madigan%20weiser.jpgPictured right are Aurora Police Chief William Powell, IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner on October 26 at Aurora’s Annual Police Luncheon. Madigan was the guest speaker and “honored for her office’s efforts to fight the spread of illegal drugs.”
The photo is taken from the AG’s website. And here we see how politics works, the “scratch-back-while-watching-back” system. Madigan is Weisner’s reward for being a good pro-abort Democrat as well as a subtle reminder of the support he will lose if failing to keep Planned Parenthood Aurora’s doors open….

Because of PP, amateur Aurora Democrats have now been plopped into high stakes IL politics. Those outside of IL should know Lisa’s father Michael, Speaker of the House, is the 2nd most powerful politician in IL, next to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. Some argue he’s #1. It is strongly rumored – almost a given – that Lisa plans to run for governor in 2010, whether or not Democrat Gov. Rod Blagojevich runs again.
stephanie.jpgIL’s abortion industry and lobby is very powerful. Blagojevich is likely the most pro-abort of all 50 governors. To potentially take him on, Lisa must contend, and she does. While her second baby’s heart beats within her, Madigan is a ruthless pro-abort stalwart.
Who else bowed at Lisa’s feet October 26? Aurora Democrat Alderman Stephanie Kifowit (pictured left), which explains why, in a highly unusual move, she disallowed the nonbinding parental notice resolution out of a Government Operations subcommittee last week, which would appeal to state politicians to enact a parental notification law. Kifowit has freely admitted she talked to Madigan about it Friday. Kifowit has her own political aspirations that Lisa and the renowned IL Democrat Machine would squash like a bug if she steps out of line.
alayne.jpgAnd IL’s Democrat Machine also explains why Aurora counsel Alayne Weingartz inexplicably and, on the surface irrationally, showed up at Saturday’s protest of PP and singlehandedly disrupted the peace, threatening arrests. She has tried to shut down pro-lifers from the get-go as part of that Machine.
It explains why Weingartz is ignoring a host of ordinances to keep PP open. She might as well become an official deathscort for the place.
I often say pro-lifers should not even vote for a dogcatcher who isn’t pro-life. You never know the aspirations of politicos who use low level positions as stepping stones, which is a dynamic in the Aurora PP situation. And you never know when abortion will interject itself in the strangest places, and other low level politicians will simply want to tow the line to protect their menial jobs, which is also a dynamic in the Aurora PP situation.
[HT for AG photo: Dolores W.; Weingartz photo credit: Families Against Planned Parenthood; Kifowit photo credit: Fran Eaton]

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