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Insane: Judge orders OTC emergency contraception to all ages nationwide

FE_PR_081204_pills_540425x283One round of emergency contraceptives contains four to 12 times the dosage of a birth control pill.

The long-term effects of emergency contraception on the bodies of girls and women are as yet unknown.

At present we do know the Pill is composed of synthetic female steroids that are environmentally toxic, increase the risk of breast cancer, alter phermones, kill libido, and cause depression, anxiety, and mood disturbances.

And we know easy access to emergency contraception is used by men to exploit women. By extension it is easy to surmise men might use it to exploit girls they are sexually abusing.

And we also know that increased availability of emergency contraception has caused many women to use what was supposed to be “plan b” as “plan a” – their primary method of birth control, this despite its abysmal failure rate. Quoting the New York Times, June 5, 2012:

The pregnancy prevention rates are probably lower than scientists and pill makers originally thought, he said – in some studies as low as 52 percent for Plan B and 62 percent for Ella.

JudgeKormanIt is into this mix that Federal District Court Judge Edward Korman, a Reagan appointee and pictured right, ruled this morning that emergency contraception must be made available other the counter nationwide to all ages (and genders). From U.S. News & World Report:

In his decision, Korman… said he had hoped the FDA would make the pill available without age restriction after his 2009 decision.”It was my view that the decision whether to make Plan B available without a prescription regardless of age was one that should be made by the FDA … not by a federal district judge,” he said in his decision.

In 2011, President Barack Obama said that he supported the FDA’s decision to not make the pill available to people of all ages.

“[The FDA] could not be confident that a 10-year-old or an 11-year-old [that goes] into a drugstore, should be able – alongside bubble gum or batteries – to buy a medication that potentially, if not used properly, could end up having an adverse effect,” he said. “The question is can we have the confidence that [adolescents] would potentially use Plan B properly.”

Korman argued that Plan B “would be among the safest drugs sold over-the-counter” and the FDA’s argument that young people could misuse the drug was very “unpersuasive.” He said he believed the FDA was under pressure from the George W. Bush administration to keep the drug age-restricted and that the case “has proven to be particularly controversial because it involves access to emergency contraception for adolescents who should not be engaging in conduct that necessitates the use of such drugs.”

He said that, legally, the argument is invalid.

“The standards are the same for aspirin and for contraceptives,” he said. “The standard for determining whether contraceptives or any other drug should be available over-the-counter turns solely on the ability of the consumer to understand how to use the particular drug ‘safely and correctly.'”

All I can say is this is insane. How ludicrous to call these pills “among the safest drugs sold over-the-counter” and to claim the Obama administration was somehow being hogtied by the ghost of the Bush administration.

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Photos of forcibly aborted late-term baby in China spark worldwide outrage

On May 30, 20 local Chinese officials dragged 23-yr-old pregnant mother Feng Jianmei from her home and held her three days for a 40,000 yuan ($6250) ransom before killing her seven-month-old baby en utero by lethal injection and delivering her tiny corpse after family failed to come up with the cash.

Feng and her husband Deng Jiayuan had failed to complete the proper paperwork required for rural families to have a second child. They already had a six-yr-old daughter.

On June 11 photographs taken by Feng’s cousin of Feng next to her murdered baby appeared on the Internet, with International outrage ensuing. This video news report alleges the photo itself was posted by Family Planning Officials, perhaps as a “warning” to other families of what happens when families do not comply with the law. According to USA Today:

In years past, Feng’s forced abortion would have happened with little public reaction, but Internet-based social media tools allow individual Chinese to take their stories directly to the people and are forcing the government to address complaints.

As of Thursday, comments on Feng’s abortion neared 1 million on the Twitter-like microblog site Sina Weibo.

According to ABC, all stories mentioning Feng have now been scrubbed in China.

Meanwhile, government authorities, who at first denied any wrong-doing, finally admitted “the abortion was illegal,” according to The Daily Telegraph, which also reported:

“At the hospital they held her down,” said Mr Deng to All Girls Allowed, a Christian organisation in the United States that campaigns against the One Child policy. “They covered her head with a pillowcase. She could not do anything because they were restraining her,” he added. He said his wife had tried to kill herself after the abortion.

Mrs Feng told All Girls Allowed that she could “feel the baby jumping around inside me all the time, but then she went still”….

Chai Ling, of All Girls Allowed, said officials had “launched a campaign of forced abortions”. Li Yuongjiou, of Ankang’s family planning department, told Caixin, a magazine, that the town had missed its targets under the One Child policy for two years, and this year there was an emphasis on stricter enforcement.

According to ABC News, the distraught Feng slit her wrists. MSNBC reported last night that “three officials would be relieved of their duties” in the wake of the murder and that a deputy mayor had apologized to the couple. A lot of good that will do.

The Susan B. Anthony List is calling on President Obama to condemn China’s One-Child forced abortion/sterilization policy and to immediately cut off funding to the United Nations Population Fund, which helps facilitate China’s horrific family planning program. Both Presidents Obama and Clinton reinstated funding to UNFPA after Presidents G.W. Bush and Reagan cut it off. Under Obama’s watch the U.S. has given $145 million to UNFPA, and he has requested another $47 million in his 2012 budget.

But vocal opposition from Obama may be slow to come, since China holds the largest share, 26%, of the United States’ $15.77 trillion debt.

Meanwhile, if any U.S. feminist or abortion groups are outraged by the forced denial of Feng’s “choice,” I can’t find evidence.

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Worldwide population control and abortion funding in global warming bill co-sponsored by Gingrich

Newt Gingrich recently called the global warming ad he made with Nancy Pelosi in 2008 “the dumbest single thing I’ve done in years.”

But that ad didn’t come out of nowhere. Nineteen years earlier Gingrich and Pelosi were co-sponsors of the Global Warming Prevention Act of 1989, which contained devastating anti-life language and funding.

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Court decision allowing continuance of taxpayer funded embryo experimentation not final word

On April 29, in a 2 to 1 decision, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued its final opinion on a preliminary injunction in the Sherley v. Sebelius case.

Recall adult stem cell researchers filed this lawsuit, contending that President Obama’s authorization of taxpayer funding of new embryonic stem cell research violates the Dickey-Wicker ban on federal funding for research that involves harming or destroying embryos.

This is not a final decision on the case overall. It is a decision on the preliminary injunction that was issued by Judge Royce C. Lamberth on August 23, 2010, which halted funding while the case was being considered. On September 9, 2010, the DC Court of Appeals granted an administrative stay, temporarily lifting the preliminary injunction.

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Stanek weekend question: Why are social conservatives losing the gay debate but winning the pro-life debate?

Are social conservatives losing the gay debate but winning the pro-life debate? If so, why? And does this really matter to pro-lifers?

Conservative politico Matt Lewis wrote at Politics Daily on December 10:

Social conservative groups… don’t have the juice they used to. Nobody on the right wants to admit this publicly, but they’ve lost clout in recent years….

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Jivin J’s Life Links 6-11-10

web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • I think IN Gov. Mitch Daniels might regret saying this when being asked follow-up questions regarding his “truce on social issues” idea:
  • To clarify whether Daniels simply wants to de-emphasize these issues or actually not act on them, I asked if, as president, he would issue an executive order to reinstate Reagan’sMexico City Policy” his first week in office. (Obama revoked the policy during his first week in office.) Daniels replied, “I don’t know.”…

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    Sunday funny 1-31-10

    This cartoon was posted as “Views America” at GoComics.com January 29 and comes via Cartoon Arts International
    cartoon 1-31 viewsamerica gocomics 1-29 umbilical cord cut.gif
    I’m perhaps not the only pro-lifer who finds poignant, obviously unintended, meaning in that cartoon. I don’t know… justice? now he knows how it feels? I’m sure other pro-lifers can better articulate subliminal take-aways.
    Obama and the Born Alive issue are at the forefront of my mind after reading an insightful commentary on Townhall.com by Ken Blackwell last night (italics his)….

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    Breaking: “A stunning reversal of fortune” – Prominent liberals reject Senate’s gutted healthcare bill

    dean, stern, olbermann, healthcare, obama, sellout, abortion.png
    I was surprised a little while ago to hear Fox News Democrat and liberal political analyst Kirsten Powers describe the emerging chopped-and-pasted Obamacare legislation as “crappy.”…

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