One of our commenters, Rae, is a talented artist. You can view some of her work here.
I spotted Rae’s latest artwork, above, the other day, and was intrigued. Rae supports abortion, so even though she didn’t say so, I figured this piece had to do with the topic.
In describing her piece, Rae said she was inspired by the song, “Mandy goes to med school.” The words are at the link.
Rae has graciously agreed to allow me to post her artwork to provoke conversation, much like my post about the ambiguous Nurse video several weeks back.
Rae will serve as moderator of this post. If she doesn’t like a comment, I will delete it. And I will take it upon myself to delete any uncalled for comments that might disparage Rae’s obvious talent.
I’ll start the conversation. My thought is this portrait is of a pregnant nurse who has just committed an abortion. She’s holding forceps, you’ll notice. If this is so, what I find interesting is she’s bathed in blood – not exactly positive PR.

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