Yesterday Denver’s Central Presbyterian Church hosted the state capital’s annual Pro-choice Lobby Day.”
Pro-lifers from the Collaborator’s Project, a group launched to stop Planned Parenthood from building a 50,000 sq. ft. mega-mill in the Mile High City, showed up to remind lobbyists exactly what they were supporting.
Reported organizer Will Duffy in an email alert, “The front parking meter opened up as soon as the protest started. Perfect place for the truth truck, courtesy of The Weitz Company, of course.”
lobby 3.jpg
Weitz is PP’s general contractor. Duffy et al have been picketing homes of senior management for months.
Duffy reported getting many signatures from passersby for CO’s personhood ballot initiative, making double good use of valuable pro-life time.
Duffy concluded that lobby day participants got the distinct message, “No child killing with tranquility!” Great work.
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