It appears pro-aborts infiltrated FRC’s Blogs4Life conference, not that I minded. “Amused” and “intrigued” would be better descriptors. The hope is always that exposure to unfiltered pro-life truths will make a positive impact.
Not so this time. The blogger at feministing.com, was not a spy who loved us. She said this, among other things, which strikes me as one of the all-time classicly ironic, appallingly blind statements I’ve ever read:

See, if you ask Sam Brownback, one of the problems with America is that we treat fetuses as second-class citizens, much like African-Americans were treated in the pre-civil rights era. Does this seem more than a little insulting to anyone else? Saying that black people and fetuses (and really, embryos) should be considered “equally human”? Wow.

While maintaining it’s ridiculous to compare our country’s previous legal position that blacks weren’t “equally human” with our country’s current legal position that preborns aren’t “equally human,” Ann scoffs that preborns aren’t equally human? Incredible.
I’m blogging additional responses to Ann and her readers on her blog, if you’d care to join the melee.
Another pro-abort blogger at CampusProgess.org entitled her description of the event, “Anti-choicers get a life,” to which there are good responses.
News organizations infozine.com and spokesmanreview.com both covered the conference well, with the latter also blogging on it.

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