pro-lifeblogbuzz3.jpgToday I’d like to draw attention to pro-life blogs that have been covering the Aurora Planned Parenthood scandal….

As part of the new media, blogs help counter the old media, which long ago began and persist to this day in reporting news biased to the Left.
When bloggers “swarmed” around Trent Lott in 2002, they led to his demise and came into their own.
blog%20book.jpgBlog swarms develop organically; they can’t be forced. In his book Blog, Hugh Hewitt described a blog swarm as “an early indicator of an opinion storm brewing, which, when it breaks, will fundamentally alter the general public’s understanding of a person, place, product, or phenomenon.”
It was blogs that propelled the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth story against John Kerry when MSM would not.
Within minutes after Dan Rather’s memogate story disparaging President Bush’s service in the National Guard, a blogger had reproduced on a word processor an exact copy of an indicting memo supposedly written before word processors were available to the public, and Rather and CBS were busted.
To be sure, liberals use blogs, too, but they only megaphone MSM, so the purpose they serve is merely to reinforce one other.
The Aurora Planned Parenthood scandal marks the first time pro-life bloggers have helped shape public opinion to “fundamentally alter the general public’s understanding of a person, place, product, or phenomenon,” in this case against Planned Parenthood.
If you go back and read the first MSM stories about Aurora Planned Parenthood, you’ll see they were maddening puff pieces covering for PP.
Read this July 29 Aurora Beacon story, of this one, or this by the Chicago Tribune (scroll down), which contained Steve Trombley’s now infamous “frankly I’m surprised we were able to keep it a secret for so long” quote. MSM may have had no intentional plan, but their ideology clearly leaned them to favor PP.
But for the first time pro-lifers had the medium in blogs and YouTube to tell the real story behind Planned Parenthood’s deception by showing video, photos, interviews, and actual documents that could not be refuted.
Pro-aborts have stepped up efforts to use their blogs to advance their spin, so pro-life bloggers must press on. We have broken through PP’s ruse and have succeeded in unmasking it before the American public. By this incident, PP’s reputation has been significantly damaged.
Yesterday when I started composing this list, I thought I’d find 10-20 blogs. I was quickly taken aback and still am in a bit of shock at the magnitude of your transmission of information about PP Aurora. I only stopped compiling my list when Google went ga-ga and wouldn’t let me open blogs past page 29 of its search pages.
So if I’ve missed your blog, please email me with a link to your PP Aurora post and I’ll add you.
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