NOW vs Scheidler lawsuitOn April 29 a federal appellate court panel deemed it “preposterous” that the National Organization for Women would challenge an invoice submitted by pro-life activists for expenses incurred during a lawsuit brought against them by the pro-abortion feminist group that lasted almost 28 years.

The court ordered NOW to pay defendants Joe Scheidler, Pro-Life Action League, Timothy Murphy, and Andrew Scholberg $63,391.45 – a pittance, really - for costs to successfully defend themselves in the now infamous NOW v. Scheidler anti-trust lawsuit, launched in 1986.

During that time the case received an unprecedented three hearings before the U.S. Supreme Court, with the pro-lifers getting support in the form of amicus briefs from unlikely places, including PETA and Martin Sheen, since the issue was free speech.

Read the history of NOW v. Scheidler here. In a nutshell, quoting the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: