Stop Charlie

6/14, 4:25p: Coming soon to FL via Truth Trucks on the highways and byways and aerial displays along coastal beaches (click to enlarge):

crist and ultrasounds.png

Donations to Center for Bio-Ethical Reform for this project will increase CBR's ability to make a greater impact around the state.

6/11, 5:10p: As expected, flip-flopping pro-abortion-to-pro-life-to-pro-abortion again FL Gov. Charlie Crist vetoed the ultrasound bill today. According to USA Today...

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Jesus ultrasound picture used in Christmas campaign

UPDATE, 6/11, 12:50p: Not really a surprise, at least one pro-abort group is attacking the ad campaign as subliminally pro-life, claiming it will backfire.

Interestingly, the group is the "U.K. atheist-rights group National Secular Society," according to the National Post.

So what do they care?

[HT: Cliff and Nicole]

Jesus ultrasound.jpg

6/10, 1p: Love it. From UKs' The Telegraph, today:

The image, with the words ''He's on his way'' is the latest in a series of Christian Christmas advertising campaigns and follows an image last year of the nativity as a bus stop....

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Rape by ultrasound?

Thumbnail image for ultrasound.jpgYesterday an OK judge delayed for 45 days enactment of a new law mandating that mothers get ultrasounds before abortions. This will allow the 2 sides to get their arguments in order to defend or oppose it.

OK's ultrasound law goes farther than others. According to the Associated Press...

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New technology creates life-size models of preborn children

The UK's Daily Mail reported June 26 on exciting new technology developed by a Royal College of Art doctoral student.

This could have an even greater impact on humanizing preborn children than ultrasounds. This is truly amazing, and the prospects for it to help save preborn human lives are mind-blowing:

Now pregnant women could have the chance to hold a life-size model of their unborn baby....

Brazilian student Jorge Lopes has pioneered the conversion of data from ultrasound and MRI scans into life-size plaster models of living embryos using a method called rapid prototyping.

'It's amazing to see the faces of the mothers. They can see the full scale of their baby, really understand the size of it,' said Dr Lopes....

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Show me the money

by Valerie Ryan

A Miami Heraldstory is about abortionists being legally required to show a women an ultrasound picture if she wants to see it. It is not required otherwise:

"Rep. Joyce Cusack, a Democrat... noted that not every abortion clinic has ultrasound equipment and those that do will have to charge patients more to offer the procedures.

Opponents of the measure said the procedure could cost a woman as much as $700, while supporters said the cost would likely be less than $100."

What I find interesting is that crisis pregnancy centers manage to do them for free.

Another thought, how do these people verify gestational age, without the ultrasound, to make sure the safest procedure is being performed?

Halle Berry promotes fetal ultrasounds

It was an odd promotion, but I'll take it, Halle Berry's October 12 appearance on David Letterman , which made TV's Top 5! today:

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Berry also had this answer to the question, "What beautiful discoveries are you experiencing [about pregnancy]?" in an piece published yesterday...

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Big bad ultrasound

by Valerie Jane


Watch out! It's evil. It's horrible. It will invade your body! It will destroy your life forever! Yes, it's the horrible Ultrasound machine.

According to the Associated Press earlier this month:

Women seeking an abortion in South Carolina would be able, but not required, to view an ultrasound first under a compromise bill that received approval Wednesday in the state Senate.
This bill does not force women to view the image; it just says that an abortionist must offer the opportunity. No biggie. However the Pro-Choicers have something to say:
Critics consider it a way to intimidate women who already have made an agonizing decision.

"I still believe that's an intrusion, and I am concerned about the constitutional question," said Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, a Democrat.

What are the abortion advocates afraid of? Abortion is a medical procedure. Ultrasounds are a medical device. As a matter of fact, the abortionist have to use the ultrasound to verify the age and size of the fetus. They need to do this so they know what procedure to use. But somehow this is supposed to hinder the woman's right to choose.

It's not like the ultrasound is going to lie to these women and show them just a cluster of cells. The ultrasound will tell the truth.

OH - I get it now. God forbid the truth be told.

Frightening photos

seven.jpgSouth Carolina's ultrasound bill, which we've been discussing, will be heard in Senate committee today. It passed in the House last week 91-23.

Here is an op ed SC Citizens for Life executive director Holly Gatling submitted to several newspapers late last night:

In my 13 years as a pro-life lobbyist, I have not witnessed an unprecedented attack on right-to-life legislation such as occurred last week. Eleven militant pro-abortion organizations spent tens of thousands of dollars on full-page newspaper ads all over South Carolina opposing the ultrasound law currently before the State Senate....
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Informed consent or intrusion?

Several states have laws mandating that abortionists offer mothers planning to abort the option of viewing ultrasounds of their babies. South Carolina legislators are considering legislation that would require abortionists to review ultrasounds with mothers about to abort. Or, as ABC News said, this law "would force women seeking abortions to view an ultrasound image of their fetus."

The abortion industry's side:

"This is just trying to bring politics between a woman and her doctor with an ultrasound that has no medical relevance whatsoever. It is nothing more than a barrier to health care, and it is completely not medically necessary in any way." ~ Christopher Hollis, SC Planned Parenthood.

The pro-life side:

"Our goal is that the women will have the latest, most up-to-date information possible. We want to show them that it's not just a blob of tissue, the baby has its own heartbeat, we want to give humanity to the living baby." ~ Tracie Carter, National Right to Life.

Focus on the Family statistics show 84% of mothers decide against abortion after seeing an ultrasound of their baby, according to

So it appears knowing the truth about their babies turns mothers away from abortion. It also appears the pro-abortion side would prefer women remain ignorant - barefoot and barren. There is no other medical procedure where informed consent is fought.

This is a 4D ultrasound of a 12-week-old preborn baby. This is the age most abortions are committed.

Ultrasounds hurt women... because we say so...

New York's Expectant Mother Care Frontline Pregnancy Centers, headed by pro-life hero Chris Slattery, launched a new weapon this week on the war against abortion. On Feb. 27 EMC, which has 15 pregnancy care centers in NYC, began sending an RV mobile pregnancy center to park on streets in front of NY abortion mills.


(Giving credit where it's due, to my knowledge this concept originated with Angela Michaels, another pro-life hero who, as an RN and sidewalk counselor at the inaptly named Hope Clinic abortion mill in Granite City, Illinois, began employing this strategy years ago.)

Well, here is the headline the New York Daily News used Feb. 28 to relay this news: "Abort-foe RV gives sonograms, but critics say it 'hurts women'."

I read the article to see how pro-aborts could possible maintain ultrasounds showing photos of what women are about to abort would hurt them. Here is the total and complete explanation of the headline:

"This is going to hurt women," said a clinic administrator.

That's it. What terrible journalism. But there's more:

Three women visited the RV, although they said they already had decided to continue their pregnancies.

The only example the writer, Jordan Lite, gave for that statement proved it false:

Jenny, 24, said she chose not to get her scheduled abortion before being approached by a sidewalk activist from Expectant Mother Care Frontline Pregnancy Centers. The ultrasound "helped because I was still undecided. I didn't feel pressure," she said.

Lite continued his biased story with this dig:

EMC, which has 15 offices in the metro area, has been investigated by state officials in the past for unauthorized medical practices and deceptive advertising.

The rest of the story Lite didn't report is the short-lived investigation was launched in early 2002 and folded after just two months by then-NY Attorney General Elliott Spitzer (now guv), after it became impossible to spin himself from looking like anything but a creep.

NYC acounts for 10% of all abortions nationwide - 100,000 annually. Chris and his group operate in the belly of the beast. Kudos to them.

[Cartoon courtesy of Shelley the Republican.]

Ultrasound photos "squick" her out

3d1.jpgHere's an interesting Feb. 8 blog post by pro-abort Suisan:

I keep getting pictures of my soon-to-be twin nieces/nephews from my proud mother-in-law. The latest batch was ultrasound stills of them at 13 weeks. I know I'm supposed to gurgle with glee when I see proof of their existence....

But I can't open more than one picture. Because they truly squick me out....

Ultrasound pictures of unborn babies make my stomach turn over.

3d2.jpgWhich is not a good reaction when the proud parents point to the picture on their refrigerator, he with his arm around her waist, she with a bright smile on her round face as they say, "Isn't it wonderful?"

And all I can think of are anti-abortion protesters.

There's a disgust and a hot rage and a feeling of nausea or maybe fear I feel when I see an anti-abortion protest, even on TV. It's like watching a lynch mob, or maybe a lynching. That hot sweat of fear behind the ears. The stomach cramps. The panic of, "I don't know what I can do. I don't know what to say. I need to go be safe somewhere else."

3d3.jpgThat's what I experience when I see an ultrasound of an unborn baby. Oh please don't make me look at this. Don't try to prove to me that you have life within you. I believe you, really, without the photographic evidence. No. No. I mean it. It's OK. I'm happy that your happy, but you don't need to show me ALL of your bodily functions, right?....

But I wonder about the synapse.

I don't.