Last week, Alternatives abortion mill in Atlantic City became the 2nd NJ chop shop this year to have its suction machines unplugged by the NJ Health Dept., which conducted its first inspection since 2001 based on a tip.
According to a letter (right, click to enlarge) the NJHD wrote to Alternatives on June 22, which it also faxed to me, “the facility was found to have violations posing immediate and serious risk of harm to patients in areas including, but not limited to, the absence of a mechanical ventilator, the absence of Dantrium (an anti-hyperthermia drug), the absence of hot water for more than a year, and the absence of a scrub sink.”
I cannot comprehend a medical facility with no hot water and no scrub sink.
But there’s more.
Yesterday came word the clinic was being purchased by abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, who committed abortions there on June 8 and 15.
brigham2.jpgThe notorious Brigham has had his medical license revoked in NY and FL, voluntarily returned it in PA (where he can never reapply), is on medical probation in CA, and was practicing with restrictions in NJ when this latest incident occurred.
Some of Brigham’s abortion butchery included puncturing a uterus, not treating an infection, over-sedating a 14-year-old, and missing a lacerated cervix, uterine artery, and uterus of an obese patient who later had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy.
Pro-aborts keep saying stories of horrific mills and the abortionists who run them are isolated.
Pro-aborts avert their eyes to protect abortion, certainly not women.
[Hat tip: Operation Rescue; photo courtesy Operation Rescue]
See also, “Found at legal abortion mill: ‘rusty crochet hooks’,” March 15, 2007

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