Two events this week spotlighted the truth: People calling themselves “pro-choice” aren’t that at all. They are pro-abortion. They are anti-choice. They do all they can to suppress the free speech of pro-lifers.
At a March 27 rally sponsored by liberal feminists in Washington, D.C., to promote the reintroduction of the Equal Rights Amendment, one pro-abort ripped up a sign held by a pro-lifer with the simple message, “Abortion hurts women.” See video here:

And members of a pro-life student group at Indiana’s Purdue University had to spend the night of March 28 defending their display against pro-abort vandals. According to the student newspaper, The Exponent….


Every year, Students for Life commemorates the loss of unborn babies by setting up a cemetery of crosses. Each cross represents two children lost to abortion each day, said [Curtis] Verner. There were 1,800 crosses standing. they post annually on Purdue’s Memorial Mall….
“Last night some girl came by and started pulling up the crosses,” said… Verner, a junior in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and president of the organization. “It made for a long night.”

Those vandals better watch out. Pro-abort vandals at Northern Kentucky University that included a professor were prosecuted a year ago for similar illegal actions. See photo here.

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