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Planned Parenthood CEO’s husband also had a very bad day in court yesterday

Hobby Lobby Planned Parenthood SEIU abortion Most everyone knows by now the Supreme Court ruled in favor of religious freedom and against the Obama administration yesterday in its Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood decisions.

This was a stunning rebuke against not only President Obama but also pro-abortion HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, whose office wrote the rules attempting to force employers with religious convictions to pay for abortion-inducing drugs. The contraception mandate was never passed by Congress.

I love this headline. Even if factually incorrect, it is accurate in the sense that Planned Parenthood stood to gain financially by the mandate and lost in the Hobby Lobby decision as well…

Planned Parenthood also a loser in SCOTUS Hobby Lobby anti-abortion decision

 “Our opponents think they have momentum on their side,” wrote Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards in a fundraising email yesterday, which was for once a true statement. When you consider the buffer zone and Hobby Lobby decisions, the vast number of abortion clinics closing, the horrific Gosnell scandal, the public opinion polls, the tsunami of pro-life laws being passed, and the 2014 political landscape, we do appear to have a bit of momentum.

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards husband, SEIU Executive Vice President Kirk AdamsMeanwhile, the other Supreme Court decision handed down yesterday was a major slam against the company for whom Richards’ husband Kirk Adams (pictured left) works. Adams is the International Executive Vice President of the Service Employees International Union, heading up its North America healthcare division.

Particularly since I’m from Illinois, I was also watching this court case. In Harris v Quinn (as in Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn) the Supreme Court struck down an IL law that forced Medicaid-paid home health care workers who were family members of those being cared for to pay dues to the SEIU. The mandate was originally the quid pro quo brain child of imprisoned former IL Governor Rod Blagojevich.

SEIU Blagojevich Planned Parenthood abortion Hobby LobbyWorld Socialist Website explains the back room deal, the likes of which are too common in the Land of Lincoln:

[T]he case is remarkable as a further exposure of the extent to which the unions – in a period of declining popular support and membership – have sought to secure their dues revenue streams by entrenching themselves in the corporate and government superstructure….

Since they cannot rely on popular support, unions are increasingly looking to secure their dues revenue streams by backroom deals with government and corporate officials. It is significant that the IL home health care workers were not unionized in a popular struggle for better wages and working conditions, but by an executive order from Blagojevich.

This executive order was a windfall for the SEIU, which thereby acquired hundreds of thousands of workers who were compelled by law to pay tribute to the union in perpetuity. According to the Supreme Court, the SEIU-HII was raking in over $3.6 million in dues each year from the personal assistants under the deal.

It is worth noting that Blagojevich – who established the Illinois regime for home health care workers – was subsequently convicted on federal corruption charges. Among the charges was that Blagojevich attempted to sell President Obama’s federal Senate seat in return for a job at an SEIU affiliate that paid $300,000 a year. According to the Wall Street Journal, the SEIU contributed about $1.8 million to Blagojevich’s two campaigns for governor, receiving the home health care workers’ yearly tribute in return.

Planned Parenthood’s political correcuptness

There are several correlations between Planned Parenthood and SEIU. Planned Parenthood is also increasingly reliant on the government for revenue. And it, too, gets windfall profits from government officials it helps empower, say, for instance, Barack Obama.

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards hugs Barack ObamaRecall Obama was perfectly willing to shut down the government in 2011 to keep Planned Parenthood on the public dole – to the tune of over $500 million a year.

Additionally, with the help of another Planned Parenthood patron, Sebelius, the Obama administration connived to hand Planned Parenthood millions more, perhaps billions, through Obamacare.

But both Planned Parenthood and the SEIU were blocked yesterday, making for a depressing mood at dinner for Cecile and Kirk, to be sure.

Hope their house staff thought to put away the knives.

Pro-life blog buzz 6-20-14

pro-lifeby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Right to Life of Michigan says Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California has sent a letter to California legislators stating their opposition to a ban on sex-selective abortion. The war on women is being waged in the womb with the support of Planned Parenthood.
  • Live Action highlights Planned Parenthood’s outrageous statements on sex selection abortion and infanticide. It’s all in a day’s work for this organization, which enjoys exorbitant amounts of our tax dollars and great favor in Washington, D.C.


  • Pro-Life Action League recently hosted a “Face the Truth” day at two sites in Chicago where abortionist Mandy Gittler does business. Gittler is the abortionist responsible for the death of Tonya Reaves at Planned Parenthood. Armed with informational flyers and signs about the bubble zone, Reaves’ death, and the lack of inspection by the Illinois Department of Health, PLAL educated many people.
  • Pro-Life in TN comments on the story of a Nashville woman who rented her womb as a gestational surrogate, only to stumble upon a couple who insisted upon sex selection and selective reduction:

    The third time was not a charm for the surrogate who finds “pregnancy an easy process.” This time she entertained renting her womb to a famous and mega rich heterosexual couple who must be unnamed due a non disclosure agreement.

    She started to get bad vibes when they said they wanted a boy and would use gender determining tests on five day old embryos to accomplish this…. The final straw was after they finally settled on two female embryos, but wanted to assure a singleton was born. This meant that [Jessica] Szalacinski had to agree to abort one of the babies if they both “took”… [which made] her feel like her a commodity and she backed out of this intended lucrative arrangement.

  • ProLife365.com spotlights David Bereit, National Director of 40 Days for Life, who was once passively pro-life, but now devotes himself to a full time pro-life ministry. The organization has had amazing results, with 8,900+ babies’ lives saved, 50 abortion mills closed, and 100+ abortion clinic workers leaving the industry.
  • Saynsumthn’s Blog notes that New York Planned Parenthood employees are unionizing – an idea Jill Stanek actually encouraged last year. A previous post by Saynsumthn points out that Planned Parenthood contracted with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to do their telemarketing to the tune of $1,067,934. (Recall that PP CEO Cecile Richards’ husband, Kirk Adams, is an executive vice president of the SEIU.)
  • The Leading Edge and thirtyone8 take exception to Rev. Francis “Frank” Ritchie’s blog post on the New Zealand Green Party’s new abortion policy.


  • ProWomanProLife links to LifeSiteNews’ announcement that Canadian sidewalk counselor Mary Wagner (pictured right) has been freed after nearly two years in prison for counseling abortion-bound women. Wagner believes her time in jail was not wasted:

    She said she saw the time as “an opportunity for the Holy Spirit really to be at work in hearts that are broken, seeking and are open to God. So quite easily, prayer groups formed and people asked why I was there, why I was in jail. Immediately, I had the chance to share the truth about the wound of abortion.”

    She estimated some 80 percent of the women she met in the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton had undergone an abortion and of those, 90 percent said they regretted it. “I would love to see more of a connection between the outside world and the inside world for women who are hurting,” she said. “Maybe just by penpals or visits and that, because a lot of them don’t have connections with somebody in their lives anymore.”

  • At National Review, Michael J. New questions whether contraception truly plays a role in reducing the abortion rate:

    … [E]ven though contraceptive use has gone up, the fertility rate and unintended pregnancy rate have both actually increased slightly since the mid-1990s. All in all, pro-life efforts to change the hearts and minds of women facing crisis pregnancies might be more effective than commonly realized.

    New’s statements have generated a great deal of feedback. In a poorly-researched post at Mother Jones, Kevin Drum took issue with New’s conclusions, “doubting that public opinion, contraceptives, or legislation are playing a substantial role in the recent abortion decline” and stating that both sides of this debate should “stand down.” New responds by saying that looking at the actual evidence is a better strategy. After going into some must-read detail, he concludes:

    Overall, since the early 1990s there have been gains in pro-life sentiment, pro-life legislation, and decreases in teen sexual activity. These factors may not completely explain the decline in the abortion rate. However, they seem like far more compelling explanations than increases in contraception use.

    Also responding to New’s article – with absolutely no data or arguments to the contrary – Slate’s Katie McDonough asserts that New is “delusional”. New writes:

    I have a simple question for McDonough and others who think that contraception is responsible for America’s long-term abortion decline: If contraceptives are effective and contraceptive use has increased, why has the unintended-pregnancy rate gone up? Again, statistics from both Guttmacher and the National Center for Health Statistics… both show the unintended-pregnancy rate has increased since the mid 1990s. Honestly, I am not expecting much of a response. It is unfortunate that instead of thoughtfully engaging the arguments that I put forward, McDonough and others simply choose to engage in childish name calling.

[Photos via Pro-Life Action League and LifeSiteNews]

Employee accuses Planned Parenthood of bait-and-switch abortions

bait-and-switch (2)For several days I’ve been relaying nefarious inside information from current and former employees about the Planned Parenthood Keystone affiliate in Pennsylvania  (i.e., unsanitary conditions, slave wages and exorbitant healthcare premiums, and ridiculous patient charges).

On November 12, a worker at Planned Parenthood Allentown wrote this comment about yet another apparent wrong being committed by PP Keystone: bait-and-switch abortions.

Here in Allentown when abortion patients show up half of them don’t know we don’t offer general anesthesia. Talk about informed consent. If they knew that they would all go to Allentown Women’s Center a city over.  By the time they realize what’s going on we have already done an ultrasound, tested for STD’s and they have accrued fees. Yes, you heard right. If they change their mind we charge them item for item. 1 fee for Ultrasound. Another for STD testing, another for RH factor, etc. etc. Since most of our patients are poor they stay rather than leave. Who can afford $200 for NOT having an abortion to drop another $500 at another clinic that DOES offer twilight anesthesia.

Another employee had previously told me PP Allentown hopes to soon offer sedation to better compete with Allentown Women’s Center but doesn’t yet.

I called PP Keystone’s abortion hotline this morning and confirmed the Allentown abortion mill indeed does not offer “conscious sedation,” which the operator described as putting one into a deeply relaxed state. Allentown only offers a local anesthesic to numb the cervix.

I spoke with Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Michael Norton about this apparent PP hustle. He said if it is true that PP isn’t providing full disclosure before the onset of one’s abortion in order to pull her in so deep financially she feels she can’t back out, then PP may be violating a state health standard and may also be liable for medical malpractice, which is suable.

“Women who have been tricked and coerced to complete the abortion procedure after being baited to begin the process may have claims of fraud, failure to provide adequate informed consent, reckless endangerment, and pain and suffering,” said Norton. “In addition, Planned Parenthood may be committing both civil and criminal violations.”

Employees who think they have witnessed this bait-and-switch, and patients who have experienced it or who have been harmed at PP, are urged to contact Norton at mjnorton@alliancedefendingfreedom.org.

A message to employees

I want to assure all Planned Parenthood employees (from any affiliate anywhere) they have nothing to fear by anonymously posting on this site, or by contacting me at jill@jillstanek.com. As a citizen journalist, I am protected by the First Amendment from revealing my sources.

Also, some of you have mentioned the idea of unionizing. Go for it! You cannot be fired for attempting to unionize.

2013-11-14_1356On that note, Planned Parenthood Federation of America CEO Cecile Richards is a hypocrite. She is married to Kirk Adams, an executive vice president of the Service Employees International Union, for goodness sakes, who is also a hypocrite.

SEIU boasts “the largest healthcare union in North America with more than 1.1 million members.” Were Planned Parenthood not in SEIU’s sights before, there is no excuse for it not to have been once Richards took over the helm seven years ago. Right under Adams’ nose are prime examples why unionizing was conceived. Again, check out PP workers’ pathetic salaries and impossibly high healthcare premiums.

2013-11-14_1429And Richards, who claims concern for underprivileged communities, is helping perpetuate them by vastly underpaying and underinsuring her very own employees.

Both PP workers and the SEIU are getting screwed by this two-faced couple.

Here are SEIU’s guidelines for forming a union.

UPDATE, 3:45p: Commenter Chris made a great point worth adding to this post:

And there are prolifers out there who will gladly help you find different jobs in other enterprises that truly serve customers! We’re happy to help you make a right decision, it’s a win for us, a win for you, and a win for the lives of innocent human beings! www.attwn.org

I would 100% prefer that workers leave PP and take a healthcare jobs that save lives, not destroy them.

To be clear, the only reason I push unionizing PP is to point out the hypocrisy of its leadership as well as imagine how PP would suffer if forced to pay its workers a living wage and provide adequate healthcare. All that money PP currently spends to fight us and promote abortion would be diverted.

Employees reveal Planned Parenthood’s slave wages and astronomical insurance premiums

2013-11-11_1643Last week I wrote about unsanitary conditions at a Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood clinic that is part of the Planned Parenthood Keystone affiliate.

Other PP Keystone employees have started adding their comments to that post, and they jibe with Lola’s* assessment of their horrible workplace environment.

But I have learned it doesn’t stop there. Wrote PP Keystone employee “CC” (combining excerpts from two comments):

I think what is really unfortunate is the employees of PPKEY work under paid and not paid market rate for there positions. then on top of it work in the unsanitary conditions, like robots, in humane ways to treat humans. Most of the employees working here are on welfare themselves that’s pretty sad….

We should try to start a union! Admin would crap there pants if we all did that, because than we would have rights!

Employee “SickOfKeystone” wrote:

PPKEY spent thousands for a Employee Appreciation at the Country Club so they could all blow they own horns. How bout instead u get me a gift card for groceries. I would appreciate that. How bout Im full time and get food stamps and cant afford insurance for my husband.

Indeed, since writing that post I have received more intel on wages and insurance premiums for PP Keystone employees.

I’m told that PP Keystone workers other than clinic managers and clinicians make only $10-11/hour and are limited to a 35-hour work week. These people include receptionists, medical assistants and “front end and back end staff,” according to my source.

As CC and SickOfKeystone indicated, this pittance of a salary qualifies PP Keystone employees with families for welfare and food stamps.

But it gets worse. It’s no wonder SickOfKeystone can’t afford insurance for her husband. Take a look at PP Keystone’s employee insurance premiums. Take note these are bi-weekly rates (UPDATE 11/13: and the deductible is $3,000):

erin-vellelaI verified that these rates were sent to all staff by PP Keystone Director of HR and Security Erin Vellela (pictured right) in an email dated October 25, to take effect November 1, 2013, through October 31, 2014.

How a PP employee making $11/hour, or $1,540 a month, could afford insurance for his or her family is beyond me. It doesn’t seem possible. It is even less likely that any part-time employee could pull it off without paying PP money.

500x500_229730860Meanwhile PP Keystone CEO Kim Custer, pictured right, made $133,165 in salary and compensation in 2012.

So while Planned Parenthood Federation of America CEO Cecile Richards cheerleads for Obamacare, because “every person in this country deserves a basic standard of health care coverage,” her own corporation has been a prime culprit, forcing employees already making slave wages to purchase astronomically high health insurance, or go without.

The Washington Times reported on November 4 that PPFA “employs 25,000 staff and volunteers at its 750 health clinics.”

Hello, where is the Service Employees International Union? I’m sure PP Keystone employee CC is not alone in wanting to unionize.

And shouldn’t feminists support decent wages and health insurance for workers providing healthcare to mostly women?

downloadI’ve seen SEIU in action when it was trying to strong-arm my employer to unionize hospital workers. SEIU is a master at shakedowns. SEIU is always on the lookout for more healthcare workers to bring into its fold.

But could it be that Cecile Richards’ husband Kirk Adams, International Executive Vice President of SEIU, is keeping his friends away from PP? I’d say that’s a safe bet.

But is it good for either SEIU or PP workers? Absolutely not.

Planned Parenthood employees who may be reading this blog for the first time should check out the salaries your affiliate CEOs and PPFA corporate heads are making. You should also know PPFA has topped $1 billion in assets since 2009-2010. There’s money to pay you. Management is just keeping it for themselves.


Those pro-abortion bullies are actually on the defensive

602963_501699629869499_1560075935_n (1)

Back in the day abortion proponents had all the mojo and pro-lifers were on the defensive. The photo above, via PBS, is of pro-abortion rally demanding a repeal of pro-life laws in Washington, D.C.,  circa 1971.

At the same time, feminists were pushing the Equal Rights Amendment in all 50 states. The photo below, via illinois.gov, is of feminists writing the names of ERA opponents in pigs’ blood on the floor of the Illinois State Capitol on June 24, 1982…


I take this little trip down memory lane to justapose the pro-abortion protests of yesteryear with those we see today.

And while the aggression has certainly not abated, as was on display in Texas last week…


… the other side is no longer screaming from a position of strength but from a place of weakness. Notice that pro-abort outbursts these days are aimed at (usually vain) attempts to stop pro-life advances. We saw this in Virginia last year regarding a bill, eventually signed into law, requiring ultrasounds before abortions…


In Ohio just a couple days ago abortion proponents unsuccessfully tried to gather steam to stop Governor Kasich from signing a wide-ranging pro-life bill…

Reproductive Rights Activists Protest Outside Romney DC Fundraiser

Then there’s North Dakota, where abortion protesters failed to stop four pro-life laws from being enacted this past March…


I could go on.

That is not to claim the situation is rosy. Most pro-life laws are sued and tangled up in court for years, and many are eventually overturned. Obamacare is a dangerous affront on many levels. But even in the pro-abort bastion of New York, a rarely seen pro-abortion bill just failed.

These days pro-aborts, having belatedly realized the right to abortion is being fractured in the states, are busy scrambling from capitol to capitol to try and stop us – a drain on their energy and resources, which also keeps them from making mischief.

Furthermore, how much of their fomenting is genuinely organic, and how much is manufactured, boughten, or coerced? Just before they removed it, Operation Rescue grabbed a screen shot today of an ad on Craig’s List by a leftist group trying to hire agitators for Austin. Planned Parenthood certainly has ordered its paid clinic staff from around the state to go to Austin. PP CEO Cecile Richards is married to the international executive VP of SEIU. It is not unreasonable to think she has tapped into her union and Democrat sources to get screaming bodies out.

I asked Joe Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League, who has been in the trenches since the early days, how he saw the lay of the land.

“With public opinion trending toward pro-life, with the explosion of legislation regulation abortion, and recent exposes on the horrific conditions in some of the abortion clinics, along with Planned Parenthood’s blatant deception, abortion proponents are in aggressive damage control mode,” Joe responded via email. “Not since the mid-90’s have we seen this kind of fear from the abortion crowd. Clearly they perceive us as effective.”

[Third and fourth photos via USA Today; fifth photo via thegloss.com; sixth photo via the Associated Press]

Keys to abortion industry’s success: Public relations and liberal network

The abortion industry’s public relations machinery has always intrigued me. At any given time I can tell which agenda items anti-life groups have directed their PR firms to push by news articles, op eds, and tweets I read. If you pay attention you see there are always particular topics the other side is swarming around.

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Major unions bailing on gutted healthcare bill

For all this furor (see also this post), I do think liberal groups and unions are saber-rattling. Given the option of getting something they’re not happy with or getting nothing at all, they’ll take the former, a foot in the door. See the last paragraph of the following article, from the Huffington Post, today:
afl cio logo 3.jpg

The nation’s largest union group said Thursday that it will not support the Democratic health-care bill unless “substantial changes” are made to the current Senate version.
AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said in a statement to reporters that without a public option for insurance coverage or an employer mandate – and with a tax on high-end insurance plans that some union members get – the health care legislation supported by Senate Democrats falls far short of meeting his group’s standards….

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Breaking: “A stunning reversal of fortune” – Prominent liberals reject Senate’s gutted healthcare bill

dean, stern, olbermann, healthcare, obama, sellout, abortion.png
I was surprised a little while ago to hear Fox News Democrat and liberal political analyst Kirsten Powers describe the emerging chopped-and-pasted Obamacare legislation as “crappy.”…

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