giuliani praying.jpgThe New York Times expanded today on an AP story I discussed Friday, about apparent growing resolve among Catholic leadership to deny pro-abort politicians communion.
NYT brought the issue home to Rudy Giuliani, a Catholic who says he “hates” abortion but supports its legality, including taxpayer-funded abortions. NYT quoted a bishop who recently wrote Giuliani’s position was “pathetic,” “confusing” and “hypocritical” in a Catholic newspaper.
But Giuliani doesn’t want to know if he’s finally been excommunicated. NYT said Giuliani “was seen leaving Mass at a church in Washington before the Eucharist.”
NYT explained Giuliani’s logic by referring to the lightning-struck NH debate when he said of aborting mothers, “[S]hould government put them in jail?”
Giuliani is perpetuating abortion myth, which he as as an attorney certainly knows. Three points, from the book, The Silent Subject:

1. “Although some state laws in the 19th century allowed the prosecution of aborting women, there is apparently no reported appellate decision in American history upholding the conviction of a woman for self-induced abortion or for submitting to an abortion.”
2. “At the time of Roe v. Wade, 17 states… had… laws [prohibiting abortion solicitation] on the books. But there is no known prosecution of any women ander these laws.”


3. “The defense – not the prosecution – sought to have [aborting] women named as accomplices because they often were the only eyewitnesses to their abortions…. [T]he abortionist would typically allege that the woman was his accomplice in the performance of the abortion. The defense hoped thereby to make the woman’s testimony inadmissible…. As late as 1968, Ruth Barnett [pictured right] – the abortionist cast as the hero in a 1994 book, The Abortionist – used this tactic, unsuccessfully, in her appeal from her conviction.”

That last point is one to dwell on. It was the abortion industry, not pro-lifers, that historically tried to implicate aborting mothers in criminal abortions.
The same holds true today. It is my experience that pro-aborts, not pro-lifers, become agitated on this point when discussing future consequences of illegal abortions, nearly demanding women be prosecuted on that theoretical day.
[Giuliani photo courtesy of NYT]

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