anal.jpgFrom Tufts University’s (MA) campus newspaper, Feb. 15:

Visitors to the Mayer Campus Center on Valentine’s Day opened the door to discover phallic balloons, condom roses and a “vulva wishing tree,” which were decorations for the “Sex Fair,” hosted by VOX: Voices for Choice.
“The goal of the Sex Fair is to create a dialogue about sex on campus,” senior and VOX member Megan Ault said.
Ault ran the masturbation table, which was the most popular booth at the fair, according to VOX co-president senior Chelsea Toder.
“People are a lot more enthusiastic than I thought they’d be,” Ault said.
The fair featured a world map on which students could mark the different locations they have had sex, and another map, entitled “Where have you touched yourself at Tufts?” Ault said that the masturbation map helped include a wider range of people….

Read about more inventive booths, including the male appendage ring toss, at
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{Hat tip: STOPP International]

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