by Valerie Jane
Watch out! It’s evil. It’s horrible. It will invade your body! It will destroy your life forever! Yes, it’s the horrible Ultrasound machine.
According to the Associated Press earlier this month:

Women seeking an abortion in South Carolina would be able, but not required, to view an ultrasound first under a compromise bill that received approval Wednesday in the state Senate.

This bill does not force women to view the image; it just says that an abortionist must offer the opportunity. No biggie. However the Pro-Choicers have something to say:

Critics consider it a way to intimidate women who already have made an agonizing decision.
“I still believe that’s an intrusion, and I am concerned about the constitutional question,” said Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, a Democrat.

What are the abortion advocates afraid of? Abortion is a medical procedure. Ultrasounds are a medical device. As a matter of fact, the abortionist have to use the ultrasound to verify the age and size of the fetus. They need to do this so they know what procedure to use. But somehow this is supposed to hinder the woman’s right to choose.
It’s not like the ultrasound is going to lie to these women and show them just a cluster of cells. The ultrasound will tell the truth.
OH – I get it now. God forbid the truth be told.

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