Wow, that was fast. It was only a year ago that Aaron Schock was the homeschooled wunderkind of the conservative movement.
But I have become suspicious in recent months that the ILGOP establishment has been bottle-feeding the boy combine kool-aid when he rebuffed six (count ’em six – 9/22, 9/23, 10/24, 11/14, 11/16, 11/21) phone calls from me asking him to sign on common sense pro-life bills.
One in particular is a no-brainer, even for social-liberals/fiscal-conservatives, aka moderates: a ban on public funded human cloning that has garnered 34 House sponsors (not all are listed yet) and even has Chris Radogno’s guarantee to sign on as chief sponsor it in the Senate. (Even Blagojevich lied and said he was against human cloning before he hid it in his executive order.)
Yesterday Schock confirmed he’s made a left sharp turn when he stood on the stage in Peoria at Judy Baar’s announcement. There is no explanation for Schock to support a pro-gay special rights, pro-abort gubernatorial candidate over three conservatives – particularly one who is from downstate – except he has bid his down home values good-bye and lurched liberal in a quest for ILGOP power and fame.
The hearts of right-wing mamas across the state are breaking today.

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