seven.jpgSouth Carolina’s ultrasound bill, which we’ve been discussing, will be heard in Senate committee today. It passed in the House last week 91-23.
Here is an op ed SC Citizens for Life executive director Holly Gatling submitted to several newspapers late last night:

In my 13 years as a pro-life lobbyist, I have not witnessed an unprecedented attack on right-to-life legislation such as occurred last week. Eleven militant pro-abortion organizations spent tens of thousands of dollars on full-page newspaper ads all over South Carolina opposing the ultrasound law currently before the State Senate….

The Ultrasound Bill requires an abortionist or a qualified staffer to perform an ultrasound on a woman and review the image with the woman before the abortion. Ultrasound is the best, medically accurate, non-judgmental information a woman can have about her unborn child and her “choice.” She has the legal right to know.
The big lie pro-aborts are spreading is that the legislation forces a woman to look at the ultrasound. Anyone who has read the bill even once knows this is not the case.


Pretend for a moment you are an abortionist who has to comply with the ultrasound law. How would you handle the situation to your advatage? You’d say, “Ms. Jones, I have the ultrasound image here showing the fetus is 12 weeks gestational age. I am required by law to review the image with you. You are not required to look at it. All you have to do is sign this Informed Consent statement verifying I have reviewed the ultrasound image with you.”
If she says she want to see the image, she has the right to see it. She also has the right not to look. Chances are better than 80 percent that if she looks at the ultrasound, she will cancel the abortion and give birth….
The abortion industry’s militant opposition to the SC Ultrasound Bill is an indication the pro-aborts are terrified of any discussion of the humanity of the unborn child. When a pregnant woman chooses life, the abortionist loses money.
Back to the original question. What’s wrong with the ultrasound picture? Nothing – unless you are an abortionist who is afraid to give a woman the best available scientific, accurate, non-judgmental information on which she can make a truly informed decision about abortion or giving birth. The ultrasound image may be the only picture she will have of her child or it could happily be the first picture in the baby’s scrapbook.

Holly also reported Planned Parenthood has activated two college campuses, USC and College of Charleston, to attend today’s hearing.
There is no other explanation for the abortion industry’s opposition to this bill than it wants to keep women dumb and blind.
[Ultrasound photos are of seven- and 11-week-old preborn babies, respectively.]

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