by Jill Stanek
Rich and I are returning home from our Hawaiian vacation today, which has sensitized me more than ever to the devastation of population decline.
hawaiian.jpgOne elderly half-Hawaiian told me she thinks there are no pure blooded Hawaiians left; Encyclopedia Britannica puts the number at less than 10,000.
It is politically correct to blame Westerners for the Hawaiian demise. Numbering anywhere from 300k-500k or more when Captain James Cook arrived in 1778, it is true their numbers spiraled downward due to the introduction of our diseases, like chicken pox, measles, and STDs.
But omitted from discussion is the ancient Hawaiian penchant for human sacrifice, numbering in the tens to hundreds of thousands to angry gods, as well as a strict penal code with capital punishment for breaking numerous taboos that included crossing one’s shadow over a chief’s shadow.
Speaking of chiefs, also omitted from popular discussion is the ancient Hawaiian class system with the belief that inbreeding between siblings and other immediate family members was good, certainly also weakening the Hawaiian strain.
How many millions of their progeny did Hawaiians themselves snuff?
All of that was actually an aside. Troy Newman of Operation Rescue alerted me to this trailer about the soon-to-be-released documentary, Demographic Winter. Click on this image to watch it at its link….

From the Demographic Winter website:
Everyone knows all this. By “everyone” I mean the UN, statisticians, government leaders, and population experts. They just won’t discuss it above whispers, if at all, because the facts either betray their established political agenda, or, would be too politically damaging to spotlight.

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