Detroit Free Press today updated us on late-term abortionist and trash freer Alberto Hodari.
And the news is very exciting. I hope you’re sitting down:

The owner of a Lathrup Village clinic accused of improperly disposing of medical waste said Tuesday that he’s putting biohazard bags in every examination room to ensure that materials don’t end up in regular trash bins again….

Thumbnail image for biohazard2.jpg

At his clinic in Lathrup Village… Hodari showed off eight new trash cans with red biohazard bags for hazardous materials. He has also purchased shredders for documents with patient information.

What, did he call a press conference?
So before now there were not biohazard bags in every “examination room,” i.e., operating room in which to toss “materials,” i.e., aborted babies?
What an idiot. The reporter, too….

But there’s more.

Hodari… said he doubts aborted fetuses were in the Dumpsters.

This guy is the Baghdad Bob of the abortion industry.
Snippets of good news from the piece. Hodari could be fined up to $2,500 for each violation, and police have said they will turn the case over to the county prosecutor this week.
That said, I spoke with Monica Miller tonight, the pro-lifer who took pictures and video of the aborted babies from Hodari’s trash. She spoke to the prosecutor’s office today, and they have not received anything from police and have not opened a file.

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