My heart leapt when I read the accusation by Political Research Associates, a group “devoted to the study and documentation of right wing political movements in the United States,” and which consults for “groups… organizing to oppose campaigns undertaken by the radical right,” in the May 20 Somerville News:

“The Christian right is so common now people don’t realize the degree to which it has become part of our thinking about the way things should be done,” [PRA co-founder and ACLU member Chip Berlet] said.
The parlance of the anti-choice movement, for example, has become institutionalized in Boston’s newspaper of record. “Unborn child is now used by the Boston Globe instead of fetus,” [senior researcher Pat] Chamberlain said.

My, such paranoia about a perfectly legitimate term.
However, a check of the Boston Globe revealed it has used “fetus” in articles 2,548 times dating back to 1979, when its archives listing began, and “unborn child” only 1,160 times. A check to see whether PRA’s fear is a recent development showed BG has used “fetus” 39 times in 2007 and “unborn child” 33 times. So, maybe so?
julia robert.jpgNo, it appears BG may only use the term “unborn child” when “fetus” would sound ridiculous:

Julia Roberts plans to save money by dressing her unborn child in hand-me-downs and charity shop clothes. (May 4, 2007)
If you want to know if your marriage will work or what to name your unborn child and are looking for an alternative to laying out the tarot cards, reading the tea leaves, or heading to a psychic…. (April 27, 2007)
A man tried to hire someone to kill his unborn child after learning his ex-girlfriend was pregnant and about to give birth…. [Charles] Young indicated he wanted his ex-girlfriend injured in such a way that the unborn child would die, the sheriff said…. (Oct. 13, 2006)

Ridiculous is what PRA is if it thinks MSM is coming anywhere close to treating our topic with objectivity.
And PRA apparently needs researchers who don’t panic and lose their wits when reading “unborn child.”
[The April 27 photo of Roberts, pregnant with her third fetus, is courtesy of People.]

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