Well he knows I have to blog this. So, hi Steve.

Yes, you’ll never guess who I sat next to on a plane to Dallas today.

steve%202.jpgSteve Trombley! You know, CEO of Planned Parenthood Chicago and Aurora Steve Trombley. What a major hoot. I neared my seat and saw him and couldn’t believe it. He had a window exit seat and I had the aisle, with no one between us. I caught his eye, and I think he recognized me as someone, just not sure who.

So I said, “Steve Trombley?” And he said, “Yes?” And I said, “Jill Stanek.” And he’s like, “Ohh.” And that was the end of that conversation. He donned earphones after we took off and watched a movie on a handheld device the entire trip….

I tried to strike a conversation when we got drinks. I tapped him on the arm, and he lifted his earphone, and I asked, “So are you going to Dallas for business or pleasure?” He answered, “Business,” and put his earphones back on.

All I could do was sit there and pray for this poor man. Certainly, our seating arrangement was not by accident, but I’ll not know what this run-in was about until I reach the other side.

As we disembarked I said, “Well, Steve, I’ll see you in the papers.” And he answered, “Yes, maybe so,” or something like that.

Still shaking my head.

I just googled Steve’s name to see what PP might be up to in TX this weekend and found this, which I missed, in the Springfield Journal-Register, February 8:

The state’s five Planned Parenthood affiliates… Springfield, Decatur, Champaign, Peoria and Chicago… will merge into one Chicago-based affiliate called Planned Parenthood of Illinois….

CEO positions at the current affiliates will be eliminated, and the CEO of the Chicago-area affiliate,Steve Trombley, will become chief executive of the new statewide organization….

Trombley earned $260,414 in the fiscal year ending in June 2006, according to the Chicago-area affiliate’s most recent IRS Form 990….

[Judith] Barringer, who has led the Springfield affiliate for 15 years, said money saved by the merger also will be used to help Planned Parenthood clinics afford the rising costs of birth control pills and employee salaries.

“[U]sed to help… afford the rising costs of birth control pills”? Haha.

But I digress.

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