusetts) that are currently debating legalizing assisted suicide:

    Americans need to become more aware of the threat that assisted suicide poses. Even though polls indicate that more Americans oppose assisted suicide than support it, very few Americans are aware of the push being mounted by the assisted suicide lobby.

  • Kansans for Life says “The Internal Revenue Service has proposed new rules for political activity by nonprofits – overturning more than 50 years of settled law – in order to conceal the true political record of pro-abortion politicians.”
  • Abstinence Clearinghouse links to blogger Matt Walsh’s response to a young man who was ridiculed by his high school sex ed instructor for believing in abstinence.
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life explains the ruling of Doe v. Gomez, decided on December 15, 1995, which obligated Minnesota taxpayers to pay for abortions, “something not required by the U.S. Supreme Court“:

    The Supreme Court’s Doe v. Gomez decision established a new state constitutional “right” to abortion on demand. This supposed right would remain protected by the state Constitution even if Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision legalizing abortion in the United States, were to be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Doe v. Gomez allows abortions for reasons such as “stress” or “discomfort.” It forbids the state to “interfere” in any way with a woman’s “decision making” regarding abortion.

    Doe v. Gomez also obligates the state — and thus, taxpayers — to pay for abortions…. From June 1994 (under an earlier decision) through 2011, state taxpayers paid more than $19.9 million for 62,252 abortions, according to MDHS. In 2011 alone (the most recent statistics available), state taxpayers paid $1.2 million for 3,693 abortions (MDHS). The state does not report how many women have been hurt or killed from these abortions.


  • Down on the Pharm updates readers on a previous blog about Joshua Ackley (pictured right, foreground), a publicist representing Girl Scouts of America by day and Homopunk band member by night. Since this news about Ackley’s lifestyle has been exposed, he has been moved to a less visible position within the GSUSA organization. Apparently, “[the] worry among the scout moms was that, with this stuff on his mind, he’s not the person to be interacting with the girls, or representing the scouting organization.”
  • Judie Brown of American Life League explains the difference between ethics and morality:

    We see that ethics today are not always grounded in sound, moral reason and common sense. In fact, as one expert defines it, today we actually have two sets of medical ethics—and the worst of it is that the wrong-headed set is prevailing. On the one side we have secular bioethics. On the other we have the moral law.

    The problem with secular bioethics is, of course, that the natural law is tossed out the window in favor of what one or two so-called experts believe to be the best idea at any given time for deciding what is acceptable and what is not. This is where professionals like [the pro-infanticide] Dr. Minerva found their calling.

    But on the other side of the aisle we find the professionals, including physicians, educators, lawmakers, and common ordinary folks like you and me who understand that making rational decisions or providing intelligent solutions to complex questions requires a grounding in the moral law.

Latest CDC report reveals minorites having most abortions

by Kelli

cdc1The CDC Abortion Surveillance Report dated November 29, 2013 reveals that in 2010, 56.7% of abortions reported to the CDC nationwide were done on Hispanic and Black women….

According to the CDC Abortion Surveillance Report there were 415,479 abortions for known ethnicity reported for selected states in 2010. 153,045 (or 36.8 percent) were non-Hispanic white babies, 148,261 (or 35.7 percent) were non-Hispanic black babies, 87,240 (or 21.0 percent) were Hispanic babies, and 26,933 (or 6.5 percent) were babies of other races or ethnicities….

The report reveals that a majority of Black or Hispanic babies were aborted in New Jersey (55.9 percent), the District of Columbia (64.8 percent) and Georgia (73.2 percent).

~ The Global Dispatch, December 5

The press release post also headlines: “81.9 percent of babies aborted in New York City, 63.7 percent in Texas were Black or Hispanic.”

More here.

Pro-life news brief 12-5-13

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Jorge Martin-Santana, a medical assistant at a Sacramento Planned Parenthood, has been charged with sexual battery for allegedly touching a patient inappropriately in October.
  • A Washington city may pull a grant from a family resource center which provides information directing women to abortion-referring clinics.
  • Notorious abortionist Steven Brigham is back in the news after New Jersey prosecutors revealed that Brigham lied under oath about whether he had malpractice insurance.:

    Now, as Brigham, 57, tries to regain his license, New Jersey prosecutors have submitted evidence that his sworn statement was yet another lie. They allege that not only did he stop carrying required liability insurance around 2006, but last month produced a phony insurance policy when forced to back up the statement.

    The Bermuda-based company that purportedly issued his policy was itself a sham. It has not issued policies since 2006, when the company operator went to jail for insurance fraud and money laundering, according to legal papers filed Nov. 27 by New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Jeri L. Warhaftig.

    “Brigham also produced a fraudulent receipt for payment for a policy issued by” the sham company, Warhaftig wrote.

Chris Smith

  • ABC covered Rep. Chris Smith’s (pictured left) announcement that the vast majority of health plans offered to Congress and their staffers include abortion coverage:

    The disclosure Wednesday by abortion opponent Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., also highlights an emerging issue nationally: It may be hard for individual consumers to determine whether abortion is a covered benefit in plans offered through the new online insurance markets.

    For government insiders, there’s another twist: Lawmakers and their staffs now appear to be the only federal employees with access to abortion coverage through their government-supported health insurance plans.

    Smith said only nine of the 112 insurance plans offered to members of Congress and their staffs through the Washington, D.C., insurance market exclude abortion as a covered benefit.

[Photo via catholicfire.blogspot.com]