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Seinfeld on new fatherhood initiative: “Being there” matters

by Carder

SeinfeldIt’s such a gigantic piece of life for the man, and even more so for the child, because the lack of a father in the child’s life is a very big factor in perpetuating the poverty cycle….

Fathers always think, ‘Well I have to know a lot,’ and what they have to know is that the biggest part of it is being there.

~ Comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld (pictured with actress Gwyneth Paltrow), who “helped spearhead the Baby Buggy Fatherhood Initiative to provide resources to new fathers and to encourage their continued participation in their children’s lives,” People, June 21

Bruce Jenner wanted ex-wife to abort daughter

Casey Jennerby Carder

Bruce Jenner wanted his first wife to get an abortion when she found out she was pregnant during the middle of their divorce in the late 1970s, his daughter said.

In the same interview where Jenner made his debut as “Caitlyn,” Casey Jenner (pictured) told Vanity Fair the story of her birth.

Jenner married Chrystie Crownover in 1972, and the two had a son, Burt. They found out she was pregnant with Casey halfway through their divorce, and Casey said her mom told her that Bruce first suggested getting an abortion but “rejected it after 30 seconds.”…

But Chrystie once said the plan for the abortion went a lot further than just “30 seconds.” In a 1981 interview with People magazine, she said she came close to going through with the abortion simply because Bruce wanted it, even going as far as to pay for it.

~ The Daily Caller, June 2

Woman “mooed” by coworkers for pumping breast milk

VanDePitteby Carder

When she interviewed with the company in 2012, Van De Pitte told supervisors she needed some flexibility because she had two young children and was still nursing her 1-year-old son, and would need a private space where she could pump during the work day, according to the complaint.

On her first day of work, another nursing mother told her that the “private space” was the company’s supply room. Her co-worker then cautioned her to keep her breast pump hidden because other employees thought it was “gross.”

~ Christine Pelisek reporting on the gender discrimination lawsuit brought by employee Monica Van De Pitte (pictured with her family) against a company that tolerated harassment against her, especially when she would pump breast milk, People, December 7

[HT: Hans Johnson; Photo via: Oregon Live]

Pro-life/family petition drives to keep Duggars on air quickly overwhelm homosexual petition


On August 20, homosexual activists launched a petition drive to get the Duggar family’s 19 Kids and Counting show kicked off TLC. The Duggars are open about their Biblical view that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

The homosexual campaign was slow going until the Duggars removed a photo of two men kissing from their Facebook page on November 11, this after encouraging married couples to post pictures of themselves kissing.

At this point homosexuals kicked their campaign into high gear, garnering attention from such media outlets as E! Online, People, Huffington Post, and Washington Post. Their petition drive has 160,757* signatures at present.

But pro-lifers and pro-family activists have responded with gusto.

After just three days, a LifeSiteNews.com petition, also supported by the Benham brothers and Steven Crowder, had surpassed the homosexual petition drive with 171,355* signatures as of this writing.

But there are also two other petition drives underway with the same purpose, and they, too, have received loads of support in a very short time. A new LifeNews.com petition already has 28,554* signatures, and yet another petition supported on a Michelle Duggar Facebook fan page has 53,571* signatures. Yet another pro-Duggar petition, this one sponsored by Personhood USA, has 22,256* signatures at present.

At this point, after only three days, pro-life and pro-family supporters have amassed over 275,736 signatures in support of the Duggars – almost double the number accumulated by homosexual activists in three months!

If you haven’t signed a petition, please do. Hey, sign them all! It’s the Obama-supported Chicago Way!

UPDATE, 5:20p: *Numbers have all been adjusted to current time. Also, LifeSiteNews.com reported this afternoon it singlehandedly blew past the homosexual petition, again, after only 3 days.

[HT: Monte Harms]

Jennifer Garner: Permanent baby bump a testament to my children

Jennifer Garner baby bump?“I am not pregnant, but I have had three kids and there is a bump,” said Garner, shooting down speculation that she and husband Ben Affleck were expecting baby No. 4 after paparazzi photos over the summer showed her with a bit of a rounded tummy….

“I get congratulated all the time by people I know. This one woman who had babysat for us said, ‘Oh, my gosh! I can’t wait for No. 4,’ and I thought, ‘What is going on?’ ” Garner said. “So I asked around and apparently I have a baby bump, and I’m here to tell you that I do!”

While Hollywood demands physical perfection, the… star says she’s fine knowing that after three children, her midsection is a little more curvaceous. And people who see her will just have to deal….

“From now on, ladies, I will have a bump, and it will be my baby bump. It’s not going anywhere,” she said. “Its name is Violet, Sam and Sera.”

~ People magazine, reporting on 42-yr-old actress Jennifer Garner’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to quell the rumors, October 8

[HT: reader Denise; photo via eonline.com]

Actress Jenny Mollen didn’t like kids – until she had one

jenny-mollen and familyby Carder

I was never the girl who yearned for children. I pretended to be interested in other people’s kids, but that was obviously just an act.

The truth was, children scared me. I knew that no matter what I did as a parent, I was bound to do some things wrong….

I wasn’t completely connected [during pregnancy]. I didn’t know how I could love something more than my dogs….

I worried that I hadn’t done enough with my life, that I wasn’t equipped to be the kind of mother he needed….

A nurse walked back over and placed my newborn son on my chest…. I cradled him in my arms the way I’d seen people hold babies in movies and tried to console him.

I was instantly and completely transformed. In that moment I knew I’d never be the person I was before, because now, I didn’t seem to matter that much. I was no longer concerned with accumulating the most Twitter followers or scoring the best parking spot at Whole Foods.

I wasn’t ready for kids. I was just ready for him.

~ Actress Jenny Mollen (pictured with husband Jason Biggs and son Sid), whose serious doubts about becoming a mother were immediately changed after giving birth, in an essay for Cosmopolitan via People, March 13

[Photo via Jenny Mollen]