Ah, history, it’s so fun to revise!
As quoted by Eric Zorn in his Chicago Tribune column today, Rep. Jack Franks would have us believe that his epiphany to single-handedly halt approval of specialty plates in Illinois came coincidentally when the Choose Life license plate bill was introduced in 2002.
pet friendly 5.gifThen Franks should explain why he voted for these specialty plates during the two years prior: Pan Hellenic (yes, that’s right), Coal Mining, Union Member, West Point Bicentennial, Chicago and NE IL Dist. Council of Carpenters, Black Fraternity, Lewis & Clark Bicentennial, Hospice, Marine Corps, Army Combat Vet, Paratrooper, Park District Youth Program, Professional Sports Team, September 11, Korean War for Motorcycles, and Pet Friendly.
Rep. Jack Franks would have us believe that with hundreds of specialty plates from 49 states and foreign countries on Illinois roads, along with 78 different types of Illinois’ own specialty plates that have been offered for 67 years (the first one being by the General Assembly for themselves), it was only coincidentally when Choose Life was introduced that he decided it was time to stop the specialty plate madness.
And my dear pro-abortion friend Eric concurs, reminding us in his column of the state’s insulting argument inferring that only upon seeing Choose Life plates would the minds of Ku Klux Klan members and Nazis be triggered to get their own plates.
I am still amazed at the depth of hate toward the pro-life movement, in this case, hate that would rather stop a multitude of wonderful charitable giving programs sponsored via these specialty plates – alleviating the tax burden in some instances – than see the culture of life and adoption promoted.
The fact is the other side doesn’t want a competition, which is where they know this will lead if Choose Life plates are approved and they keep whining.

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