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Stephen Colbert creates partial-birth abortion drinking game

For quite some time elements of the Left have been mocking that which they think the Right holds sacred, from burning the American flag to sticking a crucifix of Jesus in urine.

Lately the The Crass Ones have landed on abortion, laughing about aborted fetus cookies and abortion Christmas ornaments while tweeting  #abortionclinicplaylistsongs.

Worse, they try to personally hurt people in the worst way possible by going after their children, such as mocking Sarah Palin for not aborting her son Trig and also mocking Rick Santorum for allowing his surviving children to grieve their deceased baby brother Gabriel.

So last week comedian Stephen Colbert thought he would one-up Sarah Silverman’s abortion humor – on steroids – by making fun of partial-birth abortion, a heinous late-term abortion procedure Rick Santorum worked hard to ban when he was U.S. senator…

Congrats, Mr. Colbert, for shocking me, harder and harder to do these days.

[HT: NewsBusters]

Help fund pro-life congressional candidate’s graphic abortion ads

Pro-lifer Missy Smith decided to run against pro-abort Democrat DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton for one reason: To air graphic abortion ads on tv.

Norton is an entrenched incumbent in an overwhelmingly liberal district.

But the political contest is beside the point, although Missy has run a serious campaign, she tells me, making inroads at several black churches. Missy won the Republican primary with 87% of the vote.

Federal law mandates network stations must air candidate’s ads unedited. More on the law in the Politico story below.

Missy tells me at present she has contracted to air her ads a total of 15 times beginning October 18 on all the major networks – ABC, CBS, NBC – and several cable* outlets such as MTV. Missy is targeting youth audiences on such shows as David Letterman, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. (*Cable stations aren’t bound by the same federal laws as network stations, so Missy is currently in negotiations with them. But the network ads are definitely happening.)

Missy will continue to run ther ads as long as the money keeps coming in. She promises 100% of donations will go to fund airing them. Donate here. Reminder: DC is the belly of the abortion beast.

Not only will the ads themselves get attention, but our issue is getting attention. Missy called this morning to say the local ABC News affiliate was on its way to conduct an interview to air on its news show tonight.

Here are the ads. WARNING: Graphic.

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NARAL promotes baby killing as the “sane” choice

NARAL has been running a contest for the best slogan to print on pro-abort stickers at the Rally to Restore Sanity, hosted by Jon Stewart, and March to Keep Fear Alive, hosted by Stephen Colbert, to be held simultaneously on the Washington Mall on October 30 from 12-3p.

Personally I’m thrilled liberals, particularly pro-aborts, have chosen the last Saturday before the 2010 Election to entertain themselves while we conservatives do last minute campaigning.

The more of them who distract themselves there, the better for us. Less of them underfoot.

But I digress. Today NARAL announced the 5 slogan finalists, and there is a recurring theme. 4 of the 5 tout the sanity of pro-aborts:

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Randall Terry’s new t.v. show

From a May 7 press release:

Randall Terry, Founder of Insurrecta Nex and OverturnRoe.com, is launching a five day per week half-hour television show, originating from Washington DC called “Randall Terry: The Voice of Resistance.” The show premieres on Monday, May 10….

randall terry jail bird.jpg

“The show will be a combination of news, comedy, songs, skits, and of course… leadership training for culture warriors. Think of a hybrid of Stephen Colbert, Rush, and John the Baptist. And of course, we will torment our adversaries, just because we can.” – Randall Terry…

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New Stanek poll: Who is America’s most trusted newscaster?

poll%20graphic%20correct%20size.bmpI have a new poll question up:

A Time magazine poll just named Jon Stewart “the most trusted newscaster in America.” Who would you choose?

Here are the results of my previous poll. Given the anticipated ideology of the bulk of the readers on my blog, the #1 answer wasn’t a surprise. But pro-lifers apparently didn’t automatically pick human embryo experimentation as their #2 answer…

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