jordin.jpgOn her wedding ring finger she wears a purity ring, a visual pledge to remain sexually pure until marriage.
In addition, Jordin Sparks, last week’s American Idol is a pro-life advocate. Reported World magazine, in its June 2 issue:

Though only 17, Sparks is a stage veteran. How did she come so far so fast? Much of her experience has been in the service of religious groups and specifically for pro-life groups in Arizona…. work[ing] to help their cause, according to Kim Schmidt, executive director of the Phoenix-based pregnancy resource group With Child….
Even while the music industry was calling, Jordin maintained contact with pro-life groups. She sang twice at an Arizona Right to Life rally in 2005…. Schmidt says she booked Jordin to sing at With Child’s Rally for Life in February 2006. “She’s a very kind, young Christian woman,” Schmidt said. And about her performance? “She was fantastic.”

[Photo courtesy of World magazine]

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