Here’s an example how the psychological make-up of at least 1 pro-lifer and pro-abort is polar opposite.
Amanda Marcotte, in a post entitled, “Harlotry unleashed,” written in response to my post about her yesterday, thought I drew attention to the fact she wears red to infer she walks on the slutty side:

Anti-choice nut Jill Stanek is making hay over the fact that I wear a lot of red clothes. No, seriously.

Well, this is a red letter day. Amanda Marcotte gets mentioned here twice. I see she also likes to wear red. Appropriate.

Ha! I also show my ankles in public. Truly a living example of the decline of Western civilization….

aborted%20baby.jpgUm, no, Amanda, I was thinking red as in blood, the color of abortion.
Not that you’d let me set you straight on your blog. Apparently I’m banned there, shunned, like a scarlet woman perhaps.
Amanda, I curse you to henceforth think of the blood of abortion every time you see or wear the color red.

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