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Hillary thinks she should be president because she loves pregnant mothers and children. Gag.


Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was officially launched yesterday via a video carefully crafted to give the impression she loves pregnant mothers, children and families.

I see Obama 3.0 ahead, wherein the pro-life community sees and speaks right through Clinton’s lies while liberals, abortion proponents, and the mainstream media cover up the truth, which is that Hillary Clinton supports this:


and this:


and this:


and this:


and has stated, “government should have no role” in abortion.

In other words, Hillary Clinton supports the Wild West of Abortion.

But becoming a grandmother to a baby she would have okayed Chelsea aborting by suctioning the brain out of her half-delivered body has somehow stirred Clinton onward. Quoting from The Hill, April 10:

“Becoming a grandmother has made me think deeply about the responsibility we all share as stewards of the world we inherit and will one day pass on,” she said. “Rather than make me want to slow down, it has spurred me to speed up.”

She describes receiving gifts from women around the country when Charlotte was born. Among them, she says, was a quilt with panels depicting different part of Clinton’s daughter Chelsea’s life.

“I wondered for a moment what a quilt of my own life would look like,” she said. “There were so many people who had taught me so much. And now I had one more. In just a few months, Charlotte had already helped me see the world in new ways.”

“There was so much more to do. So many more panels waiting to be filled in. I folded up the quilt and got back to work.”

I’ll tell you what. No one in their right mind would want to own a quilt made of Hillary Clinton’s pro-abortion panels. Such a quilt would be sick, demented – but merely a reflection of her.

But there are a lot of sick people in America today.  With 57 million little Americans dead by abortion, justice is coming.

We began to see that justice dispensed in the election and re-election of Barack Obama,. As Dick Cheney said on April 7:

If you had somebody as president who wanted to take America down, who wanted to fundamentally weaken our position in the world and reduce our capacity to influence events, turn our back on our allies and encourage our adversaries, it would look exactly like what Barack Obama’s doing. I think his actions are constituted in my mind those of the worst president we’ve ever had.

And Cheney didn’t even mention Obama’s most heinous work: Abortion advocacy – keeping the abortion spigot open to abortion groups not only in the U.S. but around the world; appointing pro-abortion judges to the bench; expanding taxpayer funding of abortion in Obamacare; forcing religious objectors to personally pay for abortions and abortion drugs; and trying to remove conscience protections from medical professionals. Not to mention his executive order granting new taxpayer funding of human embryo experimentation.

Hillary Clinton wants to grab the abortion baton from Obama and run with it, wrapping herself in her abortion quilt when she crosses the finish line.

“When families are strong, America is strong,” says Hillary in her new ad.


Two significant pro-life bills introduced during 1st week of new Congress

capitol-sun-575Representative Diane Black just issued a press statement announcing that she, along with Reps. Bill Flores, Jackie Walorski, Chris Smith, Joe Pitts, and over 80 House cosponsors, have reintroduced the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act,” which would prohibit any organization that provide abortions from receiving Title X Family Planning dollars.

In other words, the bill would defund Planned Parenthood.

This bill follows the reintroduction in the House by Representatives Marsha Blackburn and Trent Franks of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act on Day 1 of the new Congress, which would ban abortions past 20 weeks.

The latter bill passed 228-196 in the House in June 2013. Its companion in the Senate, sponsored by Senator Lindsey Graham, did not see the light of day under Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid’s tenure.

But now, as NARAL recently noted, the Senate pro-abortion “firewall” is gone. Graham plans to reintroduce his bill “in the next few weeks,” and new pro-life Senate leader Mitch McConnell has promised it will get a vote.

The rush to introduce significant pro-life legislation comes as a record number of pro-life women – 21 – join congressional ranks, a higher percentage of Christians, and more Republicans since WWII.

Cortney O’Brien at RedState.com notes “this just may be the most pro-life Congress Washington has ever seen.” We can only hope and pray.

While pro-abortion/infanticide President Barack Obama is the abortion lobby’s ultimate firewall, and he has already promised to veto the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act should it reach his desk, he will now “be forced to listen to the cause… [and] Senate Democrats would be forced to take a stand,” according to McConnell.

In 2011, Obama said he would shut down the government in order to keep funding Planned Parenthood. He and Democrats will again be forced to defend that corrupt abortion behemoth as well.

I would not look forward to rationalizing opposition to either bill, let alone both at the same time.

5b60d770Do not forget a conversation about late-term abortions and Planned Parenthood is critical to educating and persuading the public.

Such a conversation about partial-birth abortions is credited with changing public opinion over the eight long years it took to enact it a law blocking it.

UPDATE 1/9 11:15a: But wait, there’s more! On Wednesday Senator David Vitter introduced the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act, Abortion Nondiscrimination Act, and Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act.

Journo calls out Planned Parenthood for false hysteria

Planned Parenthood accuses NBC of not airing Obvious Child movie with word abortion

According to The Wrap it was “an individual to [sic] knowledge of the situation” who whispered in its ear that NBC was refusing to air an ad for the pro-abortion movie Obvious Child if it included the word “abortion.” 

At Bustle this news came “according to The Wrap,” i.e., Chinese telephone.

It was “sources” who told the New York Post’s Page 6 and “a source [who] told Page 6” when the rumor jumped across the pond to The Daily Mail.

Finally, the source revealed itself to The Hill as Planned Parenthood Action Fund (although NARAL was the source elsewhere), and to its credit, The Hill properly investigated and shot Planned Parenthood’s false hysteria down (even if the post’s title perpetuated the abortion giant’s Pinnochio):

NBC said the Planned Parenthood group has its facts wrong. 

“No final spots were submitted to NBC broadcast standards for on-air consideration and NBC Broadcast Advertising Sales was never contacted about a media buy on NBC for spots related to this movie,” said a spokeswoman for NBCUniversal. 

“Moreover, initial feedback from our broadcast standards group did not include any suggestion to remove a specific word.” 

Planned Parenthood is substantially invested in Obvious Child, not only because it was “consulted heavily” during the making of the movie but also because it played a part….

That’s all aside from the huge propaganda factor, since Obvious Child seeks to normalize and even joke about abortion.

But The Hill didn’t stop with calling out Planned Parenthood there;  it also shot down the organization for falsely accusing NBC of “editing out a joke that referred to abortion in its show Last Comic Standing. Full footage of the joke revealed that the edited word was referring to oral sex, not abortion,” as Jezebel details a bit more.

Whether or not Planned Parenthood’s false hysteria regarding the A-word and Obvious Child was intentional, it did achieve the goal of getting the movie lots of “earned media,” or free press.

But the hysteria is also telling. On the defensive much, Planned Parenthood?

Stanek Sunday Word: “This nation would not exist had God not been the midwife of its birth”

washington-praying“These are the things that I know. I know there is a God, and I know this nation would not exist had he not been the midwife of its birth. And I know that this nation exists by the providence of his hand, and if this nation forgets our God, then God will have every right to forget us,” Huckabee said. “I hope that we repent before we ever have to receive his fiery judgment”….

Huckabee warned that “a society that sacrifices its own children is no better than the ancient Philistines,” and criticized the Obama administration for its policy requiring contraception coverage in insurance plans, warning they’re impeding on religious liberty.

“When the government begins to say ‘it’s okay if you have faith but you can only have this much of it because, when you have this much of it, it may somehow conflict with something government has passed, here’s what I know: It’s time for the government to scale back, not for people of faith to scale back. Religious liberty should be unimpeded in this nation.”

~ The Hill, reporting on Baptist pastor and presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee’s speech at  the Conservative Political Action Conference gathering on March 6

NOW supports Dem study on Internet/text “hate speech” against abortion


We hope that the study will address continuing hate speech that vilifies women seeking reproductive health care as well as websites that encourage violence against healthcare providers at women’s clinics which we believe have led to the injuries and death of clinic personnel and volunteers.

~ National Organization for Women statement on a Democrat proposal to “require the government to study hate speech on the Internet, mobile phones and television and radio,” according to The Hill, January 16

[HT: LauraLoo; map (click to enlarge) via The Hill]

Employees reveal Planned Parenthood’s slave wages and astronomical insurance premiums

2013-11-11_1643Last week I wrote about unsanitary conditions at a Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood clinic that is part of the Planned Parenthood Keystone affiliate.

Other PP Keystone employees have started adding their comments to that post, and they jibe with Lola’s* assessment of their horrible workplace environment.

But I have learned it doesn’t stop there. Wrote PP Keystone employee “CC” (combining excerpts from two comments):

I think what is really unfortunate is the employees of PPKEY work under paid and not paid market rate for there positions. then on top of it work in the unsanitary conditions, like robots, in humane ways to treat humans. Most of the employees working here are on welfare themselves that’s pretty sad….

We should try to start a union! Admin would crap there pants if we all did that, because than we would have rights!

Employee “SickOfKeystone” wrote:

PPKEY spent thousands for a Employee Appreciation at the Country Club so they could all blow they own horns. How bout instead u get me a gift card for groceries. I would appreciate that. How bout Im full time and get food stamps and cant afford insurance for my husband.

Indeed, since writing that post I have received more intel on wages and insurance premiums for PP Keystone employees.

I’m told that PP Keystone workers other than clinic managers and clinicians make only $10-11/hour and are limited to a 35-hour work week. These people include receptionists, medical assistants and “front end and back end staff,” according to my source.

As CC and SickOfKeystone indicated, this pittance of a salary qualifies PP Keystone employees with families for welfare and food stamps.

But it gets worse. It’s no wonder SickOfKeystone can’t afford insurance for her husband. Take a look at PP Keystone’s employee insurance premiums. Take note these are bi-weekly rates (UPDATE 11/13: and the deductible is $3,000):

erin-vellelaI verified that these rates were sent to all staff by PP Keystone Director of HR and Security Erin Vellela (pictured right) in an email dated October 25, to take effect November 1, 2013, through October 31, 2014.

How a PP employee making $11/hour, or $1,540 a month, could afford insurance for his or her family is beyond me. It doesn’t seem possible. It is even less likely that any part-time employee could pull it off without paying PP money.

500x500_229730860Meanwhile PP Keystone CEO Kim Custer, pictured right, made $133,165 in salary and compensation in 2012.

So while Planned Parenthood Federation of America CEO Cecile Richards cheerleads for Obamacare, because “every person in this country deserves a basic standard of health care coverage,” her own corporation has been a prime culprit, forcing employees already making slave wages to purchase astronomically high health insurance, or go without.

The Washington Times reported on November 4 that PPFA “employs 25,000 staff and volunteers at its 750 health clinics.”

Hello, where is the Service Employees International Union? I’m sure PP Keystone employee CC is not alone in wanting to unionize.

And shouldn’t feminists support decent wages and health insurance for workers providing healthcare to mostly women?

downloadI’ve seen SEIU in action when it was trying to strong-arm my employer to unionize hospital workers. SEIU is a master at shakedowns. SEIU is always on the lookout for more healthcare workers to bring into its fold.

But could it be that Cecile Richards’ husband Kirk Adams, International Executive Vice President of SEIU, is keeping his friends away from PP? I’d say that’s a safe bet.

But is it good for either SEIU or PP workers? Absolutely not.

Planned Parenthood employees who may be reading this blog for the first time should check out the salaries your affiliate CEOs and PPFA corporate heads are making. You should also know PPFA has topped $1 billion in assets since 2009-2010. There’s money to pay you. Management is just keeping it for themselves.


Pro-life news brief 10-16-13

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • The Maryland Board of Physicians has closed the probe into abortionist LeRoy Carhart in the death of Jennifer Morbelli from complications of a late-term abortion:

    In his first direct comments on the case, Carhart said: “I totally believe that we did everything as correctly as possible.

    “It’s a horrendous thing for the family and it’s hard for me. I think about it every day.”

  • At The Hill, Marjorie Dannenfelser discusses how most late-term abortions are elective.


  • AL.com has the story of Auburn’s 100th homecoming queen and her pro-life story:

    Molly Anne Dutton made headlines on Saturday when she was crowned Auburn’s 100th homecoming queen.

    This week, the 22-year-old horticulture student is making headlines, again; but it’s the story behind her unique “Light up LIFE” platform that’s getting all the attention this time around.

    Dutton is the daughter of a young, married woman who survived a sexual assault in California and became pregnant, according to a news release this week from “Light up LIFE,” the horticulture club-based group that ran her campaign. To compound matters, the woman’s husband gave her an ultimatum: Abort the baby or get a divorce.

    Rather than having the abortion, Dutton’s mom chose to move to Alabama and carry the baby to term. She worked with Lifeline Children’s Services, a Christian adoption group in Birmingham, Ala., to place the child in a home.

[Photo via ctpost.com]

March for Life expands direction

The-March650uphill-640x285 (1)

With attendance estimated to range between 200,000 to 500,000, the March for Life is the largest annual civil rights event in the world.

NellieatpodiumFor 40 years, founder Nellie Gray, pictured right, dedicated herself to the March for Life. “The last call she made before she died was about the March,” new M4L president Jeanne Monahan told me in an interview. Jeanne was appointed to her position after Nellie passed away in August 2012.

Jeanne and her team are now exploring ways to expand on Nellie’s vision and to capitalize on the innate power M4L holds. With advances online, in texting, and social media, I’ve hoped for the day when M4L would tap into the strength of its vast yearly crowd of mostly young people to promote the sanctity of life in a greater capacity. Jeanne agrees: “We want to make March for Life a year-round thing.”

M4L was founded as a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization. Many don’t know Nellie also created a 501(c)4, which can involve itself in politics through lobbying legislation that advances the sanctity of life and also support pro-life candidates.

“The March for Life has always been ‘no exceptions, no compromise,'” said Jeanne. “But very few bills and candidates are that pure. M4L seeks to move both in that direction.”

tiff-ObjectSeeking to reactivate its political arm, M4L wooed Family Research Council Vice President Tom McClusky, pictured left, earlier this month to head its (c)4 division. His vision?

“I’m basically heading a 40-year-old brand new organization,” Tom told me, since the (c)4 has not been active for a number of years. “But I’m not looking to replace any other organization.”

Tom said he tried to look at what was unique about the M4L, which, of course, is its populace. “But they come to D.C., march, go back home, and then what?” Tom noted.

So Tom wants to create citizen lobbyists – get young people to call their legislators. “Currently neither Senate nor House leadership whips on pro-life issues, but that is going to change,” Tom promised. Tom wants to keep marchers engaged, much as Barack Obama did during his campaigns as well as the Tea Party.

Tom also sees M4L as a relationship builder between pro-life groups. “My role would be to help them on the Hill,” Tom explained.

But M4L is primarily concerned with education. That is its heart. “We want not just to make abortion illegal but also undesirable to any woman or man. We want people to know abortion is never good for anyone – the baby, mom, or dad,” Jeanne explained.

As for the M4L itself, leaders are focusing on outreach to Evangelicals, “because we know the event is mostly Catholic, but most of America isn’t,” said Jeanne. To that end M4L has hired Bethany Goodman, a member of McLean Bible Church, and has also formed an Evangelical task force.

jeanne-monahanJeanne, pictured right, would additionally like to use M4L’s platform to encourage adoption as a heroic choice and to spotlight that abortion hurts women. And Jeanne is working to expand M4L’s presence in the media and as an educational organization.

In 2014, M4L organizers will also encourage marchers to post on Facebook and Twitter and work harder to capture email addresses and phone numbers. They will also foster unity by having all the major groups represented on stage during the rally.

“Politics is downstream from culture,” Jeanne summarized. “We want to stand on the shoulders of a giant, Nellie, and work both upstream and downstream to create a culture of life – with no exceptions.”

[Top photo via LifeSiteNews.com]