Due to a system problem at WorldNetDaily, my column wasn’t posted early yesterday as usual. WND ran it later and again today, which hey, I’ll take with no complaints.
This column is an extension of a post I wrote last week. I kept thinking of more to add.
You will recall those not understanding the satirical nature of that post became incensed. Well multiply that by a worldwide audience. Emails received yesterday and today have been crazy. I’ll post them as comments.

Well, I just watched an undercover video filmed by the Humane Society at a California beef plant where cows were supposedly tortured and killed, and I must say I’m disgusted.
Prime-time news shows aired clips of this video last week with no warning of its graphic nature. I’m glad my 7-year-old grandson wasn’t around, or I might have had to explain where hamburger comes from.
What’s wrong with these Humane Society people? Don’t they have better things to do with their time? Perhaps they could alleviate this problem, if there really is a problem, by pasturing their own cow herds if they really cared.
Anyway, I’m quite sure this video is a fake.
And even if not, I don’t believe cows feel pain when being plowed by forklifts. No one can prove to me that they do. Flinching when prodded with pokers is a visceral response. Struggling when dragged by cow hooks is a primal reaction, certainly not related to pain. Cows can’t talk; therefore cows can’t feel pain. That’s just a fact….

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