Week 14 pro-life picket at First Assembly of God Church in Ventura, CA

Read backstory here.

ventura first logo.pngTodd Bullis and his merry band of pro-lifers have prayerfully protested in front of the Ventura First Assembly of God Church in Ventura, CA, from 7:30a-11a for 12 of the last 14 Sundays.

They are protesting because while the church says it is pro-life, it has no works demonstrating it is pro-life - no support of pregnancy care centers or preaching against abortion, for instance.

Around the corner from First Assembly are 2 other churches, Ventura Missionary Church and the Church of the Foothills. And in between First Assembly and the corner is a Jewish synagogue, Temple Beth Torah....

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Nancy Pelosi and The Word who became (a blob of) flesh whose mother Pelosi would have provided government funding to abort

I saw this clip by Nancy Pelosi on The O'Reilly Factor last night and couldn't believe what I was hearing...

According to CNSNews.com...

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Phoenix Diocese may sever mega-hospital system's Catholic credentials over abortion flak

UPDATE, 12:25p: Commenter topekaprolife suggested reading this LifeSiteNews.com story, which I agree provide "helpful comments on this case from respected Catholic physician Paul Byrne."

margaret mcbride 2.jpg10:17a: Jivin J wrote May 17 about Sister Margaret McBride (pictured right), an administrator at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ, who was excommunicated and reassigned after Bishop Thomas Olmsted learned she was the key administrator responsible for approving an abortion supposedly to the save the life of a pregnant mother.

The scandal is spreading. ModernHealthcare.com reported May 20:

Catholic Healthcare West, one of the largest religious health systems in the country with 38 hospitals, is in danger of losing its status as a Roman Catholic institution in Phoenix as a result of recent incidents including an abortion approved by a nun at the system's largest hospital....

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Socially Catholic Evangelical Protestant

A Socially Catholic Evangelical Protestant, that's me.

terra.jpegBlogger Terra Mork (pictured right) has written 2 great posts, "Confessions of a 'socially Catholic' Protestant: Part I" and "Confessions of a 'socially Catholic' Protestant: Part II," which pretty much describes my thinking to a tee. I want to thank Terra for developing thoughts and putting into words what I could not. I feel so much more.... together, complete.

I could cite almost everything Terra wrote but will highlight...

From Part I...

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The partial-birth abortion of America's churches

by Tom Ambrose, exclusive to JillStanek.com

Tom is the former commentary editor for WorldNetDaily.com (who gave Jill her start there!) and a former US correspondent for the Singapore-based Business Times. Additionally, he has written for NewsWithViews.com and other publications, and has been a guest on various radio programs.

todd bullis church repent 5.jpgAfter Jill wrote about Todd Bullis' encounters at First Assembly of God Church in Ventura, CA, I made the effort to contact the church office to try to understand their perspective.

In particular, I wasn't entirely sure I agreed with Todd's actions, and I also wanted to believe the best about the people of the church, i.e., that they were telling the truth and really were helping the pro-life cause....

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Bill O'Reilly fairly interviews Bishop Tobin

There was 180 degrees difference between Bill O'Reilly's interview with Bishop Tobin last night and Chris Matthews' disrespectful, aggressive, insulting filibuster the night before.

O'Reilly asked fair questions many would ask, and Bishop Tobin gave excellent responses.

As an aside, what a relief to hear the bishop clarify the Catholic Church's teaching on the death penalty, which I hear misspoken a lot.

Re: Matthews et al, Deal Hudson thinks Democrats are picking a fight with the bishops. Hudson drew attention to this quote by Bill Donohue of the Catholic League in a LifeSiteNews.com piece...

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Chris Matthews badgers Bishop Tobin

11/24, 10a: St. Michael Society has a post up reviewing MSNBC's history of anti-Catholic bias.

11/23, 10:37p: Read the backstory here.

RI Bishop Thomas Tobin appeared on pro-abort Catholic Chris Matthews' MSNBC show this evening, and it didn't go well.

I applaud the bishop's willingness to enter into enemy territory but was surprised how easily Matthews cornered him.

Perhaps not many people stand a chance when Matthews goes on the warpath (although I'd love to see Scott Klusendorf, Fr. Pavone, Mark Crutcher, or Robert George give that louse a whirl).

Matthews appeared quite agitated from the get-go, unfairly using his bully pulpit to hog the interview and badger Bishop Tobin much like a hostile prosecutor attempting to break someone down a witness on the stand. Matthews even had the gall to try to teach the preacher. I was shocked by Matthews' lack of respect, particularly bearing in mind he's Catholic.

I felt sorry for Bishop Tobin and do think he's a stand-up guy. O'Reilly announced tonight he's coming on his show tomorrow. I hope that interview goes better than this one...

I think the interview got thrown by John F. Kennedy's premise, which was false, an attempt to placate people 50 years ago who were fearful of electing a Catholic president....

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Bishop's request that Kennedy refrain from communion 3 years old; Kennedy has ignored

tobin, kennedy, abortion, healthcare, 2007, communion.jpgRead backstory here.

It turns out the Providence Journal story yesterday reporting that rebel Catholic pro-abort Rep. Patrick Kennedy had been barred by his bishop, Thomas Tobin, from receiving communion missed a key point: This happened back in 2007, and Kennedy is furthermore now embellishing.

Kennedy instigated a fight with his church a month ago on the issue of abortion in healthcare. Apparently in over his head now, Kennedy appears to be going for sympathy support by slipping private details and exaggerating claims....

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Breaking: Patrick Kennedy barred from communion over abortion support

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgThis is huge, with enormous implications. It's also quite sad. The Providence Journal reports this morning (and even reported in China):

Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin has forbidden Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy to receive the Roman Catholic sacrament of Holy Communion because of his advocacy of abortion rights, the RI Democrat said Friday....

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Bishops in the House

Here was a verrry interesting Associated Press story yesterday on just how involved the US Conference of Catholic Bishops - God bless 'em - were in getting the Stupak/Pitts Amendment into the healthcare bill. Pretty wild...

cardinal theodore, healthcare, abortion, pro-life, pelosi, stupak, U.S. COnference of Catholic Bishops.jpg

The call came in from Rome, just as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her top lieutenants were scrambling to round up scarce votes to pass their sweeping health overhaul.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick [pictured right], the former archbishop of Washington, was on the line for Pelosi, calling to discuss adding strict abortion restrictions to the House bill.

It was just 1 element of an intensive lobbying effort orchestrated by the nation's Catholic bishops, who have emerged as a formidable force in the health care negotiations. They used their clout with millions of Catholics and worked behind the scenes in Congress to make sure the abortion curbs were included in the legislation - and are now pressing to keep them there....

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Patrick Kennedy: Bishop's public reprimands "very disconcerting"

Patrick Kennedy, abortion, healthcare, pro-life, Bishop Tobin photo.jpgPatrick Kennedy started all this with a public denunciation almost 3 weeks ago of his church's position opposing socialized healthcare unless it specifically excluded abortion.

Now Kennedy is complaining that his bishop has dared to publicly respond to Kennedy's self-started firestorm. And although Kennedy's statement that he finds Bishop Tobin's public reproaches (here and here) "very disconcerting" may reveal a heart in turmoil, he's not showing it by his actions. Most recently Kennedy voted against the Stupak/Pitts pro-life amendment to the House healthcare bill....

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Bishops call phony pro-life amendment "money laundering system"; Stupak says still has votes to stop

usccb logo, healthcare, abortion, bart stupak, ellsworth, pelosi.jpgThe article below indicates Catholic pro-life Democrats are having a problem defying their bishops on the healthcare bill currently as written. They are not falling for the phony pro-life Ellsworth amendment.

It also indicates Catholic pro-life Dem congressman (and co-chair of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus) Bart Stupak is holding strong with his assertion he has the votes to stop healthcare on the Life issue. From CNS News, today...

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Smackdown: Patrick Kennedy's bishop calls him "ignorant... a disappointment"

Patrick Kennedy, Bishop Thomas Tobin, Rhode Island, Catholic Church, abortion.jpg

Yesterday I posted a CNS News article and video wherein RI Congressman Patrick Kennedy accused the Catholic Church of not being pro-life for opposing any nationalized healthcare bill not explicitly excluding taxpayer funded abortion coverage (which Kennedy called an "absolute red herring").

Kennedy's bishop, Most Rev. Thomas Tobin was quick to respond, and WOW. Here's the text of Tobin's statement, via The Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence...

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Patrick Kennedy blasts Catholic Church for blocking pro-abortion healthcare: "I thought they were pro-life"

According to CNSNews.com today:

Patrick Kennedy abortion healthcare Catholic.jpg

Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) told CNSNews.com that the Catholic Church is doing nothing but fanning "the flames of dissent and discord" by taking the position that it will oppose the health-care reform bill under consideration in Congress unless it is amended to explicitly prohibit funding of abortion.

"I can't understand for the life of me how the Catholic Church could be against the biggest social justice issue of our time, where the very dignity of the human person is being respected by the fact that we're caring and giving health care to the human person - that right now we have 50 million people who are uninsured," Kennedy told CNSNews.com when asked about a letter the US Conference of Catholic Bishops had sent to members of Congress stating the bishops' position on abortion funding in the health-care bill....

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Ted Kennedy's letter to the Pope

ted kennedy at burial arlington 2.jpgI watched Senator Ted Kennedy's burial service at Arlington National Cemetery on t.v. last night and was saddened when hearing the contents of his letter to Pope Benedict XVI.

Nowhere in his letter did Kennedy profess a belief that Jesus Christ died to give him the free gift of eternal life. Instead Kennedy's letter read as from a man unsettled about his future, seemingly listing his accomplishments in hopes they would be enough and additionally hoping the prayers of the leader of his faith would help. Don't get me wrong, the prayers of the saints are invaluable - in all areas except helping God make up His mind on one's entry into heaven....

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Catholic school official: Palin supporters "a**holes," Planned Parenthood "great," conservatives "stupid"

gonzaga logo.jpg

Gonzaga University is a Catholic institution located in Spokane, WA. Part of its mission statement...

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Kmiec's controversial reward: Malta

kmiec malta.jpgAt first I laughed when reading Barack Obama had appointed Doug Kmiec ambassador to... Malta? Yesterday the Senate Foreign Relations Committee gave its thumbs up, so only 1 nonhurdle remains, the full Senate.

Then I did a little reading and discovered intrigue and controversy.

Recall Kmiec is a supposed pro-life Catholic Republican who defected to support Obama and actively - and successfully - worked hard to siphon pro-life Catholic votes Obama's way. For that Kmiec is being rewarded with this ambassadorship. And here is where the plot thickens....

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Georgetown U's pro-abortion women's law fellowship program

fellow w ruth ginsburg.jpg

When last we left Georgetown University, a Catholic institution, it was covering up the "IHS" symbol for Jesus behind a podium at which President Obama was to speak earlier this year.

Now, the summer edition of Outreach, a newsletter published by Georgetown's Women's Law & Public Policy Fellowship Program, features interesting "highlights" of 19 fellows. First, the mission of the program, from the newsletter...

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Obama, more Catholic than the Pope

by Carder

KathleenKennedy1a.jpgYes, Barack Obama. So wrote Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (pictured right) on July 9 in Newsweek magazine. Behold, willful ignorance:

In truth, though, Obama's pragmatic approach to divisive policy (his notion that we should acknowledge the good faith underlying opposing viewpoints) and his social-justice agenda reflect the views of American Catholic laity much more closely than those vocal bishops and pro-life activists.

When Obama meets the pope tomorrow, they'll politely disagree about reproductive freedoms and homosexuality, but Catholics back home won't care, because they know Obama's on their side. In fact, Obama's agenda is closer to their views than even the pope's....

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Doug Kmiec, a disingenuous man

Last week I attended the "discussion" between Profs. Robert George and Doug Kmiec on the lengthy topic, "The Obama Administration and the Sanctity of Human Life: Is there a common ground on Life issues? What is the right response by 'pro-life' citizens?" held at the National Press Club in DC.

doug kmiec jjpg.jpgKmiec is a Catholic pro-lifer who has steadfastly supported Obama since the presidential campaign. As I reported, I approached Kmiec after the debate. Here is his recount of our encounter in the National Catholic Reporter June 1:

Miss Jill Stanek, a well-meaning nurse who challenged Barack Obama in the IL Senate over his refusal to support the IL Born Alive Protection Act some years ago, approached me to suggest that the published Chicago Tribune account that I had relied upon to discuss that topic in my book on how Catholics can support Obama was unreliable because she knew the reporter was not pro-life....
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CUA debate between George/Kmiec

UPDATE, 5/29, 5:30a: CSPAN is currently featuring video of yesterday's "discussion" between Profs. Robert George and Doug Kmiec about Obama, Catholics, and the Life issue. The Catholic University of America states the video can be viewed on its site, but the link isn't working for me at the moment.

michael thinking.JPGUPDATE, 5/28, 6p: Professor Michael New (who got me in to this gig!) wants to say a few words about the debate:

Jill is being very brave by giving me permission to guest post. Here are a few quick thoughts.

The format could have been better. Essentially it did not allow for much dialogue between George and Kmiec, which was a bit disappointing....

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Is Obama hoodwinking the Vatican?

UPDATE, 1p: Could this be the reason for the Vatican's softpedaling on Obama?

Deal Hudson blogged today on InsideCatholic.com that the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, appears to be suffering from Obamadelusions:


Yesterday OR published an article praising Obama at Notre Dame for seeking "common ground" on abortion.

It's now clear that the paper needs a new editor. The article did not even mention the 79 US bishops who openly criticized Notre Dame for giving Obama an honor at its recent commencement....

"The search for common ground seems to be the road chosen by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, to confront the sensitive abortion issue," L'Osservatore Romano says.

And then this:

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Mainstream media runs realistic abortion ad Notre Dame newspaper wouldn't

censorship.jpgCitizens for a Pro-Life Society has taken out an ad that ran in the Washington Times May 9 and are running in the South Bend Tribune May 10-17.

Notre Dame's student newspaper The Observer refused at the 11th hour to run the add, entitled, "Do it for Jacob," showing the severed hand and foot of an aborted baby....

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Psychological warfare: Students complain about "abortion plane"

I've been writing quite a bit about the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Midwest's "abortion plane," as Wonkette called it. I requested donations for this important pro-life work over the weekend. (Thanks to all who donated. Please give now if you haven't.)

Received this email from Gregg Cunningham, head of CBR:

nd church photo.jpg

This is very much a psychological warfare tactic. The students are now complaining in large numbers that they can hear the plane inside their classrooms and it bothers them.

Planes fly over Notre Dame all the time and they have never before bothered these students. What is happening now is that when any plane flies over, it is suddenly audible at a new level. They fear that it is not just some plane, but THE plane.

Now instead of picturing a generic plane, they picture "that f***ing" plane, as so many messages call it. Now the sound of the engine forces them to see an aborted baby in their minds eye and it deeply stresses them. This is the first pro-life project from which they could not totally shield themselves. It reaches them wherever they try to hide....

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CBR buzzes Notre Dame

I reported 2 days ago the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform was launching its Truth Tour about Barack Obama at, around, and over the Notre Dame campus. (And unlike Obama, CBR gave notice of its plans.)

Well I just received some stupendous first photos from CBR (click to enlarge)....

cbr nd buzz 3.JPG

See more on page 2...

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Cardinal George: Obama thinks we agree on abortion

I've said several times Obama has the ability to make everyone think he agrees with them by reflective listening (repeating back what they say) or expressing sympathy.

With that in mind, CNS.com covered a fascinating speech by Cardinal Francis George of Chicago (and USCCB prez) at the Louisiana Priests Convention April 21:

In a question-and-answer session that followed his keynote speech... Cardinal George offered a candid assessment of his 30-minute meeting with the president at the White House March 18.

cardinal george thinking.jpg

"I think on the life issue he's on the wrong side of history," the cardinal said. "I think he has his political debts to pay, and so he's paying them."

Cardinal George said his conversation with the president was polite but substantive.

"It's hard to disagree with him because he'll always tell you he agrees with you," he said. "Maybe that's political. I think he sincerely wants to agree with you. You have to say, again and again, 'No, Mr. President, we don't agree (on abortion).'..."

Cardinal George said he told the president he was concerned about his decision to rescind the Mexico City policy, which resulted in providing taxpayer money to fund abortion overseas.

"He said we weren't exporting abortion," the cardinal said. "I said, 'Yes we are.' He would say, 'I know I have to do certain things here. ... But be patient and you'll see the pattern will change.' I said, 'Mr. President, you've given us nothing but the wrong signals on this issue.' So, we'll see, but I'm not as hopeful now as I was when he was first elected."...

Cardinal George said on the issue of abortion, "I think we're up against something a little bit like slavery.... It's a society-dividing issue, and on this issue, we're with Abraham Lincoln and he's with Stephen Douglas, and he doesn't like to hear that, but that's where he is."

The cardinal was referring to the 7 debates held in 1858 between Lincoln and his opponent for an IL seat in the U.S. Senate. Slavery was the main issue discussed in all of the debates.

obama thinking.jpg

If even the incremental restrictions on abortion -- such as the ban on partial-birth abortion or parental notification laws -- are rolled back, Cardinal George said pro-life advocates could feel desperate because they fear "abortion will be a human right, and of course, if it's a human right, it can't be qualified."

"But you can't go on indefinitely. For 80 years we were a slave republic, and it took a terrible war to end that. And now for 40 years we're in an abortion regime, and I'm not sure how that's going to end," [the cardinal said].

I love how Cardinal George did not let Obama get away with saying they agreed on components of abortion.

And it sounds as if Cardinal George compared to his face Obama's position on abortion compared to Douglas's position on slavery. Bravo.

Nevertheless, I'm quite sure Obama doesn't actually hear charges like this. He's an interesting psych case, able to compartmentalize to a frightening degree.

I also thought Cardinal George's statements about pro-lifers "feeling desperate" and "I'm not sure how this is going to end," were cryptic.

[Photo of George courtesy of Fair Immigration; photo of Obama courtesy of Digital Journal

11th hour: Notre Dame newspaper backs out of ad

I wrote yesterday a full page color ad placed by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society was scheduled to run in today's Notre Dame school newspaper, The Observer. Late yesterday CPLC's president, Dr. Monica Miller, received word the ad wasn't going to run, even though it had already been approved and the required check for $1,570 sent. Someone got cold feet:


At issue were these photos of an aborted baby's severed hand and foot, taken from MI late-term abortionist Dr. Alberto Hodari's dumpster 13 months ago (click to enlarge):

monica letter slide 2.JPG

View the entire ad here.

This is atrocious. Notre Dame is censoring the truth about abortion, while welcoming and honoring our President of the United States who approves every part of it, including partial birth abortion and infanticide of abortion survivors.

Well, it ain't over. Stay tuned. Dr. Miller's response...

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Latest on Notre Dame: Prof won't attend own son's graduation and more

  • One speaker at last Sunday's rally by pro-life students protesting Notre Dame's invitation of radical pro-abort President Barack Obama to give its May 17 commencement address and receive an honorary doctor of laws degree was Alfred Freddoso, ND Professor of Philosophy and Oesterle Professor of Thomistic Studies. Read his excellent speech at Catholic.org.

    the case against barack obama nyt.jpg Because of the ND administration's action, Professor Freddoso revealed he will not be able to attend his own son's graduation.

    He also mentioned, in so many words, another of his 4 children who have graduated from ND, David:

    ... So no one can pretend that the administrators of Our Lady's university, who undoubtedly issued their invitation to the President long before Inauguration Day, were ignorant of his intentions. (In fact, I hear that there was a pre-election New York Times bestseller, written by a ND graduate that spelled out those intentions in great detail and with impeccable documentation.)

    In fact, David devoted an entire chapter of his book, The case against Barack Obama, to Obama's opposition as state senator to IL's Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

  • American Life League has released a video including revealing interviews with ND students about the Obama debacle. ALL closes with a call I'm hearing more of, for the powers that be to remove ND from the directory of Catholic universities if it does not rescind its invitation to Obama...

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  • Blacks vs. pro-lifers on Obama at Notre Dame?

    On April 5, Palm Sunday, the pro-life student group NDResponse.com sponsored a rally at Notre Dame with over 400 participants - during spring break - to prayerfully protest its invitation to President Barack Obama to speak at its May 17 commencement.

    The following WSBT.com video spotlighted the event but added in the intro, "But... supporters of the president also showed up." I noted the 2 Obama fans WSBT interviewed were both black, recalling this president who decries racism got 95% of the black vote.

    Then I spotted an April 6 Fox28.com news piece, "Notre Dame students rally in support of Obama"...

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    New Episcopal Divinity School prez: "Abortion is a blessing... holy work," abortionists are "saints"

    Here's one I missed last week while on vacation. From the Boston Globe, April 4:

    Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge... the Rev. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale will be its new president...

    ragsdale epis.jpg

    Ragsdale... is best known as an abortion rights activist who has sat on the boards of NARAL... and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice....

    She is also openly gay....

    Ragsdale... recalled that 3 women, spying her collar, once tried to keep her out of a meeting room for NARAL - even though she was a member of the league's board.

    "I've experienced far more resistance and discrimination in the progressive community for being a Christian than I do in the Christian community for being a lesbian," she said....

    But conservative bloggers are furiously criticizing the appointment, citing some of Ragsdale's remarks about abortion rights.

    Interesting that the Globe didn't post those remarks, from a NARAL speech Ragsdale gave in 2007...

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    '57 Notre Dame grad Phil Donohue: 9 reasons (other than abortion) to invite Obama

    I saw this interview on Fox the other day and am so glad someone put it on YouTube.

    phil donohue.jpgI can't tell you how perfectly I thought our side, Fr. Jonathan Morris and Martha MacCallum, argued against admittedly fallen liberal Catholic Phil Donohue. This was a grand debate where the liberal clock was cleaned.

    Fr. Morris employed wonderful skill against Donohue, who threw 9 pieces of mud against the wall to try to move the discussion away from abortion and human embryo experimentation - including Catholic opposition to condoms, a Holocaust denying priest, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the Catholic Church's history of anti-semitism, George Bush, the lack of priests and nuns, and dropping church attendance....

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    Rush Limbaugh: Obama vs. Notre Dame's Touchdown Jesus

    rush logo.jpg

    My Mom told me Rush spoke on his show Friday about President Abortion's votes against Born Alive while state senator in conjunction with Notre Dame inviting him to speak at its commencement.

    Thankfully, reader Jeff G. sent me the transcript. Rush got the concept right, although Obama voted 4x against Born Alive, not 3...

    The Most Anti-Life President in U.S. History to Speak at Notre Dame

    March 27, 2009


    RUSH: This Notre Dame business, I have to admit that I'm perplexed. Notre Dame is what? Notre Dame is the only university that I know of that has a giant mosaic of Jesus overlooking the football field, with arms up-spread as though Jesus is signaling touchdown. That's why they call it Touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame. They're a Catholic school....

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    Conspiracy theory: Barack, Randall, Raymond, and Rome

    The CultureWarNotes.com headlines make the implication:

    burke silenced.jpg

    First, on March 26 came this piece by Austin Ruse, president of Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, in The Catholic Thing...

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    RealCatholicTV slams Notre Dame

    I just stumbled upon these excellent commentaries by Michael Voris for RealCatholicTV.com on Notre Dame's invitation of President Abortion to be its featured commencement speaker in May and recipient of an honorary doctor of laws degree.

    This one was released yesterday...

    And this one was released March 23...

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    Bishop letter to Jenkins: Inviting Obama is "public act of disobedience"

    UPDATE, 4:35p: Matt Abbott at RenewAmerica has posted a letter written from black priest and member of Notre Dame's Admissions Advisory Board, Fr. John Raphael, to Fr. Jenkins:

    ... I have spent 18 years working with blacks and whites, Protestants and Catholics, to bring more African Americans into the pro-life movement. During the last 2 months the Obama administration has already begun to aggressively roll back the gains made in defense of life over the course of the last 15 years....

    obama black baby.jpg

    [T]he historical significance of the first African American president is emptied of its meaning if this same president refuses to embrace the rights of the unborn....

    As an African American and a priest, as a principal of a Catholic high school and a member of the Admissions Advisory Board of the university, I cannot adequately express in words how deeply this action offends those who are committed to carrying out the task of Catholic education and witnessing to the Gospel of Life in the context of a Catholic school. Even if the university chooses to cooperate with certain policies of the president that are not contrary to the teaching of the faith, the conferral of this type of public honor is wholly gratuitous and incongruous with the mission of any Catholic institution....

    [HT: Cy Hunter]

    American Papist got the scoop and has more details, but here is an email sent from Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olsted to Notre Dame Prez Fr. John Jenkins yesterday...

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    New Notre Dame Fight Song

    From RealCatholicTV.com...

    [HT: Nancy W.]

    Notre Dame: exercise nuclear option?

    UPDATE, 10:20a: Petition signatures at NotreDameScandal.com just topped 160k.

    Tom Roeser, chairman of the board of Catholic Citizens of Illinois and popular radio talk show host, has proposed on his blog:

    What can authenticist Catholics do about Notre Dame which has invited Barack Obama to be its 2009 commencement speaker-an invitation Obama has accepted?

    nuclear option.gif

    Catholics can...(a) write the president, Rev. John Jenkins, CSC but will get a very nice letter back.

    They can (b) write the president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Francis George and they will get a very short, crisp letter back saying he does not have jurisdiction over Notre Dame, thank you and please pray for me as I pray for you as we pray for all etc.,etc., etc.

    They can (c) write the bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Bishop John Michael D'Arcy and ask him to pressure Notre Dame to change its mind. They will get a pro-forma letter back.

    They can (d) make a list of the trustees of the university and write them, try to pressure them. Not very effective.

    Finally, by organizing a group of alumni they can write to and visit the bishop, Bishop D'Arcy and urge him to employ the "nuclear option."...

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    11 Notre Dame student groups repudiate Jenkins/Obama


    The number of petition signers at NotreDameScandal.com has grown to 135k,

    Meanwhile 11 Notre Dame student groups have formed a coalition repudiating the University for inviting Obama. They released a harsh statement today...

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    Notre Dame grad to pro-lifers: "Don't hijack our day"

    UPDATE, 3p: The bishop of the Notre Dame's Diocese, Fr. John D'Arcy, has announced he will NOT attend the commencement:

    On Friday, March 21, Father John Jenkins, CSC, phoned to inform me that President Obama had accepted his invitation to speak to the graduating class at Notre Dame and receive an honorary degree. We spoke shortly before the announcement was made public at the White House press briefing. It was the first time that I had been informed that Notre Dame had issued this invitation.


    President Obama has recently reaffirmed, and has now placed in public policy, his long-stated unwillingness to hold human life as sacred. While claiming to separate politics from science, he has in fact separated science from ethics and has brought the American government, for the first time in history, into supporting direct destruction of innocent human life.

    This will be the 25th Notre Dame graduation during my time as bishop. After much prayer, I have decided not to attend the graduation....

    [HT: Milissa K.]

    UPDATE, 2:50p: Fox News reported at lunchtime NotreDameScandal.com had 65k petition signatures. Sorry, old news. It just topped 80k.

    Read previous post here.

    Here's a letter to the editor in today's The Observer, Notre Dame's school newspaper...

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    Obama goads Fighting Irish

    UPDATE, 4:45p:Email alert from Eric Scheidler of Pro-life Action League:

    I've never seen a campaign take off like this!

    punishment.jpgPeople across the country are OUTRAGED that President Barack Obama is scheduled to deliver the commencement address at the University of Notre Dame on May 17.

    President Obama has attacked the sanctity of life - a central teaching of the Catholic Church - on a WEEKLY basis since taking office.

    It's easy to understand why Obama would be eager to speak at Notre Dame. He's looking for legitimacy with Catholics....

    Continue reading "Obama goads Fighting Irish"

    Bishop goes viral, tells Catholics to battle Obama

    Well, this is great! Cardinal Francis George just released a YouTube video calling on Catholics to tell the Obama administration to back away from plans to stop enforcing the conscience rights of health care providers. "No government should ever come between a person and God," he said.

    The Cardinal made a great point. We support conscientious objection to fighting in wars, and we support doctors to conscientiously object to administering the death penalty. ''Why shouldn't our government and our legal system permit conscientious objection to a morally bad action, the killing of babies in their mother's womb," said the Cardinal. ".... No one should be forced by the government to act as though he or she was blind to this reality."

    Good for him and the USCCB.

    [HT: moderator Carder]

    "Recovering Evangelical": Life is about more than abortion


    Chris La Tondresse, founder of RecoveringEvangelical.com, appeared on Fox News December 29 to promote talking points initiated during the Obama campaign that Evangelical concerns should reach beyond abortion and gay marriage.

    La Tondresse's rationale...

    Continue reading ""Recovering Evangelical": Life is about more than abortion"

    Priest says no to U.S. bishops' postcard FOCA fight

    Most of us have spiritual hot buttons. One of mine is guarding against usurping pastoral authority. I've been through a couple of church splits in my life and am critical of bad apples complaining publicly about pastors/leaders and stirring ill will.

    church of st. edward.jpgFor that reason alone, never mind thwarting a pro-life endeavor, I just can't fathom the following letter-to-the-editor published in the Star Tribune today by Fr. Michael Tegeder, pastor of St. Edwards Parish in Bloomington, MN.

    (A google search of Tegeder shows he's no stranger to controversy. He's been called "insubordinate" and "challenges... authority" previously. Not surprised. Read the 4th paragraph of this May 13, 2007, Pastor's Page by a Fr. George Welzbacher about Tegeder, who apparently bad-mouthed his new bishop. Tegeder is also big on buildlng GLBT relations, which is fine, admirable, if one doesn't condone the behavior, which it appears Tegeder does. Seems to me he's a Fr. Pfleger of the north.)

    I've bolded the most instructive lines of Tegeder's letter on page 2....

    [HT: reader Susie A.]

    Continue reading "Priest says no to U.S. bishops' postcard FOCA fight"

    Announcing Survivor Sunday

    survivor sunday.jpgAnnouncing a joint project by Stand True and Survivors: Survivor Sunday.

    I'm VERY happy about this. Ever since the election, I've been convicted to call on pastors and priests around the country to acknowledge the January 22nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade by preaching on the sanctity of life.

    I just haven't had the time to organize an effort. But it's much better for the generation directly impacted by abortion to implore their pastors and priests to speak against abortion. I think they'll get a lot farther. (That is not to say we older people shouldn't make the same request.)

    'Bravo', Stand True and Survivors for launching this effort! Read page 2 for the whats, wheres, and whys.

    Continue reading "Announcing Survivor Sunday"

    Abortion, the campaign's glaring non-issue? Kmiec would cede to Pope?

    Patrick O'Hannigan has a great piece in today's American Spectator....

    ... For every Newsweek reporter who wondered why there was no "central debate" over abortion in the presidential campaign, thousands of other people saw that debate spotlighted more glaringly than ever before in the warp and woof of the rival tickets, with a pair of pro-life candidates facing off against their decidedly ambivalent counterparts....

    One wonders how Newsweek would explain the name recognition that little Trig Palin now enjoys.

    american spectator logo.jpg

    Or, to put this another way, had abortion not been a significant campaign issue, the endorsement of Obama by Catholic law professor Doug Kmiec would not have made the splash it did.

    Instead, Kmiec abandoned past service in Republican administrations to parlay off-the-scale approval ratings from Planned Parenthood for Obama into a cottage industry, defending the idea that electing a president who has never supported even modest restrictions on abortion rights would somehow reduce the level of abortions nationwide. (With arrogance masquerading as magnanimity, Kmiec now says he would change his mind if the Pope personally corrected him.)...

    Sure enough...

    Continue reading "Abortion, the campaign's glaring non-issue? Kmiec would cede to Pope?"

    Priest: No communion for you

    jay scott newman.jpgUPDATE, 11-17, 1:10p: Got this report from someone who attended one of Fr. Newman's church services yesterday [HT: moderator Carder]:

    Fr. Newman gave the shortest homily he has ever given. He is responding with humility and obedience. He said that he should have been more careful with what he previously wrote, but he was rushing to meet the bulletin deadline. He also said that Friday was the darkest day of his life, but the support of parishioners and the Dominican sisters there moved him to tears. So I am sure he still needs lots of prayers. There were a few vulgar protestors, but mostly present were supporters of Fr. Newman outside the church grounds. Thank goodness it is a heavily Christian/Baptist area.
    Continue reading "Priest: No communion for you"

    Catholic pro-lifers: Get ready to rumble and sue this weekend

    freedom of speech.jpg Deal Hudson of Inside Catholic reported yesterday that the pro-abortion group Catholics United has sent out an email blast calling on its readers to stop pro-lifers from distributing voter guides before and after Mass this weekend as well as leafletting cars. CU is instead encouraging them to distribute liberal voter guides.

    Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life shot a response letter to CU, warning that pro-lifers are prepared to sue, because such circumvention would be a constitutional violation.

    Read the CU email and Fr. Pavone's response on page 2...

    Continue reading "Catholic pro-lifers: Get ready to rumble and sue this weekend"

    "Catholic voters no longer beholden to bishops and abortion"

    That's the title of a post by Ruth Hunt today on RH Reality Check.

    I read that and wondered who are they beholden to then? It appears the Obama campaign has accelerated the thought among some Catholics that abortion is but one issue of many and can be trumped.

    faithful citizenship.jpgBefore I get to that column, I want to excerpt from another posted by Deal Hudson yesterday, blaming the bishops themselves for the problem:

    I never thought it likely that Catholic voters could be persuaded to support a candidate with both the most extreme record on abortion and who favors gay marriage. Yet, barring a miracle, that paradox is only a week away.
    If Obama wins on November 4 with the help of Catholic voters, the biggest factor in his favor will be the bishops' own document and Web site, "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship" [adopted in November 2007]....
    Continue reading ""Catholic voters no longer beholden to bishops and abortion""

    Catholic war over Obama escalates

    From the Associated Press, October 18, the dispute between the Catholic right and left is growing sharper...

    Denver Roman Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput labeled Barack Obama the "most committed" abortion-rights candidate from a major party in 35 years while accusing a Catholic Obama ally and other Democratic-friendly Catholic groups of doing a "disservice to the church."...

    Read the rest of the story on page 2. I love Chaput. Here's a great line from later in the story:

    "To suggest - as some Catholics do - that Senator Obama is this year's 'real' pro-life candidate requires a peculiar kind of self-hypnosis, or moral confusion, or worse."

    "Or worse." Those words would make me nervous if I were on the Catholic left, implying purposeful attempts to mislead the flock, which renders harsher consequences.

    Meanwhile, click here to view Catholics United's deceptive mailer mentioned near the end of the AP article. Here's the front...

    catholics united.jpg

    Continue reading "Catholic war over Obama escalates"

    Catholic vote 2008

    The past few days many have sent me a link to the following video adding, "This is very powerful." Today when yet another friend send me a link to the video, writing, "This is very powerful," I finally took a look at it.

    And you know what? It really is very powerful.

    Sponsor: CatholicVote.com

    Sunday funny

    First, don't forget to pray for pastors across America who are participating in the Alliance Defense Fund's Pulpit Freedom Sunday today, which I wrote about previously here and here.

    adf logo 2.jpgThis is a long-planned project by ADF for pastors in a coordinated effort on September 28, 2008, to defy the IRS's gag rule dating back to 1954 disallowing them and churches from taking political stands. At least 50 pastors across the nation are purposefully doing just that today from the pulpit, such as endorsing a political candidate. All pastors will submit transcripts and video/audiotapes of their sermons to the IRS. The hope is to invoke action by the IRS, get this into court, and overturn this 54 year old First Amendment violation. Go pastors! See ADF video on the constitutional foundation for this project here.

    Moving on, the political cartoons this week continued to focus on the Wall Street bailout, so I found none on our issue. But here was one about the aforementioned by Nate Beeler at Townhall.com that made me laugh...

    cartoon 9-21 nate beeler sarah field and dress.jpg

    Catholic Charities scandal

    From the American Life League, posted on YouTube yesterday:

    Obama's pastoral alliance

    Yesterday, Barack Obama met with church leaders - in the Chicago highrise office building where my husband works, incidentally - to perhaps discuss the wonderment that lightning doesn't strike whenever he invokes the name of Christ in the same breath he condones abortion.

    Ok, I doubt that but do admire his chutzpah for continually taking the risk. According to the Associated Press:

    As one clergyman put it, when Barack Obama met with Christian leaders in Chicago today, the discussion "went absolutely everywhere."

    The presumed Democratic presidential nominee met privately with the group [of ~30], which included conservatives, and discussed Darfur, the Iraq war, gay rights and abortion.

    t. d. jakes.jpg

    Bishop T.D. Jakes, who heads a Dallas megachurch, tells the AP that Obama discussed his "personal journey of faith." And he says some of the participants clearly have political differences with Obama. Jakes, who does not endorse candidates, says he would also like to meet with John McCain.

    Obama's campaign says the event included "prominent evangelicals and other faith leaders" and there will be more such meetings in the months to come....

    Continue reading "Obama's pastoral alliance"

    The skinny on Pfleger

    st. sabina's hostile.jpgOn June 3, Chicago Cardinal Francis George placed liberal big mouth Fr. Michael Pfleger on a 2-week leave, a sentence much too light and years too late for Catholic Citizens of IL, which has started a drive to get Pfleger pfired.

    Meanwhile, Pfleger's parish members pfreaked, just as they always do when the Archdiocese threatens to remove him. This time they added a teen hunger strike as a piece de resistance. From the Chicago Sun-Times, yesterday:

    Defiant St. Sabina parishioners demanded Cardinal Francis George reinstate their controversial pastor, the Rev. Michael Pfleger, just hours after he was removed Tuesday from his post against his wishes....
    Continue reading "The skinny on Pfleger"

    Pfleger's trinity

    Fr. Michael Pfleger has just burst on to the national scene in an unseemingly way, but he's been making unseemly waves in Chicago for years.

    During Pfleger's 2002 stand-off against Cardinal George, for instance, here was a cartoon the Chicago Sun-Times printed about Fr. Showboat:

    pfleger cartoon.jpg

    Catholics interested in reading about the colorful 2002 stare-down between Cardinal George and Pflegers, when the Archbishop blinked first, can read some news articles I've reprinted in full on page 2.

    [HT: Ann Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League]

    Continue reading "Pfleger's trinity"

    Nationwide pastors' revolt planned against IRS tax code

    adf.jpgOne of my recent poll questions was on the pastors' revolt planned by the Alliance Defense Fund to challenge an IRS tax code that disallows churches and pastors from expressing opinions on political candidates.

    I spoke with Erik Stanley a couple times this week, ADF's attorney heading up the initiative, and got more information....

    Continue reading "Nationwide pastors' revolt planned against IRS tax code"

    Archbishop Wuerl: Pro-abort politicians not my problem

    wuerl.jpgWashington, D.C.'s archbishop Donald Wuerl has responded to complaints he allowed Catholic pro-abort politicians receive communion during the Pope's April 17 Mass at Washington Nationals stadium. Catholic Online reported May 6 that Wuerl wrote in an April 30 Catholic Standard column:

    I have always respected the role of the local church and the ministry of the individual bishop as shepherd of the church entrusted to his care....

    A decision regarding the refusal of holy Communion to an individual is one that should be made only after clear efforts to persuade and convince the person that their actions are wrong and bear moral consequences....

    Presumably this is done in the home diocese where the bishops and priests, the pastors of souls, engage the members of their flock in this type of discussion.

    On one hand I think Wuerl expressed a valid concern of not wanting to usurp the authority of a politician's own priest or diocese. He is in a unique position as head of the Catholic Church in D.C., where so many out-of-town infamous Catholics work.

    On the other hand, this could read like a cop out....

    Continue reading "Archbishop Wuerl: Pro-abort politicians not my problem"

    Egan vs. Giuliani

    Robert Novak wrote in his syndicated column April 28:

    Did pro-choice politicians receiving Communion at the papal Masses indicate the pope had softened on the abortion question? The answer is no. On the contrary, it reflected disobedience to Benedict by the archbishops of New York and Washington.

    giuliania communion.jpg

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sens. John Kerry, Christopher Dodd and Edward M. Kennedy received Communion at Nationals Park in DC, as did former mayor Rudolph Giuliani at Yankee Stadium in NY. Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington and Cardinal Edward Egan, archbishop of NY, invited them. Given choice seats, they took Communion as a matter of course....

    Continue reading "Egan vs. Giuliani"

    Pro-abort Catholic communion showdown

    pelosi ring.jpgThis morning at 9:30a EST the Pope will celebrate Mass at the new Nationals Park baseball stadium in DC before an expected crowd of 45,000+.

    That crowd will include notorious Catholic pro-abort politicians, including Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry.

    And they plan to receive communion.

    Reported the Associated Press last night...

    Continue reading "Pro-abort Catholic communion showdown"

    Supremes decline forced contraceptive coverage case

    supreme%20court.jpgOn Monday the Supreme Court declined to consider the appeal of a lower court ruling uphodling a 2002 New York state law forcing some religious employers to cover contraceptives in their health insurance drug plans, which violated their religious beliefs.

    Four points on this....

    Continue reading "Supremes decline forced contraceptive coverage case"

    Two vacancies

    kerry communion.jpgThe AP reported yesterday US Catholic bishops, who met in NM this week, may be coming closer to pulling the excommunication trigger on pro-abort Catholic politicians:

    Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput said... he thinks the time for behind-the-scenes diplomacy with politicians is over....

    In 2004, scrutiny fell on Democrat John Kerry, a Catholic who supports abortion rights. Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis said he would deny Communion to Kerry. Several other bishops, Chaput included, stressed that politicians should refrain from the sacrament if they support abortion rights, which they consider a "foundational" issue....

    Chaput said his more aggressive posture grew partly out of frustration from his personal meetings with politicians, who often would just "look at you vacantly."

    On a point well taken, Alexia Kelley of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good added:

    "Abortion globally happens in the context of extreme poverty, as well. You need to address both in order to respect human dignity."

    Evangelicals agree. Reported the AP May 3....

    Continue reading "Two vacancies"

    National Council of Churches' support not from churches

    christ.jpgI've been following the status of mainline liberal church denominations ever since I was naive enough to think the hospital where I worked, Christ Hospital, would not commit abortions because it was affiliated with two Christian church denominations, the United Church of Christ and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

    This was eight years ago, before I was a pro-life activist. I had no idea there was such a thing as a pro-abortion Christian church denomination, which these two are.

    obama.jpgMy situation was aggravated when the sole state senator speaking against the IL Born Alive Infant Protection Act, legislation to halt aborting babies alive at Christ Hospital and in IL, was Barack Obama, a member of nearby Trinity United Church of Christ.

    Since then, I've felt somewhat vindicated to read that liberal church groups are losing members in droves, while evangelical churches have been growing wildly.

    So I read this today with interest, in April Citizen....

    Continue reading "National Council of Churches' support not from churches"

    Can the Church in Rome conquer?

    Japan Today reports today:

    Italians will be asked to vote on Sunday on whether to jettison articles of a law which give embryos the same rights as born children, limit access to fertility treatment to "stable heterosexual couples," restrict to three the number of eggs that can be harvested and fertilized at any one time, and end the ban on embryo research.

    The law, passed just a year ago, is being fought by women's rights groups through a referendum. The article concludes:

    Italian bishops have called on Catholics to boycott the vote as turnout must exceed 50% in order for the referendum to succeed.

    Last month [Pope] Benedict praised the commitment of Italian bishops in their opposition to the relaxation of the law.

    If Italian Catholics can't stop something like this, then Rome has become the shoemaker's wife.