It was an odd promotion, but I’ll take it, Halle Berry’s October 12 appearance on David Letterman , which made TV’s Top 5! today:

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Berry also had this answer to the question, “What beautiful discoveries are you experiencing [about pregnancy]?” in an piece published yesterday…


It’s an amazing feeling to know that a life is actually growing inside my body. The first time I saw the ultrasound image, I saw the little bones and the legs and I realize that that’s part of me. That it’s alive and it’s in my care. This protective motherly instinct has taken over. I’m very protective of my belly area now. I’m very careful about where I walk and what I eat. I try to get enough rest.

While unmarried Berry is a poor role model for black women, already in crisis with a 70% illegitimate delivery rate, her baby is a blessing nonetheless. And I’ll take her free advertisement of the value ultrasounds bring to reveal the humanity of preborn babies and also enhance parental bonding.
[Photo of Halle showing her baby bump to Oprah on her October 2 show is courtesy of Oprah]

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