clarence.jpgFrom the Baltimore Sun, this afternoon:

You’ll have two chances to see Clarence Thomas in the next few days, likely two more than you’ve had in a very long time.
The notoriously private justice will be on CBS’ 60 Minutes Sunday and then on ABC throughout the day on Monday, culminating in an extended interview on Nightline. Monday is the first day of the new Supreme Court term.

Thomas is availing himself for interviews in advance of the release of his new book, “My Grandfather’s Son.”
Rush will also play a 1-1/2 hour interview Monday he taped with Thomas yesterday.
According to a CBS advance story yesterday:

In his first television interview, in which he discusses his childhood, his race, his rise to Supreme Court Justice and his job on the nation’s highest court, Clarence Thomas says the real issue at his controversial confirmation hearings 16 years ago was abortion….

Saying the issue was “the elephant in the room,” Thomas also tells 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft that the hearings he called at the time a “high-tech lynching” harmed the country….
Thomas, whose Supreme Court positions on abortion issues have been conservative, says the confirmation hearings in which he was accused of sexual harassment by a former employee — allegations he continues to deny — were really about abortion. “That was the elephant in the room … That was the issue. That is the issue that people are apparently so upset about,” he tells Kroft. “[That is the issue] that you determine the composition of your Supreme Court and your entire federal judiciary, it seems now,” says Thomas.

[HT: son Tim]

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