This is horrible. I KNOW this stuff goes on every day in abortion mills. Finally, corroboration.
Dead Baby Found In Hialeah Abortion Clinic
Clinic Has Been Closed
Dave Malkoff
Jul 28, 2006, 11:06 p.m. EST
(CBS4 News) HIALEAH Hialeah Police Homicide Detectives are investigating the gruesome discovery of a dead baby’s body inside of an abortion clinic but conflicting stories may prove there’s more to the discovery than meets the eye.
The body was found at “A Gynecologists Diagnostic Center,” 3671 West 16th Avenue in Hialeah [FL, near Miami].
Witnesses tell police that a young woman, whose identity has not been released, arrived at the clinic last Thursday at roughly 22 weeks pregnant for an abortion procedure.
Police say the woman arrived the next day after the procedure complaining of severe pain. Workers at the clinic explained to her that the doctor was not available and she’d have to wait.
The woman was taken into a recovery room and according to witnessess, gave birth in the clinic. An anonymous caller, who police believe to be a clinic worker, alerted officials that the baby was born alive and possibly killed. When officials arrived, however, there was no body to be found.
CBS4’s Dave Malkoff reported that when police were called to the scene a second time Friday night, they found the body of a dead baby in a biohazard bag.
Detectives believe the abortion clinic tampered with the evidence. The fetus was reportedly 12 inches long and weighed 2-3 pounds.
Hialeah Police PIO, Frank Gonzalez, believe the baby was born premature and is unsure how the baby died.
The clinic’s doors have been closed while the investigation continues.
Officials are awaiting the autopsy, scheduled for Saturday, to determine the exact cause of death.
No word yet if charges will be filed.
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