right wing conspiracy.bmpLast week you’ll recall I excerpted a story from Tribune Newspapers about a mother who completed the pregnancy of her anencephalic baby and was able to spend 35 minutes with him after delivery until he died.
It was a touching story that received several comments, including one from an aunt of the baby and two from other mothers who delivered anencephalic babies.
Well, it turns out the story was planted as part of an anti-abortion conspiracy plot to bolster support for the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, as this May 11 letter to the editor revealed….

Published May 11, 2007
Anti-choice leaning
This is in response to “35 minutes to live, feel love; Jessica and Dave Weatherford knew Zeke’s time on Earth would be mere moments; His birth would be filled with warmth and caring” (News, May 3). I feel great sympathy for the Weatherfords and what they went through with the recent birth and death of their baby, but the Tribune’s decision to print their story on Page 3 was pure anti-choice propaganda. It was not even news.
The events described in the story occurred on March 6, almost two months ago, and the writer did not even bother to tell us that until the 23rd paragraph.
Coming just two weeks after the Supreme Court’s decision in the partial-birth abortion ban case, publishing this story clearly shows the Tribune’s bias against the choice to terminate a pregnancy.
Daniel Jordan, Evanston

Just so you know.
BTW, one of the papers in the Tribune group is the Los Angeles Times.

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