vote%20values1.jpg8:05p Gary Bauer, President, American Values:

Every now and then the press gets on a theme that they replay over and over. They’ve got a theme going right now. For the last 8 weeks, they’ve been riding a theme of the death of the values voter movement. I say, we’ve only just begun to fight. You haven’t seen anything yet….
Without the first right in the Declaration of Independence, the right to life, the Founders knew the other rights were irrelevant.


Our country 150 years ago made a mistake. Unbelievably the highest court in the land said of Dred scott, the runaway slave, that he was not a person for the purposes of the Constitution. That Supreme Court decision unleashed in our society a poison…. It nearly destroyed the union. That poison is still in our society today….
But you’d think when a court did something history had judged to be so evil that it would never do it again. But in 1973 the Supreme Court did do it again and made the same mistake as Dred Scott…. They unleashed a poison in our society that we must overcome…. We have elevated the destruction of the unborn to a constitutional right like the right to free speech….

You know in the last 8 weeks our movement has encountered some problems… some disagreements…. It doesn’t mean we’re becoming enemies…. It means we’re serious people. The last month or so, there’s been a lot of talk about a 3rd party. My view is, that’s not the way to go. [Applause] I am not going to turn over the party of Lincoln and Reagan to our political opponents. A 3rd party is political suicide.
Whether we agree on that or not, at the end of the day we agree we all want Roe v. Wade disposed of in the trash can of history where it belongs.

7:28p: Phyllis Schlafly, head of Eagle Forum, and responsible for stopping the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s-80s….
It is definitely not enough for a candidate to say he is pro-life. It is not sufficient to say he is against Roe v. Wade, because he cannot impact it.


We want to know if he would veto the Freedom of Choice Act. FOCA would wipe out every single pro-life bill we’ve passed in the last 34 years. We must have certain knowledge would veto any such law.
We want to know our candidate would veto funding for embryonic stem cell researching… or cloning.
We want our candidate to pledge to support retention of the identical pro-life plank in the GOP platform.

Another great speech worth hearing in entirety, and young women need to see and hear this great woman.
7:15p: Before Ben Stein speaks, a 7-minute trailer of his new movie debunking Darwinism, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, to be released February 2008.
Here are 2 shorter trailers:

6:45p: Romney:

I’m going to use the bully pulpit to teach America that before they have children they should get married. I really think it’s time to make out-of-wedlock births out-of fashion again….


I will be a pro-life president…. [Went into great detail that he would cover just about every pro-life issue… too quickly and too much for me to type – but he was thorough. Hopefully will get transcript.]…
I’m grateful for all the work you have done on this issue for years and years. Like Ronald Reagan and Henry Hyde, I’m a convert….

6:33p: Romney. Hm. Not getting applause when he should. Talking about Judeo-Christian values and quoting Scripture. By that he may be drawing attention to the elephant in the room, his Mormonism.
6:30p: Wow, sorry about the red font for 2 hours. Had a great dinner with good friends. Back to the Briefing. Romney is up next. Jay Sekulow is now introducing him. The place is packed. I’d say there are about 75-100 bloggers. Standing O for Romney.
4:25p: C-Span has been televising this event live. Time for dinner.
4:15p: Sorry, took a pro-life gossip break. Here ’tis….

  • Bobby Schindler has a prospective girlfriend here.
  • Deborah Flora has had a recurring small role on the soap The Passions and is going to be shooting a commercial next week.
  • Keith Olbermann has a guy here trying to get conservatives to say stupid things on camera.
  • 3p: Rick Santorum, former Republican Senate Majority leader who lost to Democrat Bob Casey in 2006:
    There are over 250 credentialed reporters covering this event. I’d like to tell these reporters a little about us, so they can report their stories accurately….
    This weekend you are here to determine who among those who would… Is there a candidate who truly shares our values, convincingly articulate our worldview? The answer is there must be, and we must fight to assure there is….
    2:45p: Jonathan and Debra Flora, director and lead actress, respectively, of A Distant Thunder, the short film on partial birth abortion.

    We know a lot of media outlets are here, so this is our official coming out of the closet as conservatives….

    2:40p: Rabbi Daniel Lapin, founder of Toward Tradition:

    We believe that killing the unborn children is a terrible idea. And for every reason we give, social secularists will give three ideas why it is a good idea. And we end up simply disagreeing. We have to find the courage and the strength to say the reason killing unborn children a bad idea is “because the Bible says so.”

    2:25p: Star Parker, founder and president of CURE: Wow. What a great speech.

    I am not going to compromise. The Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln, and I’m not going to settle. On the question of slavery, we know God had an answer, and politicians decided to micromanage that effort….


    The Sexual Revolution ran concurrent with the Civil Rights Movement and bankrupted our movement….
    They call themselves liberals or progressives. I prefer to call them creature worshippers….
    We have the body and blood of Christ. They have the body and blood of babies.

    [Photo courtesy of Peter Shinn]
    1:35p: My blogger friend Peter Shinn is here and is live streaming video of the Briefing free at
    1:30p: Ron Paul is up:

    It’s most important to know how to defend life. I have written a booklet on the right to life issue.
    When I was a resident in the 1960s [Paul is an ob/gyn] my professor was doing and teaching abortions against the law. Once I walked into the room where they had just aborted a #2 infant alive and let it die. That was an outrage.
    The most despicable of all Supreme Court rulings was Roe. vs. Wade, and our goal should to be repeal it. There are a couple ways that could be done. We could wait for Supreme Court justices to be appointed and hear a case that will trigger it to be overturned. That would take a long time.
    My approach is a little more direct. As a legislative body and as president, we can remove the jurisdiction of this issue from the courts. I have a bill, the We the People Act, which literally takes it away from the federal courts. This means if any state passes a law, a prohibition on abortion, the federal courts cannot touch it. Why have we not moved in that direction? I wonder why hasn’t that happened before? We have had a majority in Congress and pro-life presidents. We should not let that option drop.

    hunter.jpg1:19p: Hunter’s only comment on life:

    One job of president is to appoint judges. If a judicial candidate can look at a sonogram of an unborn child and not see a valuable human life, I will not appoint that candidate to the federal bench.

    I really like this guy on all the issues. Always have. This was corroborated when he scored highest on the Select a Candidate QuizI took. I sure wish he were first tier.
    [Photo courtesy of Peter Shinn]
    1:05p: For $9.95 you can register at AFA to watch the entire conference online, which AFA is video streaming live.
    Duncan Hunter is speaking. I’ll likely only blog what candidates say on the pro-life issue.
    12:40p: Just arrived here, although the event started at 8:45a. So I’m still getting acclimated, although fortunately it’s lunch time, so I have for that. I spoke at the Hope Pregnancy Resource Center banquet at Applachia U in Boone, NC, last night -shout out to Brian and company – and just arrived back in DC. Am running on three hours sleep, so I’ve got my trusty Red Bull sitting next to me.
    Am sitting in bloggers row. There is LOTS of press here.

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