Tonight on NBC's Law & Order: Late-term abortionist shot in church

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Friday night, NBC's Law & Order , which follows the headlines, will dramatize this one: A 3rd trimester abortionist is shot in church. The episode will air at 8p ET/7p CT.

Preshow reviews...

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Latest on pro-life martyr Jim Pouillon's murder: Shooter attempts suicide; Obama finally issues statement; What sign was Jim holding?

jim pouillon holding sign.jpgRead my first post on the 9/11 shooting of pro-life activist Jim Pouillon here. Click to enlarge Jim's photo above, taken 1 month ago, showing this most dedicated activist hooked up to his necessary oxygen supply via nasal cannula.

First, the Lansing State Journal reported yesterday the shooter, Harlan James Drake (pictured right), tried to kill himself September 12...

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Pastor prays for God to kill Obama

Here's an example how one stupid, misled man can cast a shadow on the entire pro-life movement. reported yesterday:

A Phoenix-area pastor has started to draw protesters to his congregation after he delivered a sermon titled, "Why I Hate Barack Obama," and told his parishioners that he prays for President Obama's death.

anderson smiling.jpg

Pastor Steven Anderson stood by his sermon in an interview with MyFOXPhoenix, which reports that the pastor continues to encourage his parishioners to join him in praying for the president's death.

"I hope that God strikes Barack Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy and I hope it happens today," he told MyFOXPhoenix on Sunday. He called his message "spiritual warfare" and said he does not condone killing....

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Man pulls gun on pro-lifer at Planned Parenthood

Imagine if a pro-lifer were to pull a gun on a pro-abort outside an abortion mill.

Yet I can only find ONE mainstream news story on the opposite sort of incident that happened at a Phoenix, AZ, Planned Parenthood 5 days ago. And note no suspect name was provided, no mug shot....

phoenix gun.jpg

Were the situation reversed, this man's name and face would be plastered everywhere, with commentary upon commentary vilifying the entire pro-life movement....

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Politically correct visual of carnage

Reported the Daily News June 21:

They call her Neda, which means 'voice' in Farsi, and her death has become the central rallying cry of the Iranian rebellion.


The pretty teenage girl killed by what appears to be a single sniper shot on the streets of Tehran Saturday is now a potent symbol for pro-democracy protesters battering the Islamic regime.

Her quick and brutal death in the arms of her howling father was captured on close-up video, posted to Facebook and sent to computer screens across the world....

Iconic posters of her dead face, open-eyed and bloody, were carried by demonstrators in Los Angeles and NYC within hours....

The expat said her name was Neda Soltani, a 16-year-old philosophy student....

One of the many other videos... captured Neda in the last moments of her life, standing on a curb with her silver-haired father, simply watching the protesters go by.

Neda's martyrdom has the potential to be a galvanizing event....

WARNING: The following :40 video is gruesome....

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Breaking news: Tiller's mill closed permanently

Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgJust received the following article from Operation Rescue's Troy Newman with this note:

Dear Friends, It is a bittersweet moment. Operation Rescue was just 2 months away from getting Tiller's medical license revoked and that would have accomplished the same goal.

From KWCH this morning:

Lee Thompson and Dan Monnat, attorneys for the family of Dr. George Tiller, issued the following statement today:

tiller sign.jpg

"The family of Dr. George Tiller announces that effective immediately, Women's Health Care Services, Inc., will be permanently closed. Notice is being given today to all concerned that the Tiller family is ceasing operation of the clinic and any involvement by family members in any other similar clinic.

We are proud of the service and courage shown by our husband and father and know that women's health care needs have been met because of his dedication and service. That is a legacy that will never die. The family will honor Dr. Tiller's memory through private charitable activities.

The Tiller family wishes to assure Dr. Tiller's past patients that the privacy of their medical histories and patient records will remain as fiercely protected now and in the future as they were during Dr. Tiller's lifetime."

There will be no more statements or comments on behalf of the family on this matter.

[Photo attribution: New York Times]

Murder in church = martyrdom?

Patrick O'Hannigan wrote a good piece in yesterday's American Spectator. When pro-aborts want abortion to be a constitutional rather than a religious right, it is so. When they want it to be a religious rather than a constitutional right, it is so.

... I do not write to speak ill of the dead. My argument here is with the living.

More specifically, I have a quarrel with Rev. Katherine Ragsdale and those others who imply that anyone killed on church property automatically becomes a martyr. It presumes too much to hint that the crime scene tape used by police officers has sanctifying power, yet this muddle-headed version of "murder in the cathedral" seems to be the prevailing view...

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Missing from George Tiller's eulogy

Tiller casket.jpg

Of everything I read about the June 6 funeral of late-term abortionist George Tiller, I thought this was the most telling, from the New York Times:

But for the most part, Dr. Tiller's funeral focused less on his work than on his life with his family and friends. The word abortion was never uttered....

This shows they all knew. Tiller was unjustly murdered for his "life's" work by a mentally unstable person, but the reason was not mentionable? Very sad. Even in death George Tiller's "vocation" was anathema.

Imagine eulogizing anyone else murdered for a cause without lauding that for which they were slain. It would be a travesty....

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George Tiller murdered

UPDATE, 8:45p: Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life released a YouTube statement on George Tiller's death earlier today. While the first part of his statement is obsolete because Tiller's killer has been apprehended, the rest is helpful.

[HT: commenter Mike]

UPDATE, 8:30p: Gateway Pundit has information on Tiller's murderer, Scott Roeder.

[HT: moderator Carder]

tillerhands.jpgDr. George Tiller, late-term abortionist, was murdered today just after 10 am in the lobby of Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita, KS, where he and his wife were active members.

Through his attorneys, his family has issued a statement.

Professor Robert George of Princeton has also issued a statement on National Review regarding this tragic disregard for human life, with which we voice our agreement...

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Who's not a terrorist?

Washington Times, May 5:

The same Homeland Security Department office that categorized veterans as potential terrorists issued an earlier report that defined dozens of "extremists" ranging from black power activists to abortion foes. The report was nixed within hours and recalled from state and local law enforcement officials.

Whites and blacks, Christians and Jews, Cubans and Mexicans, along with tax-hating Americans were among several political leanings listed in the "Domestic Extremism Lexicon" that came out of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis in late March.

dhs anti-abortion.jpg

Now I consider most pro-life activists to be "extremists." If Obama is an abortion extremist, which he is, then I at the other end of the spectrum am a pro-life extremist....

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Breaking news: Judge upholds Scheidler libel charges against Planned Parenthood

UPDATE, 12/15, 7a:The Chicago Sun-Times covered the story on December 13.

[HT: reader Susie A.]

UPDATE, 1p: Read the libelous open letter PP ran in the Daily Herald here.

Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgI reported in September 2007 that Eric and Joe Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League were filing a $7.5 million lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of Chicago and its CEO Steve Trombley.

Attempting to change public opinion after they lied their way into Aurora with a mega-abortion mill, PP/Trombley placed an open letter in the Chicago Daily Herald on September 7, 2007, accusing anti-abortion activists opposing PP's mill of having a history of violent behavior....

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Weekend question

bash back.jpg reported that the homosexual anarchist group Bash Back (pictured above) disrupted the November 9 (Sunday after election) services at Mt. Hope Church in Eaton County, MI...

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Animal rights activists: In a violent league of their own

The Associated Press yesterday inappropriately associated pro-life activists with animal rights vandals and arsonists, demonstrating yet again MSM doesn't have an inkling who we are.

Pro-life picketers do not hide themselves, destroy property, threaten or hurt people, and certainly are not filled with "rage." On the contrary, we pray. Nor are most animal rights groups violent, although the AP implicates them as well:

animal 2.jpg

In the hills above the University of CA's Berkeley campus, 9 protesters gathered in front of the home of a toxicology professor, their faces covered with scarves and hoods despite the warm spring weather.

One scrawled "killer" in chalk on the scientist's doorstep, while another hurled insults through a bullhorn and announced, "Your neighbor kills animals!" Someone shattered a window.

Borrowing the kind of tactics used by anti-abortion demonstrators, animal rights activists are increasingly taking their rage straight to scientists' front doors....

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Whoops, King reelected - unanimously?

This is one of those times I'm not sure what is going on, so I'm just reporting the latest.

When last we left the Roderick "Why Can't We All Just Brawl" King vandalism story (catch up just a couple posts down), University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point official Stephen Ward wrote in an email that while the Student Senate failed to defrock King, he had resigned.

But Students for Life of America reported in a press release late yesterday:

roderick question 2.jpg

Contrary to Ward's e-mail, SFLA confirmed this afternoon by speaking with Erika Wardle, College of Natural Resources Caucus Chair and Student Senate member, that King is still a member of the Student Senate and was unanimously re-appointed to Student Senate for the 2008-2009 school year.

PFL further reported that the Student Senate found a provision in their constitution requiring the body to hold meetings before they can address the situation. Because the Student Senate has now adjourned for the school year, it will not take up the situation until its first meeting in the Fall 2008 semester.

The press release added that both the full Senate and the sabotaged Pointers for Life rejected the Senate Rules Committee's recommendation that King be forced to write a letter of apology and hold off on his reelection until the Fall. PFL nixed the idea because King stated during the meeting he wasn't sorry for vandalizing PFL's crosses.

Claire gets reprimanded

roderick.jpgOn May 1 University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point sophomore and Student Government Association senator Roderick King was caught on video vandalizing a UWSP-approved cross display commemorating aborted babies. In 1 week the video, posted on YouTube, has been viewed 38,000 times.

Since then a sidebar has developed involving fellow SGA senator Claire Smith, who wrote a juvenile and poorly crafted email blaming Pointers for Life, the group displaying the crosses, posted here first, for King's behavior. She was responding to a respectful complaint that the SGA had not reprimanded King.

Pro-lifer Milissa fowarded UWSP official Steven Ward a link to my posting of Smith's email. Smith first responded last night by shedding just a tad more light on King's SGA staus.

Later Ward forwarded Milissa an email he had just sent Smith. It is good to see at least 1 UWSP administrator appreciates the ramifications of King's actions as well as the significance of an immature little snit making matters worse. I also appreciate Ward's transparency. Here's his latest email...

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Roderick King out as UWSP SGA senator, but why?

First, an update on the Roderick King video. Due to racist comments it was garnering on YouTube, posters disabled comments and either intentionally or unintentionally privatized it, meaning embeds don't currently work. Students for Life is trying to correct that. For now the video can only be viewed on YouTube.

roderick catholic.jpgMoving on, reader Milissa has corresponded with University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point official Stephen Ward about the email Student Government Association Sen. Claire Smith wrote that I posted last week. In it she blamed pro-lifers for sophomore Roderick King's temper tantrum against small crosses commemorating aborted babies.

Ward responded with the news that King is out as SGA senator. But both Milissa and I have read Ward's email several times and are unclear on what happened. What is clear...

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WND coverage of UWSP vandalism of pro-life display quotes Stanek commenters

roderick.jpgYesterday covered the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point incident, wherein pro-abort Student Government Association member Roderick King vandalized a display of memorial crosses placed with permission by the campus group Pointers for Life.

The WND article included commenters to my post on King from TexasRed Bobby Bambino and Rae Patricia from Canada...

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UWSP ignores pro-abort student vandalism of pro-life display

The video below is incredible. It reenforces the fact that the rule of law applies to all but pro-aborts.

On May 1 pro-abort University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students, led by UWSP Student Senator Roderick King, vandalized in broad daylight and while being filmed a pre-approved display by the UWSP pro-life group Pointers for Life.


The display was rows of crosses called the Cemetery of the Innocents to commemorate babies killed by abortion....

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Connecting the violent dots

From World magazine, April 28 ed:


Violence has become a way of life for students in America - and even for students in seemingly out-of-the-way and unlikely places like Blacksburg, VA....

Students have come to believe that they can control that violence - that they can, at will, dial it into or dial it out of their lives just as they please. And they have come to believe it because that is what we as a society have taught them.

American students have heard this for a generation and more on a dozen different fronts. In ever-increasing intensity, our movie and television industries have cranked up both the kinds and the volume of what is said to be permissible violence. Don Imus and his violent vocabulary may have been temporarily silenced, but the nation's music industry remains saturated with lyrics that make no effort to hide the hideous nature of their subject matter. The practice of abortion - typically (and understandably) highest in cities and counties occupied by big state universities - argues powerfully to every participant that the taking of a tiny human life is just fine so long as it's accomplished quietly, antiseptically, and within the law.....

The true violent ones

john carpenter.jpgThe second season of Showtime's Masters of Horror series has just been released on DVD and includes an episode by John Carpenter called "Pro-Life."

"Pro-Life" has a plot that is both stereotypical and old ("Rosemary's Baby," anyone?), what one would expect from MSM, particularly Carpenter, who directed the first slasher film of them all, "Halloween." "Pro-Life" is about "a young girl who is raped and impregnated by a demon and wants to have an abortion, but her efforts are halted by her fanatic, gun-toting father and her three brothers," says Wikipedia. You can view trailers here (must click on "Pro-Life"). The ultrasound scene is amusing.

But we live in opposite world. If you knew nothing except a group opposed an industry that made its living aborting babies, from which would you logically expect the violence to erupt during protests?

(See video of pro-abortion violence on page 2.)

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A heart-breaking reality of abortion

September 22, 2006
Fight over abortion preceded police officer's murder-suicide
By Trenton Daniel

An argument over an abortion preceded an incident last month in which a Plantation police officer killed her firefighter boyfriend, then herself, a mutual friend told investigators.

Plantation police officer Laura Grunas shot Robert Peat dead, then killed herself at his home, 823 NW 98th Ave. after a loud argument that spilled into the street on Aug. 4, police say.

A few weeks before the fatal shooting, Grunas, 30, and Peat, 31, decided that Grunas needed to terminate her pregnancy, according to a police report obtained by The Miami Herald on Friday.

On the day of the shooting, neighbors say, Grunas was especially hysterical. She stood outside in front of Peat's garage yelling, Why is everyone blaming this on me? He killed my baby.''

Michael Roth, a friend of the couple and a volunteer Plantation firefighter, witnessed the argument.

Referring to the abortion, he told police, ``He was enormously upset about it. He was a lot more religious than me and didn't believe in that, but they had felt that that was the right thing to do for whatever reasons.''

Peat was a diver for the Plantation Fire Department and also worked full time as a firefighter in Palm Beach County.