From Reuters, May 24:

A bill prohibiting public funds from being used for most abortions has become law in Oklahoma after a deadline passed for the state’s governor to veto the measure.
“If the governor doesn’t act, it becomes law,” said his spokesman, Phil Bacharach. Gov. Brad Henry had until midnight on Wednesday night to veto the bill.
Henry, a Democrat, vetoed a previous bill that contained no exceptions for publicly funded abortions even in cases of rape or incest. The new version allows such an exception if the victim reports the crime to the police.

Purists or hardliners, not sure what they prefer to be called, will say this law is pro-abortion because of its rape/incest exception. They will say pro-lifers supporting it tacitly support these abortions.
But here was a case where the first attempt was pure and failed. Now OK has a law in place outlawing public funding of most almost all abortions. This is bad?
dissension.gifI’m a little riled at purists right now, after receiving a copy of their press release last week entitled, “Rift opens in Christian Right unprecedented criticism of Dobson by major ministries.”
This was to announce they were placing an ad in a CO newspaper taking on Dr. James Dobson for supporting the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. The title they gave their release showed their intent, to cause public dissension in the pro-life ranks. I admire many people in this group, but this was not good.
[Hat tip: #2 Son and reader jasper]

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