The fix may have been in on Barack Obama’s opposition as state senator to Illinois’ Born Alive Infant Protection Act, aka support of infanticide.
I’ve always wondered what compelled Obama not to just vote against Born Alive but attempt single-handedly to thwart its passage, not once, not twice, but three times….
So with the new information out about Obama these days, I re-examined the evidence and found some
interesting facts….
Obama is a member of Trinity United Church of Christ. Its parent denomination, the UCC, controls half of Advocate Health Care, which owns Christ Hospital, where I discovered in 1999 babies were being aborted alive.
Obama’s pastor was a member of the pre-Advocate board from 1986-89. One current prominent Advocate board member is a pastor who previously served at TUCC. Another board member is a former executive minister of TUCC….

Continue reading my column today, “When Obama chose his church over his state,” on WND.com.

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