On April 17, Scientific American reported that a study of fish caught in east coast rivers showed they “may… be carrying enough chemicals that mimic the female hormone estrogen to cause breast cancer cells to grow.”
The fish are getting estrogen from us. Researchers suggested birth control and female hormone replacement pills going into the sewer and then into our waters are at least partly to blame.
sleep.jpgThen the fish are giving it back. One-fourth of the catfish and one-third of the white bass tested caused breast cancer cells to grow.
In 2005 the World Health Organization reclassified estrogen-progesterone birth-control pills as Group I, highly carcinogenic to breasts.
The federal government announced five years ago estrogen is a “known carcinogen” of breast tissue.
At any rate, this study showed that humans may cause fishes to cause humans to sleep with the fishes.
[Hat tip: MK; artwork via Deborah McMillion Nering]

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