breaking.jpgStory backdrop 1st (see sources here, here, and here for corroboration):
On July 20, 2006, a baby was allegedly aborted alive at A Gyn Diagnostic Center in Hialeah, FL.
At least 2 witnesses saw clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez (pictured below left) cut the potentially viable (~23 weeks gestation) baby’s cord and put the baby in a biohazard bag with bleach inside.
An anonymous caller tipped off police, who searched the scene but could not find the dead baby. Nine days later the source called again, saying workers put the baby on the mill’s roof before the search but had now retrieved it. Police recovered the decomposed baby. The DNA matched her mother’s.
belkis.bmpThe Miami-Dade medical examiner, however, ruled the death “natural,” due to “extreme prematurity,” since no one could know exactly why she died. (This showed gross prejudice. If someone put a plastic bag with bleach inside over the head of a 94-year-old woman who was dying anyway, would the bagger still not be credited with murder?)
The mother, who experienced a change of heart at her baby’s delivery, hired the Thomas More Society, a pro-life law firm, to pursue a civil case. After a long delay, prosecutors handed the baby over for a 2nd autopsy.
This brings us 2 pieces of breaking news….

1. Two sources have confirmed to me that the FL Department of Health is pursuing revoking abortionist Pierre Renelique’s medical license. Clinic workers called Renelique to complete this abortion, but he never showed.
2. The 2nd autopsy results, by pathologist Abdullah Fatteh, are in and follow. Based on these results, I am told the state attorney plans to approach Miami-Dade medical examiner, Bruce Hyma, and ask whether he would like to amend his report. Numbers 7 and 10 point to manslaughter.
Dr. Abdullah Fatteh’s autopsy report

My investigation consisted of:
A) Detailed interview of mother of newborn.
B) Review of autopsy report on baby from Miami Dade Medical Examiner.
C) Examination of microscopic slides prepared by medical examiner.
D) Review of submitted records.
I submit the following analysis, observations and conclusions based on my examination of above materials.
Based on the information detailed above the following conclusions are, in my opinion, justified:
1. The clinic allowed unlicensed staff to perform abortion.
2. The clinic failed to dispose of fetal remains in sanitary and appropriate manner
3. The newborn was born alive.
4. Unlicensed clinic staff cut the umbilical cord.
5. The clinic physician was not at the clinic when delivery occured.
6. The clinic staff was in panic state when delivery occured.
7. The actions of unlicensed clinic staff probably accelerated and/or contributed to the death of the newborn.
8. The body of the deceased was decomposed by the time the first autopsy was performed nine days after delivery.
9. A second autopsy, most likely, will not yield any reliable information.
10. It is most likely that neglectful actions around the time of birth of newborn and prematurity were the significant factors that resulted in this newborn’s death.
Sincerely yours,
Abdullah Fatteh, M.D., Ph.D., l.L.B.

[Photo courtesy of Operation Rescue]

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